Co-creating the Universal Revenue Craze: Winning Abundant Rewards

3 min readOct 12, 2023

DragonMaster cordially invites you to join to co-creating the Universal Revenue craze, showcase your creativity and marketing prowess, spreading the concept of Universal Revenue to a wider audience, and having the opportunity to win rare special dragons and other abundant prizes.

As our partner, you can leverage your experience and gains in Universal Revenue to create engaging content and promote the system’s concept and value on Twitter, attracting more people to learn about and participate in it.

It’s worth noting: this event is closely tied to the Universal Revenue system. By using your invitation code, you can invite friends to join the game and experience it, thereby enjoying the $mDMT and $mUSDT rewards brought by Universal Revenue. Additionally, if you invite a large number of friends or submit outstanding works, you will have the opportunity to win rewards in this event.

This time, you are not just a participant in the game, but also a marketing manager. Your contribution will make DragonMaster shine even brighter! Let’s together ignite a wave of Universal Revenue and seize the opportunity to win abundant rewards!

Event Times

10:00 UTC, October 12th — October 27th

Event Rewards

  • 1st Place: Rare Special Dragon - Bewitch Dragon + 2000DMT + Lucky Crystal*1
  • 2nd Place: A meta team (Armor Dragon S/Armor Dragon M/Lucky Dragon L/Lucky Dragon XL) + 1500DMT
  • 3rd Place: A set of dragons (S/M/L/XL) + 800DMT
  • 4th Place: A random family dragon + 400DMT
  • 5th Place: A random family dragon + 300DMT
  • Random Lucky Winner: Random game props
  • Outstanding winners also have the opportunity for promotion to Marketing Ambassadors

Event Format

Create tweets on Twitter about the Universal Revenue System. The content should be interesting and able to attract users, and include your personal invitation code to guide friends to join the game. The higher the number of valid invitees you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Note: Valid Invitee - A friend who has registered and have at least 5 game battles.

Submit your Twitter link

Submission Requirements

  • Original work
  • Content can include introduction to Universal Revenue, System Advantages, Personal Earnings, etc.
  • Submissions can be in the form of Videos, Articles, Images, Tweets, etc.
  • Post the content on Twitter with #DragonMaster.

Judging Criteria

Basic Evaluation:

  • Understanding of Universal Revenue and accurate description of its concept.
  • Engaging content that attracts users.
  • Creativity in the content.

Advanced Evaluation:

  • High number of friends invited
  • High number of repost/likes on tweets

Reference Materials:

Universal Revenue: You can learn about the Universal Revenue system here and proceed to experience the game. By combining your understanding of Universal Revenue and your actual gains, you can create engaging content.

Worth the Anticipation:

The DragonMaster team will select 10–15 exceptionally outstanding works from all submissions and invite all players to participate in voting to determine the top 3 most popular entries. We will announce this activity in the community and reveal the details of the exciting prizes. Stay tuned!

Join the community:

How do I get my invite link?

On the DragonMaster game homepage, click the “Earn” button, click “Invite Friends” and copy the invite link.

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