Create Your Community: become a leader and earn USDT

4 min readJun 2, 2023

DragonMaster continues to expand! If you also want to be a community leader, now make your first community, DragonMaster will provide you with all-round support and assistance! At the same time, as the community leader, you will claim a rich USDT income once you meet a certain requirement every month!

What’s more, with community members, you can also earn unlimited DMT income in the Universal Revenue function in the game!

Create a community on Discord and submit community information:

About Universal Revenue (Permanent Income)

When you join the Universal Revenue, as long as the friends you invite are active in the game for a long time, you will earn from their contributions. Even better, if your invitees invite others to DragonMaster (Lv1 and Lv2 friends), you can own more earnings.

The system of earning works like a snowball, you invite friends, these friends invite other friends, then your income will increase infinitely. By constantly inviting others to DragonMaster, you can easily enjoy both fun and earnings.

If you want to go further for more earnings

Create a community and become a leader

Event time: June 2nd - July 2nd

1. Create a community on Discord and submit community information:

2. Invite your friends, or attract others on your social media.

3. Enter the “Universal Revenue” in the APP page, and then invite community members to play games.

4. Universal Revenue: Lead your community members to join and play games. As long as they are active, the Universal Revenue program will bring you continuous and permanent earnings.

5. Leader Rewards: From June 2nd to July 2nd, when your valid invitees (invitees have won more than 35 games) and community members meet the certain conditions, you will receive rich USDT rewards.

  • Check your valid invitees:

6. DragonMaster will sponsor your community to hold various events every week. That means, we will help you maintain and develop your community.

🎁 Reward Mechanism

The community reward mechanism in the first stage: (Each group leader can only receive it once)

  • When the number of members in the community reaches 100, and the the community leader’ valid invitees exceeds 15, the reward for the community leader is 30 USDT + Scholarship places*10

The community reward mechanism in the second stage

Leaders who have completed the first stage (including those who get the community reward in the previous invitation) will enter the second stage. If you meet the conditions, you can get the corresponding prizes. The more friends you invite, the richer the rewards will be.

  • The reward will be 23 USDT + Special Dragon Trial Card(random)*1 + Lucky Crystal*1 + a set of dragon(random)*1 , if the number of people in the community increases by 150, and the valid invitees reach 40 during the event.
  • The reward will be 61 USDT + Level 1 Gem*10 + Lucky Crystal*2 +a set of dragon(random)*5 , if the number of people in the community increases by 250, and the valid invitees reach 70 during the event.
  • The reward will be 115 USDT + Level 1 Gem*30 + Lucky Crystal*3 +a set of dragon(random)*10 + Special Dragon(random) *1, if the number of people in the community increases by 350, and the valid invitees reach 100 during the event.


  1. DragonMaster administrators will enter the community to check the community’s activity such as the community content outputs and the users’ gameplay status. After the administrator’s review, rewards will be issued.
  2. Repeated IPs are not counted.
  3. All rewards will be sent to the Community leader for distribution.

In addition to the above community reward mechanism, DragonMaster will also sponsor his/her community to hold various community benefitted events, with the purpose of making the community sustainable and stable. As the number of people in the community continues to expand, rewards will become more and more abundant. Welcome to join!

Community tournament

Community leaders can organize some skillful players to participate in the upcoming DragonMaster community tournament and earn ranking rewards. In addition, if the community is large enough, DragonMaster will sponsor your community tournament.

Community event sponsor

DragonMaster will sponsor community events on a regular basis. Let us know if you have good ideas for community events, we will provide prizes for you to carry out the events.

Community development costs

Strong communities will have the opportunity to apply for community development costs to DragonMaster administrators. Specific details will be announced in the future based on community performance.

Offline party

DragonMaster will periodically launch offline parties and offline competition events, and all communities will have the opportunity to participate.


We will provide more market opportunities, investment opportunities and growth opportunities for the community, stay tuned!

There’s more to come…