DragonMaster Breeding Season Is Coming!

Big surprise!

In order to allow more players to participate in the breeding, DragonMaster has decided to hold the breeding season event from 16:00 UTC on March 31, 2022 to 16:00 UTC on April 30th, and the cost of breeding will be reduced by 50% !

We do that to show our great appreciation to early game participants! Come and breed your very own dragon egg!

Breeding Cost Adjustment

Each dragon has 5 breeding opportunities, and the TOTEM cost of each breeding is different, as shown in the figure below. The cost also increases with each breeding opportunity consumed.

The form below shows the total cost of TOTEM and DMT for two successfully paired dragons. For example, Dragon A (0/5) and Dragon B (1/5), the total cost of TOTEM is 1060, and the total cost of DMT is 150.

For more details about breeding cost and probability, click here:

With the development of DragonMaster, having good dragons is very important to get more returns! Take the opportunity to breed your dragon eggs in very limited time! Looking forward to seeing the wonderful battles of the dragons you bred on Dragonstone Island in the near future!

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