DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Aug 26, 2022)

12 min readAug 29, 2022

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Daniel | Magic Hat
  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR

Last time you guys stated your reason to refuse adding surrender button. But I insist again to add it because against Dragon team with special dragons what I do is just close the app and wait for 2–3mins then come back again so can you guys just add surrender button? There is a huge disadvantage if you don’t have special dragon so why even try? It just sets you up for frustration and dissapointment making you hate the game further down the line. I tried to fight against team with special dragons and I only win 1 out of 10 and that is against a Demon Dragon. With your analytics across all players have the same sentiments also as shown on your leaderboard.

New dragons will be released in September, and we will fight to finish the modification of the lucky dragon before the S6, and the dragon team in S6 will embrace new changes.

We will keep watching and consider your suggestions seriously, thanks again.

Failure of AXS
Failure of PGX
Has 1 commonality.

Excessive and unregulated increase of NFT population by excessive and cheap breeding.

How different is Dragon Master’s DMT?

Is breeding going to be controlled?

Yes, we agree with you.

DragonMaster has designed a parent-burn mechanism in breeding V2, when the parent dragon has bred for 5 times, it will be burned if it is bred for the 6th time, which is one of the mechanisms of NFT deflation.

What is certain is that we will hold another breeding event after Breeding V2 is launched.

Of course, the number of TOTEM and DMT consumed for breeding will not be reduced anymore. The breeding event mainly increases the probability of new and special dragons for a limited time, encouraging the community players to breed and learn about the new features brought by Breeding V2.

It is worth noting that we will increase the amount of TOTEM and DMT consumed for breeding after the breeding event, so please keep an eye on the community announcement in the future.

The Dev team has produced a good game. BEST NFT game so far in my opinion.

However, I do hope for the same level of proficiency in term of policy making.

In short… Dev TEAM should not only be Good at developing the game. But they should also be a
A. Good player
B. Good Scholar
C. Good investor.

So that they can see the impact of policy from different perspectives of each of the group of community listed above.

Do you have in your team, individuals who are tasked to defend the interest from each of the said groups?

If not, why not involve the community… Best player… Best Scholar… Best investor…

Thanks for asking.

Our development team doesn’t just build games, we also think from the perspective of players, scholars and investors.

If you think there is a policy that needs to be improved, we look forward to your suggestions for better solutions and posting them to the community to share. That’s what we are doing now.

tokenomics vs gameplay balance

I raise this because of the grave concerns I have regarding the existing tokenomics of the game. As we can see from the published weekly data on the TOTEM mint vs burn numbers, it is not good and in fact it has gotten worse. Even though breeding has increased slightly, the amount of totem minted is crazy high. I attribute these to a number of factors, some of which can be solved immediately:

- free users getting free 30 totem a day. In fact I have already raised this last month, I said that the increased number of daily active users, mostly free players because of the events we are running, will cause a very significant increase in totem minted vs totem in circulation. It is very easy to do the calculations based on the weekly data provided on the number of players in pvp arena. Before we had free 2 play we had around 1.2k users daily. This has since increased to over 3 thousand to 4 thousand. Just imagine, 3000 players increase, mostly free players, mean additional 90k totems a day minted. A week that is 560k additional. That alone is already 1.5x to 2x more than the amount of totem burned from breeding per week. Adding that to all the totem minted from rentals and nft owners, and we get the extremely bad mint/burn ratio we are seeing now.

- No more totem burn and buyback. In July we had almost 4.5 etc worth of totem burn and dmt burn just from this alone. In August so far this has been completely absent. However I understand this can only be done with excess revenue, eg. Sale of new dragon boxes.

- Not enough breeding. This is despite v1 being profitable (though very high variance). I think most people are waiting for v2 before starting to breed. But time is running out. V2 needs to come fast.
- Not enough burn mechanisms. Unfortunately this can only be solved with new features which require time to develop. But I would like to emphasise again that time is running out, features need to be developed quicker.

- And above all, the game is not addicting enough to attract people to spend just for fun in the game. This is an existing plague across most p2e games right now. If we can have a game better than clash Royale, absolutely no economy concerns at all because the game revenue is so high that anything can be fixed with that amount of revenue.

The first point is the easiest to fix. Yes you may say that giving free players free TOTEM help with the player growth. And that is right we have seen player growth. But is this the right time? Most features have not even been released yet. They are promising features but we are still waiting weeks and months for them. Even something like a meta change we have to wait seasons for. The game is far from completion, and giving new free players free rewards will only serve one purpose: to attract people who only want free money rather than become a permanent player of the game. Simply because this game is far from completion and cannot compete with other non nft games out there yet. You can look at the complaints in both the discord and telegram and you will discover that all we have been attracting are people who only want to earn.

Having been in the nft scene for 1+ years, I have already witnessed the effect of low token prices on the player base. I started my guild with Axie scholarships, followed by pegaxy scholarships. Guess what? Almost all of them have already left discord. Most of my current guild members are new from dragon master. This is also evident in the pegaxy public rentals, there are so many pegas that nobody wants to rent. Even players who I thought would be in it for the long term left for more important commitments in life.

Therefore, do you want the game to survive? Short term it is crucial to keep whatever player base we have by implementing short term changes to mitigate the selling pressure on our tokens. While behind the scenes, work extremely hard and fast to push out new features and make this a complete game that can compete with the likes of clash royale or other big games in other genres. There is no p2e in clash royale, but they have no issues with player base. Traditional models work, at least in terms of player acquisition and retention. That is something we must learn from.

I really hope your team do the math on the effect of f2p players getting 30 free totem daily. It is very simple. Unless you are willing to spend your revenue on buying back the TOTEM to reverse this effect.

We have seriously read your suggestions, thank you very much!

1. We do not dispute the advantages and disadvantages that come with the free to play model.

Regarding the task of getting 30 free totems per day, we will keep an eye on it, and not all free players can actually complete this task. We also understand your concerns. In addition to focusing on player growth and activity, we also focus on a core statistic, the number of free players buying Dragon NFTs, as in ROI.

It is interesting to note that in traditional games buying heroes is what brings direct revenues to the development team.

As for DragonMaster, the purchase of Dragon NFT does not bring direct revenue to the development team, it is more important to build and develop the community, and the beneficiary is every player of the community, and finally the development team.

This is our principle of work.
There is a lot of work that seems to be out of sight, but we keep on doing the right thing, prompting more free players to buy NFTs, or consume it twice in the game.

We have clear plans on how to reach this goal.
1. In-game support for creating wallets.
2. In-game support for buying crypto assets (tokens, NFTs) with credit cards.
3. In-game support for more consumption scenarios (breeding materials: sapphires, rubies, topazes, upcoming dragon skins…)

2. Each time a new dragon is released, there will be an associated blind box to meet the deterministic needs of players who are willing to pay.

Also we will spend part of the revenue on buying back TOTEM and DMT, and part of the revenue on R&D and marketing.

3. Time is of the essence, and we are scrambling to deliver more content.

4. Thanks again for the great advice, we’re lucky the community has you, and DragonMaster will get stronger and better!

Any update on changing the energy system? Many players have been facing the same problem in time management playing this game. Additionally high LB players have high queue time so it takes a lot more time consumed just draining their energies. Either no more reset of energy just like in beta or have a fixed energy per day. Maybe just increase totem per win to balance this out.

Sorry, the energy system is not updated for now.

We believe that players need to rest, not work like a machine.

To encourage good participation rate for LOOT game.

Is it fair to allow only FREE DRAGON.

This also encourages building and adopting of TRUE GAME SKILL…

Thanks for your question.

Regarding LOOT mode, we will collect as many suggestions as possible and then update it in LOOT V2.

why the matchmaking is not fair

Hi, do you mean LOOT, or arena? @ jerson

Later, we can talk about it in the open Q&A.

@Kold | Dragon Master
will there be fix in extreme diff matchmaking in terms of trophies?

OK, we’ve told the developers that it’s probably time to make some optimizations.

Season 1 and season 4 screenshots.

1. Lack of players
2. High gap in trophies between players with 90%+ wr and players with below 80% winrate.

1. Change the energy system.
2. Make it so that everyone in the leaderboard (top 500) can queue with each other. Rank 1 vs Rank 500.
3. Prohibit multi-accounting.

Thanks for the feedback.

We are very sorry that the wait time in the screenshot was due to a network issue during the matchmaking process that caused the connection to be lost.

We have received feedback from the community players and have fixed the issue.

As for the suggestions, the energy system has been answered in question 5.

Leaderboards are prioritized to match online players based on their similar trophies.

We are monitoring it, please keep an eye on the community announcement for updates or policies.

@GFS | Nathanz
In previous AMA you mentioned Guild Wars. What is the concept of so called Guild ‘Wars’. Is it highest trophy will win or is it real-time queuing like Clash Royale? Any infos would be great.

Thanks for the question.

Sorry, allow me to clarify the concept. Guilds are currently an identity or organization used in the rental system and in our real life. Last time, we described ‘guild wars’, but to avoid confusion, we prefer to call them ‘tribal wars’.

A tribe is an organization that can be created by anyone in the game. The guild in real life, mapped to the game, is a kind of tribe.

Tribal war is in which players fight in the name of their tribe to win victory and honor for their tribe. The game will automatically calculate the overall battle performance of each tribe and thus hand out tribal rewards.

The tribe founder, and members will get the distribution percentage based on the contribution rate.

@Aias | Burger Guild 🍔🍔🥪🥪🌭🌭🥙🥙🌮🌮🍟🍟
Mutation breeding when please. I wanted to breed a freeze raging small

Haha, please relax, let’s take it step by step.

Soon, we will deliver the breeding V2, which is already in the test stage.

Is true… Lucky XL and L will be “balanced” (nerfed)?

Redefining “lucky” skills

Can you clarify weather the changes includes the Special Dragons? because right now they are the ones that I automatically surrender to.

I can see what you mean, and as we discussed last time, we want to address this by adding fun to the game as well as some basic balance. Surrendering doesn’t seem like a good solution. Maybe, and I mean maybe, add an option to surrender after more than a certain number of minutes.

Break from this meta yes lol but if new meta is coming, we don’t want a break we want to have fun with new dragons as soon as possible 🤣🤣🤣


Redefining Lucly skill affects the value of Lucky dragon… I am worried as an investor. I am sure other investors too? Any assurance from the dev team that Investors’ interest are protected?

We will give serious consideration to the redefinition of the lucky dragon, maybe you will like it. Of course, we’ll try to provide some solutions and let the community vote at the end.

you can always remove the lucky dragons from circulation, i feel that this is such a major change (redefining lucky skill) that this is being rushed, we do not need a halfbaked plan implemented

Yes, this is a big decision. We first synchronized this with the community and then came up with a solution

and removal of the lucky family will infact give rise to a new meta, but please if you guys are so determined to redefine lucky skill before start of Season 6, please do not rush it… unless you are planning to open season 6 by the end of September

Ok, after we redefine it, we will post a new Lucky Dragon skill video to the community for all members to view.

I understand that you guys are planning to make it fun but it’s hard to imagine having fun playing against Special Dragon teams. Hopefully the balance you guys will put in place will be a bit bearable against those Special Dragons. Right now the Bomb Dragon and Ice Dragon are the ones that really pisses me off. Imagine healthy amount of small dragons walking along a lane while the enemy does the same on the other lane (fair) then suddenly bomb dragon poof you are already behind. Then enemy just spam one lane and you’re done even with the Special Immunity power up thing it’s hard to time it let alone obtain it.

OK, with the new dragons on line, the special dragons will be less overwhelming because there are more strategies.

speaking about special dragons. Since we have free dragon team, why not develop a free special dragon. Let everyone have a special dragon that is fun but less strong than nft special dragons

first thought: existing demon dragon skill becomes free special dragon (because it sucks :P) Change the nft demon dragon skill into something special and stronger.

@Debuzzy haha i was typing it out when u said it, nice one. slow mode 1 minute is too long by the way >.<

We have the solution, which is still interesting, and we post a video about it as soon as possible. In the meantime, we think “luck” is a viable skill, as long as it is used correctly.

since description of the lucky dragon is that, it loves to eat. give it “chance to eat the first enemy dragon it meets along the lane”

Haha, thanks for the advice, I recorded it

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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