DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Aug 5, 2022)

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Daniel | Magic Hat
  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR

@Parker | DragonMaster

Why is the game server having problems sometimes right after the reset?

-Game room dissolved.

-After winning, but not gaining totems and trophies

-Queue taking so long, when you cancel it and when you queue back, the game has already started.

We have talked to the development team.

The possible reason is that the network signal was disconnected in the middle of the session and it did not retry to connect again.

Thank you for the feedback, we will improve it soon.


SLP… VIS…. These are the coins that have seen Their glamorous days… Unfortunately both are facing diving value…

How different is Totem as compared to the said coins?

This is a good question

We never avoid the tokenomics and the plans for its future. I plan to answer this question from 3 ways of analysis.

1. TOTEM and DMT

DragonMaster has two tokens, TOTEM and DMT. There is no limit for TOTEM, and the total amount of DMT is 1 billion.

This is the classic dual token model, and there are many projects in the market that use this model.

Unfortunately, we found that most projects do not understand and recognize its essence well, isolating TOTEM and DMT relationship is a fatal practice, so that there will always be two balanced lines, developing independently and not forming a synergy.

You can see in DragonMaster, the Farming mechanism just like the relationship between BTC’s computing power and block rewards, there are ties between the two, looking for a balance point.

2. The relationship between consumption and value

The consumption mechanism is always the key to the long-term success of a project. A good consumption scenario must be combined with the product, it does not have to be complex, but must be frequently used.

SLP and VIS may not have more consumption scenarios that fit the product except for breeding, while TOTEM’s consumption scenarios are more designed to fit the game itself except for breeding, and soon you will see some new consumption scenarios about TOTEM.

3. Relationship between total volume and value

The unlimited amount gives players the impression that there is not much value, but in reality it is not.

The total amount of SHIB issued is 10 trillion, and the total amount of circulation is 5 trillion, which does not prevent it from being ranked in the top 20 in terms of market capitalization, and TOTEM currently has only 26.7 million in circulation.

What we want to express is that the unlimited amount has nothing to do with value, it lies in our community and consumption scenarios.


Still gonna repeat this question 😆

Breeding event wen 👀

We released the breeding V2 whit paper in the AMA last week, and we plan to release the breeding campaign when it goes live in September.

Please stay tuned for our official announcement.


1). I applied to join as an official guild, please update the list 😄

2). Will there be a balance update before season 5 starts? I asked about this in an AMA couple of weeks earlier and you guys said this is part of the plan for a healthy meta. The meta now is obviously not ideal, just 1 tier 0 team and everything else. We definitely need to see some changes for season 5.

3). Please strongly consider my suggestion to enable sharing of leaderboard rewards between scholar and manager, ideally implement it for season 5.

4). When will the next new dragon be released? Dying to see something new in the arena 😛

5). When is the next game update? (I need to ask this more often it seems like once I ask a new update comes out always 😛 )

6). I think we need some totem buyback/burn soon based on the current state of the economy, any plans for any events/sales that can help with this?

7). see the attached screenshot, hope it can be answered too 😄

8). Will chicken from season 4 be usable in season 5?

9). How is the game progressing compared to the roadmap in the whitepaper? Will the roadmap in the whitepaper be updated?

10). Will you be adding stats filter (attack, speed) to the marketplace?

11). Can you tell us more about the special dragon prize and the new NFT skins for the invitation event?

1). We have received your guild application.

The guild list is currently updated once every 2 weeks, so if your guild is approved, then your guild name will be seen in next week’s updated list.

Thank you for joining!

2). We will have a new version update next week.

3). Okay, we will seriously look into your suggestion.

4). Soon, the new dragon is in the stage of skills making effects, if it goes well maybe in August and you can see it.

5). The game will be updated on August 9 with the following features.

For PC

Paid rental


1.Battle Sharing

2.Friends Inviting

3.Practice Mode

4.Bug Feedback

5.TOTEM Transfer

About the exact time, please refer to the community announcement next week.

6). The upcoming breeding V2 in September will be more burning TOTEM mechanism, I believe there will be improvements!

7).Okay, I’ll share about how the quality is calculated.

Here is the quality distribution table of the breeding V2 whitepaper.

1. The quality of the child is determined by the quality of both parents.

The distribution table shows that the higher the quality of the parents, the higher the quality of the child.

2. For example, if parent A quality is SSS and parent B quality is SSS, then the child quality probability is

3. Each attribute of the child (attack, speed, durability, skill) will follow this quality probability. As an example, the calculation of attack power.

4. Finally, a score is assigned to the final value of each attribute of the child, and finally the scores of each attribute are weighted to give the overall quality rating of the child.

In conclusion, the higher the quality level, the higher the general ability of the child will be.

8). Yes.

9). It will be. We will update the roadmap of the white paper when the breeding V2 is released.

10). It will be. Meanwhile, a new UI for our official website is in the works and a brand new interface will be released in the future.

11). The special dragon prize will be a Bomb Dragon, the prize will be awarded within 7 days, and the NFT skin prize will be awarded after the NFT skin feature is online.

Please pay attention to our official announcement at that time.

@Mami Chan

Not too sure how hard it is to do but will there be a chance to have like a test server or something so people can get a feel of upcoming dragons before they release

Thanks for the question.

Before releasing the new dragon, we will make a matchup video about the new dragon, so that all players can know its features early.


1). Is there any updates on replay game feature? This will be helpful for content creators to create good content of gameplay to share to people and also for other players to review their gameplay

2). FriendBattle wen

3). Demon Dragon Buff wen

Thanks for the question.

1. Replay feature, it’s priority after Friends Battle.

2. About Friends Battle, we plan to update it in August.

3. Demon Dragon buff is in progress, we plan to update it in August.


Can we have an update where we can mute emotes? Thank you so much 💜

Emoji interaction is part of social engagement, and perhaps we can reduce the frequency of sending Emojis.

Why not change the lucky family effect to have both effect for large and xl instead of just xl and nerf the lucky rate if not family to have diversity in meta? Also when prickly buffs

We has been discussing and thinking about Lucky Dragon, and we believe we will have a proposal to show you soon, so stay tuned for our announcement.

Do consider rewarding breeders if they MERGE 2 max breed 5/5 dragons… Higher chance for them to get new dragons

Breeding V2 white paper says that you can burn the parents without cost to generate a new dragon egg

1. Are you guys planning to put your names and get doxxed on the main website of dragonmaster?

2. Is there a possibility if we could create a ranking system to make it more exciting and fun? Like a bracket system for trophies?

1. In the future, we will publish the team name and information to the official website

2. We are having a plan to create a ranking for the guild

New Meta wen? Nerf on other specials wen?

We will have a new version update next week.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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