DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Dec 1, 2023)

6 min readDec 4, 2023

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ | HDC
Dear development team:
Half a month has passed, what is your conclusion on the reward setting of Shenron leaderboard? We’ve been waiting for the conclusion!🫰

There is another suggestion that I hope you can consider: NFT batch cross-chain bridge. The current fee is on the high side. Is it possible to consider reducing the Gas?

Thanks for the question!

1. Sorry, there is no more news about the reward program of Shenron Leaderboard.

2. About NFT bridge : Gas fee is not charged by us, it is charged by Polygon or Meter network. If it is allowed, we would like the fee to be 0. By the way, NFT bulk bridge feature will be online soon.

1. Still not fixing the bug of bomb dragon that when dropped late in the lane it will vanish, which should not. Check 4th lane in the video. Ty for the replay feature finally got a proof 🤣

2. Also can you make a fast forward setting to the replay feature so we can go through a specific time of the match immediately.

3. Any huge marketing moves happening? daily active users remains the same for how many months already

Thanks for the questions.

1. Thanks for the video, technical reply: the bomb and the dragon are separate, after the dragon comes out, there is a 1.2 second delay before the bomb explodes because of the animation. In the video, the dragon really came out, but then it was pushed back and disappeared, the bomb effect is still effective.

2. Yes, our replay v2.0 will support sharing and fast forwarding features.

3. In December, there will be a major update to the game to bring new changes to Active.

@Wembi Lowkey
Any tournament coming soon?

Thanks for the question.

The tournament will be held in December and is open to all players. The tournament will be co-organized by Oasys, TVGVerse and DragonMaster. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Can you put an offer system to the marketplace?

Will you add eth network?

Thanks for the question!

1. Yes, we will be adding an offer system to the market. This will facilitate more NFT transactions.

2.ethereum network gas fee is too expensive, it doesn’t have an advantage in the crypto game. For example: you initiate an authorization transaction, the cost will be $2~$3, which is equivalent to the cost of one NFT purchase on other networks.

good day. how about recylcling level 41 dragons into Musdt in synthesis?

Thanks for asking the question!

It’s great, we’ve mentioned this idea in last month’s AMA and it’s already developed. We will be updating this feature next week.

How long should we wait before we can swap or bridge from tcg to another network?

Thanks for the questions.

1. Swap feature for TCG Verse: will be released within today.

2. Bridge feature for TCG Verse: will be released in 2 weeks.

I still have no idea how to get DMT and TOTEM for breeding????? on TCG
no Bridge????
and without staking on sight… why ppls will breed for????
decreasing Meter pool to 5000 DMT or 3000 DMT is still ok….just terminate it… not a good idea for all
suggestion…. increasing cost for BRIDGE and MERGE to burn DMT…. then you will have no problem of giving staking rewards bcos you can burn some DMT….
another thing to mention is the HIGH GAS FEE for bridge or MERGE… just keep it high.. so the network can sustain longer staking rewards program

Thanks for the questions.

1. TCG Verse gets DMT and TOTEM programs:

2. The bridge function for TCG Verse <> Polygon or Meter is under development and is expected to be released within two weeks.

3. I understand how you feel, the Meter staking activity is only temporarily discontinued, we will still open it in the future, please stay tuned to the community announcements for more information.

4. Thank you for your suggestion, we will be adding and adjusting the DMT burning policy in the near future and posting a community vote.

Only a simple suggestion from me… The battle screen seems unbalanced, especially when a special dragon is loaded. Perhaps change the side menus around and move them closer to the bottom. This will enable you to re-center the season banner, but most importantly the special dragon won’t be hidden behind the side menu.

And one simple question… bewitched dragon when?

And again hats off to the team for the continuous efforts and hard work ethic!!

All the best for the festsive season to all Dragon Master Fam

Thank you for your question!

  1. Now the battle interface has a lot of features, we have plans to improve the art layout, hoping to bring players a better game experience.
  2. Our recent development work list:
  • Game version of DM wallet
  • dungeon gameplay

We expect to complete all of the above work in December and then release Bewitched Dragon.
We apologize that the community was looking forward to the release of Bewitched Dragon, but the development team delayed it for a long time. When we release Bewitched Dragon, we will do events to give back to the community.

with the ending of Meter staking…. will it be auto unstaking and get back to our account… or we have to unstake manually…..
@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ | HDC
is a good question.
It is recommended that both should be done manually, but the difference is whether there is gas or not.
When there is no staking reward activity: no fees will be charged manually;
when there are activity rewards: normal rates will be charged manually.

Thanks for the question.

That’s a good question. The NFT staking feature is a smart contract, no one has access to operate on your dragon NFT, so if the staking is lifted, only you have access to it, it has to be lifted manually and the Meter network will require the gas fee.

You also need to manually request to withdraw the staked rewards to the DM wallet, and the rewards will be deposited within 5 minutes. Withdrawal request is not a chain interaction function, so you don’t need to pay the gas fee, and it will be sent by the development team.

Dear Developers: the news that staking activity on the Meter network has been stopped makes me a little disappointed, and the Developers should take this into account, because we have been doing a lot of breeding. and when will activity on the staking meter be activated again?

It’ll be on. Stay tuned for community announcements.

The Meter team would like to see more UAW (User Active Wallet). stake were opened in November, and our UAW is still too low despite generating a large number of on-chain interaction records on the Meter network.

As a result, we communicated with the Meter team and recommended stopping Meter staking for a while. Developing features to increase UAW data and finally re-open the stake feature, they were able to provide us with more support.

Our Plan

Add a DM wallet check-in feature to the in-game check-in system that airdrops free Gas to players, as well as increase the rewards of the check-in system.

Alright, Quick One!

Urmm, partnership has been one of the most affirm trust that the community believes would make a certain project have a strong backing. So, could you please let us know if you have one already, or planned?

We’re always building partnerships

I bought two single egg boxes from TGC Verse Network. What if I don’t want to open it and sell it in the future? Is the marketplace going to have a feature where you can sell boxes or chests? 🤭 😅

The marketplace does not currently support pre-sale box trading 😂