DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Dec 9, 2022)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

Is there a plan for NFT staking in the future?

Thank you for your question.

Currently, there is no NFT Staking plan.

Any sense
TOP 500 VS TOP 2 ?

Thank you for your question.

Today, we have updated the balance match algorithm for the ranking mode.

It is no longer an immediate match, but finding an opponent with a similar number of trophies within a time limit, to make the game experience better.

Do you think it is a good idea….sacrificing 100 dragons for a special dragon?

Thank you for your suggestion.

We will seriously consider this idea.

@unlirank remove durability
can we have a daily reset of energy and fix it to 20.. change the 70 mins / 1energy to fix 20 energy / day.. i think if player complete his/her matches so fast he/she can think of having more account..

Currently, we will not change the energy system. Also, we do not encourage owning multiple accounts.

Lucky dragons shouldn’t spawn stun obstacles in low trophies. Its so unfair that only their team can have it if their opponents was non lucky team. Or should add stun obstacles in all tier to be fair

We will take your suggestion into consideration and will turn on all obstacles for every level after today’s AMA is finished.

ELO mmr system

All the above concerns can be fixed with a simple change in mmr system: use an elo system that accurately represents the player’s skill level/rating.

Axie uses the same system since 2020 and they have never changed it simply because it works. And having a system like this already solves these issues:

Imbalanced matchmaking: Right now because of poor matchmaking algorithm or/and lack of players online at certain times, low trophies often match against high trophies. Problem now is a win always give 30 trophies and losses lose 10 trophies which is very unfair if the matchmaking is not fair. ELO system will adjust the trophies won and loss based on rating difference.

Energy issues/limited plays per day: If we have a fair elo system, there is no advantage to playing unlimited times a day. This is the same case in Axie. Players are allowed to grind 24/7 but no one is able to get a huge gap over the others because of the fair mmr system. With a system in place like this we never have to debate how many times a player can play ranked each day. Also players would not be forced to play 30 games every single day. With the current system, anyone starting now will not be able to finish in the top 10 even with 100% win rate because of this mmr system.

I believe I have already suggested this before. I really hope the team strongly considers it this time as a long term solution that can solve many long term problems.

We also noticed some unfair situations, as you said, anyone who starts now will not be able to enter the top 10 even with a 100% win rate.

We will carefully consider the ELO system to solve the problem of long-term fairness!

@unlirank remove durability
how about gems that can increase the stats (attack damage and skills percentage to max) this is for hatched dragon not for eggs

Yes, we have plans for this in the future!

@unlirank remove durability
sd bomb with lucky dragon is so unfair because of the immunity to SD skill obstacle.. this is seriously unbeatable now..

OK, we will judge whether to adjust the lucky dragon (for example, reducing or canceling the probability of some buffs) based on its performance for a certain period of time, and finally make the decision through community voting.


I would also like to revisit a few things that I’ve talked about before:

This was back in August, I talked about having a place to burn totem/dmt and you came up with a good idea. I know it is low priority but I will be very happy to use this to burn tournament fees or burn some tokens in other events.

I’m sorry, I almost forgot about this, thank you for reminding me.

It is not part of the game’s features, and does not take up too much development work, we will release it on the official website this month, thank you for your contribution to the community.

I suggested in the past dragon staking, specifically: “Stake dragons to send them on an adventure and after x hours/days they come back with some loot!”

I think this could be a fun new game mode, called expedition mode. Before each ‘expedition’ they get to carry some items with them to increase the chances of survival and success. For example, they can carry chicken/pizza/cake to help them refill their hunger so that they can last longer. We can also introduce new items that can be won in treasure hunt that is helpful in expedition mode (for example tools and weapons and accomodation, like axes, tents, sleeping bags)

There are also other ways to build this mode, for example make it an action packed pve mode. I don’t think this game has to be centered around the current gameplay. The team should build dragon master into a brand that has many functionalities. The art on these dragons are adorable so far and I am sure they can be used in many other kind of games.

Does the team have any plan yet in place for such an expansion?

Also another thing I would like to revisit:

When will you release publicly the APIs for the game? Specifically the marketplace API and scholar tracking API. Me and probably other developers are interested in building useful third party tools for the game.

The goal of DragonMaster is to become the world’s leading Web3 metaverse game platform, and in the long term, its gameplay is diverse.

The current tower defense and mutual push gameplay is one of them, and new gameplay modes will be introduced in the future.

1. Mixture of synthesis and placement play mode
2. Mixture of tower defense and card game play mode
3. Autochess play mode
4. Mixture of elimination and clearance play mode
5. Mixture of expedition adventure play mode
6. Mixture of Land and construction play mode
7. Fighting play mode

Our dragon design adopts high-cost 3D models, which is to adapt to future more gameplay and scenes, not just to consider the present.


Thank you very much for your and the community’s support. It is necessary to publicly release the game’s API, and we will complete this step by step based on priorities and game progress.



Who should I contact if I have a tournament idea and want to seek official support? Please advise 🙂

Also some tournament ideas off the top of my head:

- white dragons only swiss round/group stage. Followed by knockout stages bo5 freeze vs bomb. Players swap team after every game. The higher seeded player will choose the team he wants to play in game 1 (freeze or bomb)

- random dragons tournament. All players will be given 4 random dragon trial chests (s,m,l,xl excluding special) and play with those dragons for the tournament. We will get to see more variety of dragons in this kind of tournament

I am glad you have ideas for the tournament.

If you want to get support for the tournament, you can contact @ Wilson .

Also, I think we already have some feedback regarding the new lucky dragon and new meta, but it is still early in the season and we have not heard from many people (especially those using freeze and outperforming bomb)

I suggest creating a channel specific to discussing the meta, as these lengthy discussions and debate don’t fit in 💬丨general

💬丨meta-team-discussion channel has been created, feel free to discuss the meta team in the channel.

When will the tribe system will be released?

Features we are developing.
-Send emails (to be updated next week)
-Christmas Quest (update next week)
-Prop trading (updated this month)

In addition, more important updates are being planned recently.
-The game's wallet function (update time not yet determined)
-Tribe system (update time not yet determined)

When the energy mailing system will be out, it will affect the battle leadershipboard badly for the delay

Sorry, we’ll update as soon as possible

many players suggested this before, video/record replay of the battle, it can help for guide and for content creator to post/share their video with less hassle; it can also help the players who have issue with the game to easily identify their problem.

meta rotation — buff other dragons, not just 1 dragon in all season, with this investors will be interested in collecting all types of dragon.

lucky family is so OP rn, do u have a plan to make a dragon that can counter lucky?

About the video playback, it is not high priority for the time being, mail sending, prop trading function has a lot of players urging for updates.

We, the development team, keep a weekly update, quick feedback and community exchange.

Each season, we will adjust some of the dragons, strengthen or weaken its skill buffs, this we have done in the first 3 seasons. We will release the buff adjustments for some of the S8 dragons next week, and since S8 is already underway, we will launch a poll in the community to decide whether to adjust it.

Regarding the restraint system, we have that planned!

I think lucky dragons are good as what it is now. Full lucky dragons are strong but without Special Dragons, they’re so beatable than Full Armor team. Don’t nerf them again and make them worthless, especially to those who invested in buying them. Even having a small and medium lucky dragons is good enough. Nerfing them will make S and M dragons worthless again. Match making has been fixed and let the top rank players handle those lucky dragons family with Special Dragons lmao. Full lucky without sd is so beatable, just like any other p2e game, if you invested to a good team, you’ll earn more

Yes, every player has a different opinion, which we respect and support.

Everyone can communicate in the newly created channel and discuss fully, so that our development team can find the best ideas from it.

Agree one of the priorities should be enabling live spectate and replay mode, this will help with tournament broadcast as well

Also I think a good idea if you have an internal roadmap to share it with the public because right now we are asking every week what is coming in the coming weeks/months.

Yes, I agree. I listed my plans for the near future above

Features we are developing.
-Send emails (to be updated next week)
-Christmas Quest (update next week)
-Prop trading (updated this month)

In addition, more important updates are being planned recently.
-The game’s wallet function (update time not yet determined)
-Tribe system (update time not yet determined)

And speaking about dragons, do we have an update on the new dragons and their estimated release date?

Detailed time I need to ask the test engineer.

When special task open?

Christmas activities, open next week

Special tasks, need to open with special events

How is the financing progress of the project, and what is the progress of docking with the secondary exchange? Hope to give an answer. Many thanks

Yes, we have made great progress recently. We are currently negotiating the specific time with our partners, and in my opinion, it will be announced in 2023. Sorry, I can only tell you so much for now.

it’s a possibility. I have asked before the concern on the tokenomics of DMT, hope the team will act on this sooner rather than later

Also I don’t think it is right to pay staff with own tokens, should be paid in stablecoins/eth/btc/fiat instead

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider giving moderators stable coins as salary.

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Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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