DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Feb 2, 2024)

7 min readFeb 5, 2024

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@Skarner | DM
How many days or months every breeding event ?

Thanks for the question!

For each breeding event, we post a community announcement with a clear start and end time for the event:


Fix the bug in dogde killer always stuck 😡

The lag issue with dodge killers has been fixed.

@Mhel | Dragon Master
last AMA did you say that the dashboard for farming mDMT will show in this january. When will the dashboard be for mDMT farming?
in the future do you have a plan to buy or sell energy? like I can sell my energy in the auction totem or DMT payment

Thanks for the question!

  1. Sorry, we are working on releasing the new dragon (Bewitch Dragon) as soon as possible for more combo strategies for the season. mDMT’s Farming Dashboard will be available after the release of the new dragon.
  2. Energy is not available for sale, but energy props (chicken legs, cakes, pizzas) can be purchased and sold.

Please add ranking rewards in Dodge the killer because we’re burning 5% of totems so the top ranked should be given rewards in dmts or totems

Thanks for the question!

Yes, we will be introducing ranked rewards for Dodge Killer and it will make the game more fun.

@The Artist
I’m a huge fan of Dragon Masters, have been for a long time
I don’t understand what started with this project these days. After someday update and problem lag these things came…yesterday I updated then lost the tournament due to lag..
When will this problem end? If this happens after a few days, fear will enter those of us who have invested or are firming DMT. And strengthen the developers if necessary increase their skills, now people are getting good response in this project day by day.

Thank you very much for your support, we have been slow in updating lately due to some of the developers have left and some new ones have joined and need some transition and familiarization time. However, we assure you that it will not affect Dragon Master’s normal development.

We have a lot of new features planned and release more mini-games like Dodge Killer so that more players can participate.In 2024, we have firm confidence that Dragon Master will become a popular Web3 top game.

good eve. can l suggest to remove the 17 seconds cooldown after watching ads?
lt’s a waste of time.

Thanks for the question.

Sorry, this interval cannot be canceled. We’ve learned from history that requesting and playing ad videos too often will potentially be penalized by the ad platform. Thank you for your understanding.

@Pakistani Guy
Feedback regarding the new update !

The new update is kind of worse as we were to watch ad before opening the game and its soo weird.
The withdraw taking so much time again when will be it fixed.
The ping issue is also raised as i have a good network.

Thanks for the question

1. We have added a new advertisement in the Android version that starts the game open to test the ad revenue data.

2. Most of the withdrawals are completed within 24 hours, occasionally there will be a delay, please rest assured that your withdrawals and funds are absolutely safe.

3. Our development team is trying to optimize the ping problem between different countries.

I ask 1 quest how to play this game in this phone game is crush

Thanks for the question!

Today we fixed the flashback issue regarding Android 14, please download the latest version:


@Uncle HDC
How is the progress of listing on Binance exchange? Can you tell us more details about future development?
With a grateful heart 🫰🫶

Please introduce new special dragons as soon as possible. The current lineup of top players is almost the same. a bit boring

Thanks for asking questions!

Details of future developments:
1. marketing remains at the top of the list:
-New investment organizations
-New exchange token listings
-New public chain partnerships

2. Updates to game features:
-New matchmaking gameplay
-New dragons
-More mini-games like Dodge Killer
-The game adds DM wallet functionality

3. Yes, as you can see from our weekly plan, the new dragon (Bewitch Dragon) is now at the top of the list.

Dear Devs,

1. With the recent Security Breach by one of our Longtime Manager HDC, what actually happened. What did we learn? How can we prevent it?

2. With 10,000 DMT staking reward, as good as it looks? Is it sustainable to the extend that it wont erode the price of DMT?

3. What size is CHARMED dragon?

Thank you.

1. From the experience of account theft of HDC players, we hope to learn a lesson not to share any account and password of DM, and strongly recommend to turn on Google Authentication. This way your account security level is the highest. Remember: DM’s account password + Google Authentication = DM wallet private key

2. Staking rewards for DMT, we will open them as events with continuity. Of course, we will focus on price erosion and keep competitive campaigns!

3.M size

with activating google authenticator I think no one can steal anything from account even if they hack into it.

There’s no such thing as absolute security, at least with Google Authentication turned on, you can maximize the security of your assets.

The world’s largest exchanges also recommend that players turn on Google Authentication!

about the double card, it favor mostly the owner not player specially when the split is very low to the player.. can you change to additional totem to the player and dont split it the owner?? because the double card is owned by a player and when that player has lower share he will only get lower share on that double card..

It is recommended that players purchase the Dragon NFT, which will maximize the benefits of the double card

Please fix match making. Currently if we lose one match it’s -10 trophies and if we won any match it’s mostly +3trophies we are getting, I don’t know about other players but I am feeling like it’s better if I put game untill the season end as I am currently having enough trophies to get rewards.

The system will judge the rewards based on the number of trophies you and your opponent have. When a strong player wins against a weak player, the system will protect the weak player by losing a smaller number of trophies. A strong player loses to a weak player, the system will reward the weak player by winning a higher number of trophies.

Also I just have a suggestion to update the probability of getting the star dragons, getting the star dragons is easy except 4 star dragon, instead of giving other star dragons 20+ probability, give the same to cash out, cash dragon and nft fragment. Then atleast we will get something useful when we spin instead of keep on getting the star dragons which are useless as we can’t do anything until we receive 4 star dragon.
If possible please replace cash out in lucky spin with gas fee, so that we can get some gas on matic or meter network

That’s a good idea.

Bewitch will be sold as a special box or just Breeding????

Boxes are pre-sold first and then added to the breeding

if selling a box, how much ????

Depends on the price of SD recently traded in the current market
wow, Exciting News


Are you considering reducing the cost of the merger and increasing the probability of its success?

Without this program, there is a cost and risk involved in trying to get a higher return

good day!
how about level 41 dragon in synthesis recycle to musdt? or a random items. is it possible in the future?

The team’s new game tech colleagues are working on this feature, as well as fixing a missing prop about getting a five-star dragon

Would this incentivize more people to stake — and then more players to breed? I think this logic is not easy to achieve. But DEV can see macro data, this is just my guess and worry haha

Yes, we will keep a close eye on the data and market prices, so please don’t worry!

Please again start musdt universal earning..! Please start it again you can make some rules, terms & condition anything you can do but please please start universal musdt earning dont close it permanent..!!
Please reply me @byron @Parker @NF_clinT @Andrea.

We need to change the rules and have to require behavior that benefits the community or market to get usdt

The previous usdt general revenue rules were too simple and led to a lot of studios illegally stealing benefits

Yes please change the rules do anything but don’t close it permanent 😔😕😞


in the past we won some soulbound nfts (forgot the name) for winning tournament and those help to give us some airdrops. When will they have benefit again?

Airdrop event to gain additional qualifications