DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Jan 26, 2024)

4 min readJan 29, 2024

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

Increase daily task totem & add something more thank you.?

Thanks for the questions.

We will be announcing more events and rewards in the near future, so stay tuned for community announcements.

Why musdt Earnings from refferal off?
in future any update for this to prevent false registration?

Thanks for the questions.

1. mUSDT universal revenue is closed because of the fake registration issue.

2. We are in the process of upgrading our security system, so please stay tuned to the community announcements for any future updates.

TCG Bridge postpond to when????
Breeding event also

Thanks for the questions!

1. Bridge for TCG Verse has been released:

2. The breeding event will open next Monday.

3. We are discussing with the TCG Verse team about the Staking Reward event, waiting for the reply from the TCG Verse team.

Dear Devs,

Pls consider

Auto LOG OFF after certain timing. This is to secure the Security settings.

If unable above, Pls implement Google authenticator before any security setting can be altered.

When Bewitched 🙂

Thanks for the question!

1. Yes, when you haven’t logged in to the game for a period of time, you will be automatically logged out and asked to re-enter your account password to log in.

2. Okay, we will take this suggestion on board. For player account security, we encourage turning on Google Authenticator.

3. There are no more updates for Bewitched Dragon at this time, so please stay tuned to the community announcements.

@BBQ Gaming
been so many months.. many other games already taking off and taking advantage of the bull market.

and yet still

no bewitched or any new dragon

no team reveal? Are we waiting for bitcoin all time high?

Thanks for the question!

1. We will release Bewitched Dragon and other new dragons as soon as possible

2. We have no plans to publicize the timing of the team at this time, and we will make a community announcement if there are any updates.

@Uncle HDC
I hope that on the LB ranking page, I can view the details of each dragon in the team and bid. Owner can consider whether to sell after receiving the offer.

Thanks for asking the question.

This is a good suggestion to facilitate the trading needs of each dragon. Have added this suggestion to the list of features.

@Sad KIRA | DragonMaster
Hi 👋
Good Day Devs,
Pls look into Shenron part. As almost 1.5+ months already done since any new shenron holder not came yet. In Christmas event ,Instead of double chances of getting the required Dragons no one became a Shenron holder. Please consider new changes to get shenron or simply fix that if you spin 100,1000,etc times then you will get shenron for sure something like that.

Thanks for the question!

Regarding the Shenron, there are now three ways to obtain it.

We are also thinking about whether there are better ways to obtain them, sorry, there are no more updates about Shenron at the moment.

I registered on the 20th and I don’t appear on the list.

The reason for the unsuccessful tournament registration is that the information provided in the registration form does not match the check-in information.

Accounts from the same IP address will also be deleted.

when will be the special task open?

There are no more updates about special tasks at present, please pay attention to the community announcement.

Dear dev ,
Can you please move the dialog in the battle , because of that we can’t see where in tracks going to appear the obstacle

Ok, we will check this problem.

The team should change the random dragon spawning in the game because even if I have the best dragons I would lose by luck of getting small and medium Dragons spawning consecutively

Maybe we can show the stats of the number of dragons out of a game in the game

1. Direct from spin
2. By summon 5 dragons
3. From daily efforts

These 3 ways are from starting 😄

Please consider some new ways or simply remove 4 star dragon 😄lots of players waiting eagerly 😄 if you remove this then more players will start spinning for shenron

It’s not possible to remove a 4-star dragon, and divine dragons are a rare prize, so we’ll take your question into consideration

Can we have, like a newbie package for all newly created accounts that includes team trial cards for at least 1 day? So that new players can enjoy the game not just using white dragons but also trying different types of dragons. And of course, those props cannot be traded.

Totem can be obtained by trial card, which will bring pressure to totem tokens.