DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Jul 1, 2022)

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR

@cob | Téam Axcíted Gamíng

1. Can we have update regarding breeding v2?

2. Also update with new dragon releases as we are already on season 4.

1. Breeding V2 is currently 95% developed and is being reviewed internally by the development team, and I believe it will be released soon.

2. Yes, there will be new gameplay in Season 4, Looting Arena, which is an arena where players compete with each other for resources, we expected it to go live in next week’s update.


1. Buff Demon Dragon!!!

2. When will you add the ETH used for the lucky box event?

3. I think you have told us that you’ll add DMT liquidity pool somewhere in June, will it be delayed?

1. We are watching all the special dragon data, the demon dragon seems to be less noticed, we will consider your suggestion.

2. We promise that the WETH from the campaign will be used for buyback destruction.

TOTEM buyback transaction

DMT buyback transaction

We will buy back and burn TOTEM and DMT from time to time, and let the community know until the ETH from the campaign is fully consumed.

3. Please pay attention to the community announcement.

Regarding the Widrawal transaction can its possible to change/adjust? To much of waiting can you less the time/days limit? @❌Gaming1973

Withdrawals are currently processed in about 72 hours, and there are no updates on quick withdrawals yet.

Why does it need to wait 72 hours?

The system needs time to identify all withdrawals for compliance and security, thank you for your understanding.

Can you always give advance notice about the updates? so that a player with a large number of remaining energies can use them rather than wasting them with each energy reset. And it’s better if you don’t launch an update near the reset energy. @ BeTeLGeuSe

When major updates are released, we will notify the community in advance.

When minor features updates are released, we will avoid the energy reset time and pick a time when most players are free.

Can you add a button in the renting system, we have change renter, add stop renting, so the dragons go back to the owner to create new dragon teams after breding new dragons. Or when the owner wants to add one of these dragons to his own team. @ jim

Currently the public rental system does not support changing dragon teams, which is a function designed based on contractual principles.

Once the rental is successful, then the lessor cannot change the dragon team at will, otherwise this is unfair to the player. If you want to change the dragon team, you can cancel the contract and then re-edit the dragon team, then release it to the rental market again.

Finally, the rental system does not affect the breeding system, which is one of the advantages we would like to share.

Also, any plans for the changes in meta? Lucky L and XL have been running for atleast 2–3 seasons now, isn’t about time to expand the meta rather than just having 1? (By 1 I meant Lucky L and XL +shield/vampire/rage/etc) @Yukiartphi

Looting Arena will be released soon!

It is currently in testing and is expected to be released next week.

New dragons will be available in Q3, updated along with the breeding system.

When new dragons and breeding?@Kirifer

Thank you for the question, and here to share some important plans about our Q3.

1. Release new dragons

2. New breeding system

Trust/Transparency related questions @BBQ | BUFF DEMON DRAGON PLEASE

Don’t mind me if I go really hard on these questions, because I think this is very important for investor confidence and the growth of the game. Trust and transparency is two of the most important things that are essential for us to continue believing in the game and the team behind the game.

1. In the last AMA, someone asked about the face reveal/doxxing of the devs and the response you gave was that there are recent changes in the development team and so you are not quite ready for them to face the public as DM representatives. I respect this decision but I have something to add on. The answer you gave was in respect to the developers. How about the management and leadership team? Were there any recent changes in the key appointments such as CEO/CTO etc? I believe doxxing the developers at this point is not necessary; many game companies and blockchain companies do not reveal their developers identities. However, I think it is very important that we know who the leaders of the team are, who is part of the management team and what the management structure is. There should be more information about Magic Hat as a company in the whitepaper. Dragon master is an established game at this point, albeit with much room for growth. We already have many players and several partner guilds whose trust I am sure you guys want to keep through this bear market and tough times.

About trust and transparency, we are trying to do better every day, like weekly reports, snapshot polls, canny forum, AMA, etc.

Regarding the identity of the management team members, we will definitely open up to the community and meet with them at the right time in the future.

2. Can you share with us briefly the financial situation for Dragon Master (whatever you can reveal). The main thing I want to know is, how much runway does this game have in terms of finances. Is the game making money? The world and the crypto world is in a bad situation now that could be prolonged for months or even years. Will this game be able to survive the bear market?

Good, we are pleased to share with you our financial status.

DragonMaster received a total of $2.625M in seed and private investments in 2021. The main expenses are currently used for game development, marketing and campaigning. Some of them are used for liquidity, and supporting the team to survive for at least 3 years.

Our goal in creating this game is to create a great metaverse game, and we believe we can make it.

But running any project, revenue is one of the necessities to keep the team and the project growing.

In terms of revenue sources, as you can see, taxes are one of the core sources of DragonMaster, and this will become more and more as the number of players and transactions grows in the future.

Also, we will be releasing new dragons, new skins, new GEMs, new lands, new avatars and other NFTs, which is one of our future sources of revenue.

While we are building the ecology, we are also creating value. DragonMaster aims to be a win-win metaverse game in which players can have fun and gain by contributing their time or abilities.

The cryptocurrency market is not good right now, and it brings a lot of problems.

For example, in the recent Three Arrows Capital and Luna incidents, many players and investors have become less active, and many projects are not updating and maintaining their communities.

But we see the opportunity to sink our teeth into updating the product, polishing the tokenomics, and keeping up with the community.

Regardless of the bear market, we are ready to be ALL IN for 5 years.

In addition to the seed and private placement funding, our core team members have prepared a total of millions of additional funds, which is our determination and confidence in DragonMaster.

If we were counting short-term interests, we might have quit by now and wouldn’t insist on AMA with community members every week. Our team has set the goal to go through the bulls and bears, build a good product, and become the next top ones.

Hopefully you will still be around by then.

That’s a bit much. I hope we can build a legend together.

3. A team member mentioned that they expect to add DMT liquidity in June. Are there any updates on that? Would appreciate proactive updates on the team on economic decisions and issues, especially if you announced your plans and deadlines on those plans. This will help build trust and reputation for your team.

Please rest assured that we will not back out on what we promised the community.

We will be adding DMT liquidity in the first week of July, stay tuned for the announcement.

4. When will the ETH for the special dragon box sales be used to buyback DMT and TOTEM? Would appreciate updates on this too because it is a significant amount (9 ETH).

Answered in question#2.

5. Appreciate the weekly data on TOTEM/DMT mint and burn. Do you have any data on daily active users as well?

The trust and transparency considerations are the main factors deterring me and my guild from applying for official guild partnership. I really love the game and I strongly believe it has huge potential. And seriously a big kudos to your team for making such a unique and amazing game, extremely simple to start playing but still has the potential to be a very competitive mobile game. I also love the plans you guys have for this game and really appreciate the weekly AMAs that you guys conduct. In my opinion this game is already better than a lot of other NFT games out there, even the more established ones. I strongly believe if you guys could sort out the above issues it will be a huge step towards wider adoption of the game.

Thanks for the heads up.

We’ll be adding DAU data to the weekly report this week, you’ll see them in the weekly report to be released next Monday.

Is it possible to reduce to 50 or just lower than 100 dragons to use guild rental? @jemeison|RetiredBOT|DragonMaster

Thanks for the suggestion, we recently received many suggestions from community players to be able to lease to selected players or whitelisted players.

Therefore we decided to lower the condition of using guild leasing, owning 20 dragons will enable you to use guild leasing, which is NOW in effect. 👌

Economy related questions @BBQ | BUFF DEMON DRAGON PLEASE

This is a huge topic for everyone, managers, scholars, investors alike. I am sure we are all aware that we are not in a very good place economy wise right now. The broader market is looking horrible and it seems like the bad things may persist for a prolonged period of time. NFT/play 2 earn gaming had huge booms in 2021, but the demise of the economic model of games like Axie and Pegaxy has destroyed investor confidence on play 2 earn models. I am aware that the team has mentioned several times they have learned from the mistakes other game has made and will have different economic mechanisms in the future as more features are being released. This is good to hear, but as I mentioned this bear market is a perilous environment to navigate and there is little room for mistakes.

1. What are some of the mechanisms and features you plan to introduce to the game to help increase TOTEM and DMT utility? What are the short term plans and long term plans?

For the Long-term

  1. Breeding
  2. Restore durability


  1. Looting Arena, with payment of TOTEM/DMT to participate in the matchmaking.
  2. Practice Arena, with payment of TOTEM/DMT to try out all dragons.
  3. Treasure Arena, with payment of TOTEM/DMT to break through, consecutive winners will get treasure chests. Treasure box mint will randomly get skins, GEMs, new skills and other NFTs.

Indefinite plan

Repurchase and destroy

2. Currently TOTEM and DMT price are greatly affected by ETH prices because there is only one liquidity pool which is paired with ETH. Are there plans for liquidity pools that are paired with a stablecoin like USDC? An example from another project, ICE poker, has a liquidity pool that is paired with USDC only. I can confidently say that ICE is one of the best performing coins in the last 30–60 days, despite ETH crashing so much. Of course there were other factors, but at least the price doesn’t drop randomly just because ETH drops. I think it is a good idea to TOTEM/USDC and DMT/USDC liquidity pools.

Thank you, we will consider your suggestion.

3. Can the public provide liquidity to the TOTEM and DMT liquidity pools? If not, is there a plan to open it up to the public? Is there any DMT allocated to staking rewards in the future?

The public can provide liquidity to TOTEM and DMT liquidity pools, I am sure of that.

In the future we are also considering offering rewards to those who provide liquidity, and DMT Staking is also in our future plans, once we decide to open it up, we will announce the details in the community or on Twitter and Discord.

Thank you for your question.

4. I appreciate that you are intending to buyback and burn TOTEM and DMT using the revenue from the sale of the special dragon boxes. I believe this is especially helpful during this bear market. Based on how fast the boxes sold, I am sure many here have a lot of hope for the game, and also really enjoy it (me included, even though I got 2 demon dragons from them 😠). I am sure there will be more opportunities in the future for such events which can help with TOTEM burning for the time being until the economy and game becomes more mature. Do you have plans for anymore buybacks for the rest of the year and beyond?

Yes, we have many more plans for the future, so stay tuned for our latest updates and thank you for your support of our team’s decisions.

Just repeating the same questions above since previous AMA you mentioned that you will add LP for DMT at the end of June. Now it’s 1st of July already, so when we can expect this one? Thank in advance for answering this. @NFTokwa | SLG

We will be adding DMT liquidity in the first week of July, stay tuned for the announcement.

Is there going to be a reply match feature or will there be a save game feature that can be downloadable? so that we can edit and make content for our social media.

Yes, it’s already in our development plan.

Hi, I have some gameplay related questions/feedback:

1. Will there be guild gameplay in the near future (2022)? For example guild war. even something as simple as pvp between guilds will be nice. I have also suggested a guild page in game.

2. I understand that you guys have reiterated many times that there will be new dragons coming into the game. How about a ‘design a dragon’ contest for the community? Winner’s dragon will be in the game in the future 😄

3. Regarding balance changes, I think it will be a good idea to have community involvement as well 🙂 Same for demon dragon rework, the current effect is not only underwhelming but also boring. The community will be able to come up with an awesome effect 😄

1. Yes, will be.

2. Good suggestion, we will consider this offer.

3. There will be a new gameplay update next week, so let’s look forward to the changes next week.

There used to be some mention about guild tribes is that still on the table or has that been forgeten or discontinued ? Also plz buff demon since holding a special should be a boost and not just a gimmick

We haven’t forgotten, it’s just that the priority of the features we develop has changed. About the Demon Dragon has been answered earlier.

is there gonna be upgradable dragon in future ? or chance in ramdom stats?

Skin will be.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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