DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Jul 8, 2022)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Daniel | Magic Hat
  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR

1). Add in market place a stats of dragons that we want like the damage,speed,skills so its easier for us what kind of dragon we like to get.

2). Just a suggestion to add hatch fast like we have to pay a totem/dmt to hatch faster or instantly.

3).Put like we can transfer dmt to another account because when manager and scholar had agreement for split in lb rewards this transfer is to avoid scam from manager so they can just transfer it to manager instantly in game.

4).When will be release the new breeding?

5).I noticed the totem is going down is it possible like to buy like 1 energy around 15–20 totems for who those who want to reach the top this will help to reduce the totem minting and for us to burn more totem for energy

6).Can you add like earning scholars in guild rental like per weeks,months.


  1. OK, this is a good suggestion to improve the efficiency of the transaction, we will improve and update it ASAP.
  2. This is a useful suggestion, we will improve and update it ASAP.
  3. OK, we will upgrade the rental system to support this option in the future.
  4. The new species will be released in Q3.
  5. haha, you can think of this totem burning mechanism, I believe you are our big fan. Of course, we considered this option, but eventually gave up. Analyzing it from a single player, it is indeed a good idea, but analyzing it from the dev team, we don’t want to force players to play, we want to provide a fair game environment to get pleasure and achievement inside the rules.
  6. OK, we will continue to improve the guild rent stats. We have a bigger goal to make guild rentals an open system for all Web3.0 games to join in.

1). Is it possible for you to make a breeding simulator?

2). can you make a free arena for the managers before deploying the team to scholar? for them to test the team if the rotation of the dragons is good. No totem reward and duel with bot


1. This is certainly possible, we will improve and update it as soon as possible.

2. That’s the same as we thought.

I believe you saw our update yesterday, there is a practice arena now, which should solve this problem. The practice arena is open to all dragon species, no totem rewards, battle with bots, and the ability to customize bot and player stats, such as no cooldowns, blood invulnerability, etc.

Of course, to enter the practice arena, you need to pay with TOTEM and DMT, which is one of our burning mechanics.

Is it possible to make an acceleration time for egg to hatch for a certain amount of totem and dmt? @ Brylle

Thanks for the question, this was answered in the first question.

When will v2 be released and what new updates will be released that we will be excited about @BoyetSlayer

Haha, V2 will be updated in Q3, we will bring more new features.

  1. New breeding system, new burning mechanism
  2. Breeding simulator
  3. New dragon species

We are also excited and committed daily to advance these efforts and goals, which is our motivation.

Any thoughts about the lucky s/m they’re being worthless, lots lucky s/m in marketplace @ Serum

On one hand, we are continuously watching the usage rate and market price of Lucky S/M for their potential value.

On the other hand, there will be the sacrifice mechanic released in the future, which is useful and valuable for all dragons.

Can this buff be seriously considered? Demon is still severely out matched by freeze and bomb. @ ProTruth

Yes, I have followed the proposal and it seems to have gained a great deal of support. 😁

Thanks for the feedback.

And yes, the Demon Dragon will be upgraded in the future, our data analyst team will consider and evaluate it from various aspects, thank you for the suggestion.

Can you relaase new meta? @ Light Yagami

We will be releasing new dragon species in Q3, please keep an eye on the community announcement.

Now on this Weekly invite scholarship, what team are you gonna provide for the scholar if it’s alright to ask. @Yuki |BUFF DEMON| ArtPhi

We will provide random dragon teams to each winner.

For more details on the weekly invite scholarship please check out

In the advanced section for Individual Rentals, Could 2 more options be added along side the current ones for more control of higher end teams?.
Something like,
In order to protect the owner’s rights, the order will be deleted by the system if the player’s battles less than 20 times per day.
In order to protect the owner’s rights, the order will be deleted by the system if the player’s win rate lower than 50% per day.
and thoughts on possibly introducing a system to terminate renters instantly with out the cooldown period if they consecutively loose 10+ games?.
some are just farming the lose tokens, causing more costs than earnings. @ Cognizant

This is certainly possible. The advanced settings work to protect the rights of the owner and we will open up more options to offer to the renters, including filters for players, such as player credit score above 2.5, player battle counts more than 100, and player with win rate more than 50%……

We have plans to make a good rental system to protect the rights of both parties.

1). Just wanna know what’s your insights about this:

Make an option that will balance the matchmaking….like for example: we can decide whether you will fight with a nearly identical mmr(for decent trophy reward), higher mmr(for high trophy reward), or random mmr(trophy reward depends on opponent’s mmr). Don’t make a low mmr matchmaking because others may abuse it(and a waste of energy compared to other options because you will get low trophy every win). And if you spend a certain amount of time looking for a match and still don’t find one, say for 10–15 seconds, it will automatically set into random opponent’s mmr. In this way, higher mmr with meta teams will avoid frequently battling with very low mmr, resulting in a more competitive season across the leaderboards. And I believe it will represent the ranking system (as in previous AMA answers such as bronze, silver, and gold) as a battle format. What are your thoughts on this?
And if this happen, maybe you need to adjust the trophy rewards per win/lose to balance things out.

2). Someone needs to speak about this!

If you experience battling with a team with family armor, you know what I’m talking about. The problem is the rng of that team is broken for the past seasons. In 1 game with that team, I spawned for a total of 5 xl(without lucky dragon) but my opponent got for a total of 7–8 xl(it’s not even a lucky xl dragon). I saw something in AMA that says the you want the players to think of DragonMaster as a game and entertainment that is there to bring you joy, not burden and stress. I wanna know what you will do about this. (Or devs will just let it be and the game will be completely unbalanced and unfair for the whole game???)


First Question

Matchmaking rules are something we’ve been exploring and working on. Definitely, our matchmaking goal is to find players of similar strength (mmr) for players. When the number of players online is not enough at a certain time, we need to make a choice on how to balance the effective match rate with the player’s mmr.

When a higher mmr is matched with a lower mmr, the higher mmr will get a lesser trophy, which is the trade-off we make to ensure the effective match rate.

Because the higher mmr and the meta team obviously have an advantage, therefore a less trophy will be awarded, and a loss will deduct more trophies. Low mmr players will get more trophies if they win and less trophies will be deducted for breeding.

In the future, as more new players join, the matchmaking system will be effectively improved, and we will continue to work hard for it in the long run.

Second Question

The balance and fairness of the game is our main concern, there is no doubt about it.

In the matchups, dragons are continuously and dynamically randomized. These two characteristics dictate that not all dragons of all sizes will be exactly the same for each matchup.

On the one hand, the cooldown time of dragons is the same, so if the player’s strategy is to store more dragons, after more than 3, no more dragons will be loaded behind, and the number of dragons will be different for both sides after one game. For example, if the total number of dragons from A is 30 and the total number of dragons from B is 40, the final XL number will definitely be different.

On the other hand, with the total number of dragons remaining the same for each body type, the order of the dragons coming out is randomly arranged. For example, maybe A has XL dragons at the beginning, and maybe B needs to wait for 3 dragons before XL dragons appear, but eventually the winner is divided at the 2nd dragon, resulting in the remaining XL dragons not appearing, which is normal.

Focusing on the balance and fairness of the game is what we have been doing for a long time, we are willing to discuss and communicate with the community if we have better suggestions and solutions.

1). Is there a chance to have a new special dragon?

2). In this new special dragons, is it possible that we can see a small, medium or xl special dragon?


1. There will be, the new special dragon is already in the making, soon to meet with everyone in Q3.

2. I think they should all be the same body type, L.

Why “Freeze dragon” rarely appear in the the draw pile of the user compared to “Demon” and “Bomb dragon”.?

PS. We have tested out all of the special dragons and we saw significant difference between their draws. Special dragons must have a limit of drawing them each game and they must have equality in terms of the draw rate.


​​We were surprised by the results of this test, because all previous special dragons had the same draw probability!

To confirm this, I made it a point to reconfirm with the development team that yes, they have the same probability. In the field of mathematical statistics, small sample tests may be significantly biased, so I suggest you can test a large number of them and analyze the results with us.

In the end, there is no reason to treat them differently in this way, as it does not help us in any way.

There was a new daily task win 5 battles if that was true, im gonna up this suggestion. I know there was unexpected bugs lately but can we get announcement about things new to the game.

@ ☢

Yes, any updates to the game should be notified in advance so that the community users can be prepared.

Thanks for the feedback.

So us scholars pay 10 totem then if we won like we got 10% split we gain 1 totem? And if we lose we burn 10 totem from our totem earnings?🤔


We’ve received feedback from scholars that it’s unfair to use leased teams in the Looting arena where the payout is not proportional to the income.

This is an equity distribution case, actually.

If the player is using a purchased dragon, perhaps this problem does not exist. If a rented dragon team is used, it is a profit sharing agreement that needs to take into account the interests of the lessor.

Of course, we also realize that it is unfair for scholars, and perhaps we need to hear from the community if the revenue goes to the scholars, will it affect the renters? Or will there be unintended consequences that instead promote scholars to work hard on athletics, thus increasing the revenue for both parties, a positive cycle of solutions?

We will launch a community poll and a snapshot poll after the AMA to listen to everyone’s opinion.

L and XL Lucky are still so dominant… any additional buff planed for non lucky teams?


Thanks for the question, we are designing new dragon types and have no plans to provide additional gains for non-lucky teams at this time.

Magic Hat Questions

1. Can you tell us more about Magic Hat Studio? The history, what are its projects besides Dragon Master. Any past projects? And do you have a physical office in the UK at the moment? About how many employees are there?

2. Can you give more details about the seed and private funding you got? Who are the investors?

3. Is Gabriel in this discord? Found his profile in linkedin as co-founder of magic hat studio.

4. When will be the team reveal? Many of us hope it is soon.

5. Any other concrete information that can consolidate the legitimacy and strength of the team and company will be good. Honestly the development work done so far has been amazing, but that alone is not enough evidence that the company can stand the test of time. For example, we do not know whether you have full-time developers or not. At this time there are many unknowns regarding the future because we do not know who is doing all the great work so far.


1. Hi, you can learn about Magic Hat Studio here: https://whitepaper.dragonmaster.co/team, we are currently remoted, and the team members come from all over the world.

2. Of course, Dragon Master raised $1.125M in seed sale in early Q2 2021, and the current investor we have revealed is Damo Labs, also we established strong contact with Polygon Studio last year, and we got the grant! Not to say that we subsequently became one of the first IndiGG-supported games.

3. @Gabriel | Magic Hat is here, I think he has been in a state of invisibility hahaha, there is a lot of communication between our team, he is always online, just busy with the game development , 7x24 non-stop.

4. Yes, we will see you all soon, but make sure it is after we finish our most major game update.

5. Thank you for your question, we have full time employees and the majority of the team are developers. Also without a team of full time developers I don’t think it would be possible to do the current frequency of our game updates.

Economic Questions

1. There are almost 7 ETH remaining from the special dragon box sale that have not been used to buyback DMT/TOTEM yet. Are you waiting for a specific time or condition before executing the buyback and burn? Or is there a timeline planned for this?

2. The burn/mint rate is getting slightly worse every week. If the gap does not close we will get a death spiral if daily active users do not increase. In fact we could already be in the middle of a death spiral now because TOTEM has been trending downwards more than ETH or BTC. I understand you guys already have plans for more TOTEM/DMT utility, and breeding v2 will be coming out soon and hopefully that will encourage managers to breed more. However, Axie and Pegaxy (and some other games) faced the exact same situation and their response to it in 2022 has always been that they are in it for the long term. In theory that sounds great but with flawed tokenomics, those games have lost a lot of investor confidence and players, and the death spiral in their tokens have continued to persist. Furthermore it seems like they have given up on the economic situation and their investors and instead focus 100% on gameplay. Does this situation concern you at all? And are you taking a different approach compared to those games?


1. We plan to execute all buybacks and burning within 1 month.

2. We can’t change the bear market, but we can change what is being done.

First, a death spiral is defined as an irreversible death result in a short period of time due to a system design flaw that is exploited by a malicious attacker, such as Luna. Therefore, we are not in a death spiral, but in a latent period before an undervalued, rapid growth.

Second, theoretically we do not make any subjective evaluation of competing products. Any project has its own life cycle, ups and downs. Some projects have already grown rapidly and some are still in their early stages, which needs to be judged and discovered by each investor on their own, as risk and reward are proportional. We don’t compare ourselves to Axie and Pegaxy (and some other games) because they’re not comparable. Our game model and tokenomics is completely different, and the direction and route we take is completely different, and we are waiting for the bull market to become one of the top!

Third, it is right to study game play. The previous Play To Earn put 100% attention on Earn and ignored the gameplay, so there will be many short-lived projects born and dying out.

Our approach is 50% in Play and 50% in Earn, free players will convert to paid players (investors), and Earn players will convert to Play players. The real Web3.0 game is not limited to only a small group of blockchain users, but is compatible with global users, allowing them to enter the Web3.0 world with the lowest threshold. Yes, that’s what we are doing, and that’s what DragonMaster is worth!

Gameplay Questions/Suggestions

1. First of all great job for launching the looting arena on time. I am sure it will be a great addition to the game and a totem sink. 1 suggestion I have for this regarding the sharing of the winnings between scholar/manager. Perhaps the manager can decide a separate scholar share just for looting arena, and both the costs/rewards will be shared between the scholar/manager. For example, if the share is 50%, everytime the scholar joins a looting arena game, 5 TOTEM will be removed from the manager TOTEM, and 5 TOTEM will be removed from the scholar TOTEM. The default rate should be 100% so that managers do not start losing TOTEM without knowing. I believe this is an optimal solution because managers deserve to get the chance to invest and get a reward from the looting arena if they gave the scholar an expensive and good team.

2. I believe in last week AMA it was mentioned that there would be new game modes and we can see that in the latest update. I also believe it was mentioned that there are mid to longer term plans to have new dragons to keep the content fresh. More game modes are great, but ultimately this game remains a competitive game. A competitive game will only be fun if the meta is balanced. One way to fix the meta is, of course, to introduce new dragons and mechanics that will change the meta. The other way is to have a balance change that will strengthen or weaken specific dragons. For season 4, we saw neither of those (as of now). Are there plans to balance the meta this season?

3. Any update on the free to play white dragons for players with no dragons?

4. I suggest the team post more leaks on a regular basis in the discord to excite our community 🙂 Imagine new dragon sneak peaks!

1. Thanks for the suggestion for the looting arena. Regarding your suggestion, it might create problems and potentially harm the renters if players cooperate with each other. We want to make the rules simpler and easier to understand.

2. To solve this problem, we will introduce new dragons, and are also designing a new player skill, which is an active trigger skill that has nothing to do with dragons, ultimately enriching more competitive strategies and skills.

3. This is the second part of the icebreaker plan, the free dragon is expected to be updated next week, please stay tuned to the community announcement.

4. Yes, we have this plan, and the R&D team are considering how to open up data and APIs to empower and inspire the community of developers!

Could you get rid of the weather effects or alteast make the weather layer below the UI?>

I think the clouds are a good scene for the game and he adds a lot of interest and uncertainty to the game.

Thoughts about Art contest? I’m an artist and I would really love to join one if ever so xD

Yes, should be. I think there will be an art contest.

Can you add like auto restore durability for each scholar that using the dragon and add how much totem we spent on restoring for each scholars.

Are you planning to put the totem and dmt in binance for live trading and transaction in near future?

I think this can be factored into your share of the fee with the scholar.

We are talking to centralised exchanges and we will announce news once we have progressed.

About the new dragons a little tease of the skills?..👀❣️

We will organise an event for you guys to guess their skills before we go live.

And a follow up to my death spiral: Sorry, but in my opinion at least, death spiral can be defined in more than one way and it is not specific to a situation similar to Luna’s downfall. For example, in Axie’s initial tokenomic model, SLP is earned through gameplay, and this SLP’s only way to be burned is via breeding, and breeding of new axies will cause SLP supply to increase even more, adding more pressure to the price of SLP. However, this can be sustained if SLP keeps getting burned more and more due to more and more breeding. However, if user growth slows, there will be less demand for Axies, hence Axie price will drop (as we have seen). Once it reaches a point where breeding is not profitable, people will not breed anymore. This is the start of the death spiral: People do not breed anymore -> SLP price drops because of less demand -> SLP price drops to a point where breeding is profitable again -> however, because ROI is now lower due to lower SLP price, demand for Axies drop further, floor price of axies lower further to a point where breeding is not worth it again -> cycle continues until the token completely dies. This is what I meant by death spiral in these P2E games. I think we must avoid getting trapped in this cycle because there is only one outcome if we don’t break out of a cycle like this.

I can see what you mean and that most blockchain projects currently have such problems, and while they may be informative, without addressing the root of the problem, I believe it will only be a short-lived relief and not well eradicated. But as mentioned earlier, what we have chosen to do is to make changes which may push our project to another level of reform. Again, thank you for your suggestions.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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