DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (June 16, 2023)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ

Please make all dragons available for practice (without using ticket) at least once a week so that players can try different comp …that will help newbies to learn more .. thanks .
From EPH
I hope that NFT can be burned as soon as possible, combustion to obtain props or new NFTs.Do a good job of giving time and approximate planning🤓

About the optimization of the protection card usage mechanism: From the S9-current list, few people can get a better number through very few times, because the protection card and matching mechanism work. I think it is OK. However, the matching mechanism has obvious vulnerabilities can be utilized. “Three different matches can be reabled” here “seems to be optimized. It is recommended that the same ID in the same ID will be added to the alarm list (multi-account behavior should be disabled, which is also the official advocacy of DM). It is probably that the purpose is to reduce the consumption caused by speculative behavior. Because many excellent players have left. And many players feel tired and have no hope. I hope to carefully consider: How to effectively maximize multiple accounts and unfair ranking behavior.

Suggestions on the Random recruitment mode: the biggest feature of this mode is randomness and speed. Random means that all dragons appear randomly, all skills also appear randomly, and the rewards are also random. First of all, the speed of the game can be accelerated, such as 1.2 times or 1.5 times (see the specific test results). In addition, when the game enters the garbage time, either party can choose to terminate the game immediately (improving efficiency). The purpose is to improve the operability and fun of the game, and use more idle time. This kind of video is easier to spread and share because it is more enjoyable. I hope you will carefully consider my suggestion.

Thank you for your questions.

1.Regarding the practice match, we will lower the entry barrier so that more players can practice there. We appreciate your suggestion.

2.Regarding the NFT burning plan, in July, we plan to implement the NFT bridge (Polygon-Meter) and announce the NFT burning plan.

3.About the protection card, we have noticed that top-ranked players coordinate their use of protection cards to increase their scores. There has been ongoing community discussion about protection cards. In order to ensure a fair ELO ranking system, we have decided to prohibit the use of protection card items in Season 13.

Can you also add nft sales on meter in discord? thank you

Thank you for your question.

We also hope to include Meter’s NFT sales information, but this requires support from the Meter team and mainstream NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea, X2Y2, and Blur. Only then can our Discord bot support Meter’s NFT sales information.

We are currently in communication with the Meter team, so please stay tuned for community announcements.

Have some idea comin to my mind bout class C dragon coz most of class C dragon is useless and some never been used in breed because it’s low class and there’s high possibility if you used that for breeding you can get also low class dragon. Just sayin if we can make some process bout that dragon we can combine 2 class C dragon to make into one good class A dragon same type and size but good damage .and it can be also burn mechanism because you pay for gas fee and can burn the dragons. Just sayin hihi🫰

Thank you for sharing.

That’s a great idea. Regarding the NFT burning plan, we will consider it comprehensively and introduce more burning mechanisms and enhancement plans to meet the burning needs of different players. For example, some players may want to burn NFTs to enhance the damage attributes of another NFT, while others may want to burn NFTs to obtain fragments for exchanging new NFTs…

In July, we will release the NFT burning plan whitepaper, so please stay tuned for our community announcements.

The game is up for a year now but I still don’t understand why the replay feature is not there yet, replay plays a good significance to this game especially marketing and improving our gamestyles. And fixing the bug is way too slow and it is getting boring too no wonder many people stop playing even if they love playing this game

Thank you for your question.

We apologize for the delay in implementing the replay feature. We acknowledge the community’s criticism. Please give us some time as we are working on expediting the game update process to ensure new content is released every week.

@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ
add:Increase the blacklist mechanism, report mechanisms (possibly excessive), such as going to experience more different matches (from the current 3 games to 10)🤓。The purpose is purely shaped to create a healthier sustainable game environment and community atmosphere (maximum reduction in protection card on the ranking)

Totally Supporting this.

To sustain a scholar at top 10, at least 20 cards are required per day. And they are pro players.
Today is last 6th days.

I guess a max of 30 cards PER DAY might be required in coming days.


Protection card usage MUST BE LIMITED.

Thank you for your question.

Regarding the use of Protection Cards, @Ethan Brown have addressed this in the first question of this week’s AMA. In order to achieve a fairer ELO ranking system, we have decided to prohibit the use of Protection Card items in Season 13.

@Liam Маяковский
The protection card is being abused by many players. The rank game system is not competitive anymore because of the protection card. The usage of the protection card must be limited, like three times a week or limited to one per day. So unfair to a low-key player like me.

It is also easy to trade wins with other players who are friends because of the protection card.

Thank you for your question.

Regarding the use of Protection Cards, we have provided a response in the first question of this week’s AMA. In order to establish a fairer ELO ranking system, we have decided to prohibit the use of Protection Card items in Season 13.

Additionally, we will be upgrading the matchmaking system to automatically detect players engaging in negative behavior and win trading. Players who violate the rules will face varying degrees of punishment, such as match bans, rank removal, and account suspensions.

The official stance is to combat negative and cheating players and create a fair competitive gaming community.

@ZENFT | Dragon Master
what are the upcoming updates to ne released

Thank you for your question.

1️⃣ Today, we will release a teaser video for the Bewitch Dragon, and next week, Bewitch Dragon NFTs will be available on both Polygon and Meter.

Bewitch Dragon’s teaser video

2️⃣ New items will be released next week: durability-restoring items.

3️⃣ The custody wallet will be launched soon.

As a user who is passionate about your game, I’ve noticed that there is already a bug reporting system in place, which is fantastic for addressing technical issues. However, I believe it would also be beneficial to provide options within the game settings that allow users to customize and optimize the game’s performance. Are there any plans to implement such options in order to make the game lighter and more accessible to a wider range of devices?

Btw Im sharing you a trouble that I frequently get from the current game perfomance:
do u notice the heavy lag?



Suggestion: To further enhance the gaming experience, I would like to suggest the inclusion of performance settings within the game’s options menu. This could include adjustable graphics settings, such as toggling particle effects, reducing texture resolutions, reducing unnecessary animation or adjusting the render distance. By allowing players to fine-tune these settings according to their device capabilities, you can provide a smoother gameplay experience for users with lower-end devices. This not only expands your potential player base but also showcases your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. I believe implementing these performance options would greatly enhance the overall enjoyment of your game.

Thank you for the suggestion.

This is a great idea. In fact, players from different countries around the world have varying performance capabilities on their mobile devices. To cater to all kinds of devices, we provide a performance settings option that sacrifices some animations and visual effects for improved smoothness. This balance will allow more players to the game.

To express our gratitude for your suggestion, I would like to personally gift you 200 DMT. Please send me your wallet address.

My 2 Angel dragons with SSS class were downgraded to SS and have not returned to SSS class. When will this be fixed? Thank you.

Sorry, the Angel Dragon quality of the Meter network was a bug due to an NFT data synchronization anomaly, now fixed and showing correct results

Suggestion regarding the protection card.
We don’t need to remove it completely.

The thing we can do is, if you win 100 times (not 100 matches), a protection will activate automatically for their next match. You can only gain protection once when you reach 100 wins. After you reach 100 wins, it will reset back to zero.

To monitor their wins, there will be a winning gauge display after the match.

It’s almost the same in Mobile Legends if you play in rank mode.

These are two different things. What you are talking about is a generic feature where everyone who meets the conditions gets a protection card. Now a protection card is a commodity property that you can use as long as you have it, without having to meet any conditions.

is there a breeding event again after the end of season 12 Sir / Ma’am? 🙂

Yes, there will be a new breeding event next week where the probability of a certain species of dragon will be increased

when will the prizes distributed is their an exact date the twitch one ? (sorry for asking this many times i thought it will only be given in just 1–2 weeks)

All tournament prizes will be distributed within 7 working days of the end of the recap giveaway.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I seriously think that Prickly Dragons are not buffed enough to counter other dragons. Can you still consider making them stronger? Thanks.

Okay, if the Prickly Dragon skill buff changes, we will notify the community

Mine are still not displaying correctly.

What is shown now is the correct one, what was shown before was wrong

Can I ask about the last tournament is there a prize who’s get in top 22 last tournament?😅

You can view the list of tournament Rewards here.

Leaderboard tournament final leaderboard

Will you add more popular influencer to promote the game? Maybe add an event for them, like battle of influencer not only they will stream it, it will also add new people into the game?

Yes, we welcome more influential KOLs to DM

It was all triple S.
Now displaying double S.

Previously, Angel Dragon encountered a bug that prevented the damage skill attributes from displaying properly, resulting in an incorrect quality calculation formula. After feedback from players, we fixed the damage skill attributes, so the quality calculation formula is based on the combined skill data, and the quality is now the correct result after the fix 😭

“Regarding the use of Protection Cards, we have provided a response in the first question of this week’s AMA. In order to establish a fairer ELO ranking system, we have decided to prohibit the use of Protection Card items in Season 13.”

Just to be clear, you guys have been in denial for at least 2 seasons, thinking that you implemented the proper ELO system. there is no such thing as fairer ELO system, just the ELO system and a pseudo ELO. With that said I am thankful that it did not take 5 seasons for you to listen to your community, next time please try to listen more and implement changes faster as the game is not really in the position to gain lots of players.

with the implementation of the ELO system in season 13…. we now come to another issue where the whole lucky draw system will become moot or “useless”. I really hope that you guys implement the attack modifier props that I suggested, at least those items will make trying for lucky draws worthwhile. those items will not skew the game that bad because I have seen lots of games that even dragons with bad attack stats win against high damage teams. Please dont say that the gems (rubies, sapphires and topaz) also hood value, a lot of people are realizing that they are not worth investing into as they take a long time to level up, take so much to level up and have little effect to the end result. If you implement what BBQ has suggested (to have gem fusion in-game rather than on-chain) it might entice people to get them and fuse them to higher levels (thus more resource burning)

With regard to the protection card, each season we have been watching its impact. Maybe we were slow to make a decision, but in the end we made the right choice.

Regarding gem synthesis, we will consider developing it in the game.

Maybe we can invite the famous axie player to try the game or join the battle of the influencer if they will add one👀

Welcome, we are updating the game and will see the new changes soon!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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