DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (June 2, 2023)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@烫 | HDC
Dear dev fams:
Please optimize the order of the special dragon! It is easy to see the law. For example, BOMB will appear frequently twice in the previous period. There is a frequent occurrence twice in the late stage of the game. Easy to be cracked, I think it should be as random as possible. The same reason, Freeze and Demon are also.🫡🆙✅

I am adding: I mean that the shirt of the appearance is as confusing as much as possible, don’t be too regular. It is theoretically likely to have five special dragons in a row (only the probability is very small) I hope I understand. Thank you

Thank you for the feedback.

In fact, the appearance order of all dragons is random. We do not intentionally arrange for specific dragons to appear frequently in the early or later stages. It might be a coincidence. I will provide this feedback to our technical colleagues to check the dragon algorithm.

Mr., can you reply to me after you confirm with the development? If I am right. Please reward my suggestions honest. Hahahaha, I wish you all the best.

OK, no results yet

Team compositions in our tournament are still same ever since, meaning buff and nerf is still not effective. I think we need a BIGGER nerf/buff for all dragons again, with team/single dragon changes.

Also I think we should give some updates to white and black dragons. These two races are not free dragons, and deserves an upgrade too whether family/single buff. To make these dragons NOT considered trash compared to others

Thank you for your question.

1.I have noticed some new combinations in the Top 10 teams on the leaderboard, such as Angel Dragon and Lucky Dragon, which is a good change. Although it weakened the meta teams from the previous season, it is normal to still see players using them.

2.In fact, every game has some beginner-level characters, and their prices are usually lower compared to other dragon NFTs in the market. In the future, when we release the Dragon NFT burning plan, White Dragon and Black Dragon will play a role.

@BBQ Gaming
why is the recent game development still so slow? I remember you mentioned after the launch of meter to focus on game development but seems like the pace is still the same. If you showed me the current version of the game I would have thought that it is december 2022 not june 2023 😅

Also you have already shown us design of so many new skins. Why does it take so long to just put them in game? We already have the skins feature and all you need to do is to add that asset in and determine the stats and give people access to it

Thank you for your question.

1.I understand your concern. Currently, our focus has shifted back to game development. In the earlier stages, there were many non-development tasks to prepare, such as planning new features and art design, before moving on to the development work. It is a process that takes some time, but it won’t be too long.

2.Yes, we have already added the new skin assets to the game this week. Currently, we are fine-tuning its animation effects and skill enhancements to provide the best experience for players. As of now, the work on the new skins is almost complete, and we expect to release the update on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

sir, won’t there be a burning NFT program and staking NFT later?

Yes, there will be.

There are more dragons available for breeding in Polygon. Unfortunately, the cost to breed here is just too high. Why can’t you make the cost the same as in Meter? Thank you.

Thank you for your question.

The breeding cost on Polygon is normal. After the release of the Meter mainnet, there will be a month-long breeding event with the breeding cost reduced by half.

Once the event is over, the breeding cost on Meter will return to the same level as on Polygon.

when nft bridge between meter/polygon will be Available?

Thank you for your question.

1.In June, we will release a new version of the game wallet, which is a major milestone. The game app will integrate smart contract functionalities such as NFT marketplace, NFT transfers, breeding, swapping, bridging, and more.

2.In July, based on the game wallet version, we will update the NFT bridge between Polygon and Meter.

Are we going to have a breeding event in Polygon network? We don’t want our gems to be in stock for a long time. Unless we can bridge our gems to meter.

In addition to NFT burning, maybe we can add TOTEM and DMT as payment if we want to burn an NFT, so that we have an additional burning mechanism for TOTEM and DMT. But in return for burning an NFT, you will get a random fragment for a dragon, and you need at least 100 pieces of fragment in exchange for one dragon NFT.

This is a great idea, the higher the quality of the burning dragon, the more random pieces you get

Please provide your wallet address and I will personally reward you with 200 DMT

Can the practice mode be improved or enhance? In my opinion it would be better if the practice is free on this mode so that the majority can freely explore more of the game of mixed skills, mix up team, timing, strategy, etc. or so players can decide what team they prefer to. Also, is the class really matters I’m just curious? 😅

Okay, we will improve the practice mode, add free times per day, and reduce the cost

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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