DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Mar 22, 2024)

12 min readMar 25, 2024


DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@Uncle HDC
Has the rental system been upgraded to be friendly to both guilds and scholars? Please announce the progress in advance and the buff improvement plan for S20. All the best❤

Thanks for the questions

1. today we released a proposal for the rental system, a detailed discussion can be viewed here:

2. The BUFF improvement plan for S20 will be released after the AMA.

I suggest to create dragon/gem NFT trade function in dm website, this will help community to avoid scammers and you don’t have to trust other just to trade and you can collect/burn dmt
For example every trade they have to pay 5–10 dmt
Player A offer a trade then he/she have to pay 5–10 dmt if the trade is success
Same as Player B if he/she offer a trade.

I know there’s a market where player can buy with dmt but nft to nft trade is different.

Advantage :
Smooth transaction
Burn dmt function
No more scam report

Because of the scammer recently i don’t trust anyone now. But the others doesn’t trust me neither so its hard to trade nft and if something happens dev doesn’t have to do anything with it , like banning the account or burning the scammed nft , its hard to trade with high risk.

Please give us a answer if you will accept the proposal or not.: 😇

Thanks for the question!

Dragon Master’s official marketplace: https://www.dragonmaster.co/#/marketplace

You don’t have to trust anyone, you just have to set reasonable and satisfactory selling prices that everyone will see and buy.

Similarly, others don’t have to trust you, let them set the price and you decide whether to buy or not.

@Mhel | Dragon Master
some props have a lock I want to have an update the way those props can be combined. Like yellow crystals lock and other yellow crystals that don’t have a lock as long as are in the same wallet. So as a result, I have 10 yellow crystals with a lock so I can change it in topaz.

Thank you for your question.

Sorry, there is no support for merging locked and unlocked props. The nature of locking is that it cannot be sent or transferred, and is limited to the player’s own use, and of course can be withdrawn to the blockchain network when the redemption conditions are met. But it can’t be merged with non-locked props, that’s for sure, thanks.

I would like to suggest adding a bid option to the marketplace where players can bid how much they are willing to pay for that specific item. If the seller approves that bid, it will automatically sell it to the bidder.

Thank you for your question.

Ok, soon we will support the marketplace bidding feature.

May i suggest that totems are also used for renting in the paid rental sir? Renters will choose whether to pay with totems or dmt. 🙂

Thank you for your question.

1. Paid rentals that use multiple tokens for payment will be confusing and more complicated to sort.

2. We want to play the DMT role, not just the TOTEM payment scenario.

What will new players get from my invitation code when I invite them?

Thanks for asking the question!

1. They will not have an additional signup bonus.

2. You will have an additional invitation bonus mDMT, as well as enjoy more benefits such as trading commission.

I suggested can you increase the percentage of breeding sd, because of these there are many breeders and I am one of them, the more eggs L that we have, the more breeders to come that makes we happier 😊🙈

Thanks for the question.

The current breeding campaign has increased the SD percentage and attracted a large number of breeders. If the increase is too high, SD will lose its rarity and take a hit on its long term value.

I have bought dragon L (quality S) on the TCG market, after that I moved it (bridge) to the polygon network. then a bug occurred. My S dragon changed to B. I have sent a report to grub but until now there has been no change.
@Uncle HDC
I have reason to suspect that many S’s in the polygn network are derived from B (they will definitely not report this). Please investigate thoroughly.
it seems like that too. at that time I transferred 2 S quality dragons from TCG network to polygon. but only one of the dragons turned into B.

Thanks for the question!

Let me explain this issue, on March 18th, community players gave feedback about an issue where two Prickly Dragons of quality A merged to become one Prickly Dragon of quality SS, skipping quality S.

Engineers checked the reason, it was caused by the fact that Prickly Dragon’s Quality S and SS had the same value on the chain, so the merge directly skipped Quality S and prioritized the use of Quality SS.(This issue is limited to Prickly Dragon, other dragons did not have this issue)

After receiving feedback from players, engineers have adjusted Prickly Dragon’s on-chain values to resolve the issue of quality S and SS values being the same. Newly bred Prickly Dragons will not have this issue.

However, when the old Prickly Dragon passed across the bridge and the quality was recalculated, it was found that the score corresponding to the old value dropped, and it eventually appeared that the quality of the Prickly Dragon dropped after crossing the bridge.

Meaning that we solve one problem and create another new one.

After comprehensively assessing the severity of these two issues, on March 21, we decided to restore the on-chain values of Prickly Dragon back to their previous values. Otherwise all Prickly Dragons across the bridge would have suffered from a quality drop, which is a serious problem.

1. Players who experience a drop in quality, please cross the bridge once more and the quality of the Dragon NFT will be recalculated and return to normal.

2. From March 18th~March 21st, the quality of Prickly Dragon bred by players will appear to rise when crossing the bridge. (This special situation is only for Prickly Dragons bred within these 3 days, all other dragons are not affected)

@Mr Afaq | DragonMaster
I would like to suggest that the mUSDT withdraw should decrease to 1000mUSDT as we know that gaining MUSDT is so hard and rare. It will be a relaxation to the players also and they will appreciate it.
Many of players are very disappointed about the mUSDT referral rewards stop , there rewards have been stuck almost at the stage of completion of levels.
So it might be a relaxation to all the community 🫶

Thank you for your question.

Sorry, mUSDT will not lower the withdrawal amount threshold. Because all players can get mUSDT for free without paying any fees, DragonMaster has set a reasonable withdrawal amount threshold of 5000mUSDT, and despite stopping mUSDT Universal Revenue, there are still several ways to get additional mUSDT, such as:

- Synthetic Lucky Draw
- Lucky Wheel
- Treasure hunt

There are still players who can withdraw 5000mUSDT every day, this is not a feature to cheat players, DragonMaster has always treated players sincerely. As long as you reach the 5000mUSDT withdrawal limit, you have the option to withdraw and it will be successful within 24 hours.

I understand what you are suggesting, if once it drops to 1000mUSDT then there will only be two outcomes to face:

- The development team will be closed down by bot devices stealing huge amounts of USDT.
- Turn off synthetic gameplay.

Thank you for your understanding.

Will there be a feature to exchange mdmt for totems in the game in the future?
to make it easier for us players to exchange without having to withdraw first and re-enter the totem or dmt into the game.

Best regard

Thank you for your question.

We used to offer this feature before and then turned it off. There are two reasons:

  • The in-game exchange function cuts down the volume of on-chain tokens and does not fully utilize DM’s on-chain data advantage. We want to grow bigger and must focus on on-chain data.
  • When the price of tokens changes too much, the in-game exchange ratio and the on-chain exchange ratio are not synchronized, and players may suffer losses.

@Mhel | Dragon Master
I suggest that if you have a plan like we announce that after 5 days we open the staking in meter. So everyone can prepare for this.

Thanks for asking the question!

Yes, please be assured that we will give the community at least a week’s notice if we have plans to open staking at Meter or TCG Verse.

@Uncle HDC
The armor/super/angel/angel/freeze lineup is so prevalent that it makes the game boring. Balance should be considered in S20.
Demon and Canon should be strengthened?🫶
BTW if you want to upgrade Demon…. the best way is change the size to XL… that may change something significantly

Thanks for asking the question!

Addressing the root cause of this problem requires our development team to speed up the production and release of new dragons so that we can break the fixed dragon teams that we have now. We are aware of this problem and have made it a priority.

@Uncle HDC
I think special dragons can be merged to change the type of dragon with a certain probability, but they are still special dragons. For example, Demon B + Demon B = Freeze A (with a certain probability, which can speed up deflation) Demons are simply abandoned by players.

Thanks for asking the question!

This suggestion will have the added negative effect of discouraging players from fusing and upgrading their special dragons because the results will be random and uncontrollable, which is not in line with the game’s design principles.

We can’t find a way to “kill” the Demon Dragon just because it’s weaker than the Freeze Dragon, please allow for character diversity in the game. Also, even though the Demon Dragon is weaker than the Freeze Dragon, its market price is also lower than the Freeze Dragon, which is a natural market choice.

@MIKEL°LWG | DragonMaster
If bewitch will be released on april, will it be added immediately to the staking?if so, is it possible to not add it on the staking immediately so that this dragon can be showcase more on rank mode so people will see what it can do?

Thanks for asking questions!

As soon as Bewitch is released it will be added to the staking, this will not affect its functionality or performance in the game.

@totem | DMT
How can i restore old dm wallet

Thank you for your question.

I don’t quite understand the question, there is only one DM wallet and it is unique, what is the old DM wallet?

@Uncle HDC
Would you mind revealing the investors and the investment amount? And briefly introduce the company’s subsequent development plan. In addition to acceleration, are there any other changes? As a player, what suggestions do you have for us?

Thank you for your question.

1. An investment amount of $5 million, with the investor’s identity kept confidential.

2. DragonMaster’s future development plans:

- Game APP access to Google Pay and Apple Pay, support players to use them to buy NFT directly, and buyers to receive tokens on the chain directly, solving the shortest path for Web2 players to buy Web3 assets. The official will provide the technical solution for the whole process, which is something that Web3 games in the current market have not done.

- Put a lot of Google and FB ads to get a large number of Web2 players.

- In September, complete the milestone of 1 million active users on the chain.

3. As a player, I have 3 suggestions:

- Actively promote and publicize DragonMaster, invite more players and investors to sign up to your invitation code, the rebate income they provide to you in the future will be a considerable fortune.

- Hold DragonMaster’s crypto assets (NFTs and tokens) firmly, when there is an explosive rise, you can no longer own them at such a low position.

- Build the community and become an active contributor.

What if we Change the Ability of Bewitch Dragon? Just Suggesting… Instead of Hypnotizing or Getting the Actual Size of the Opponent’s Actual Dragon. It will transform it into the Same Size as the Bewitched Dragon.

Thanks for the question.

This is a great idea for a new dragon skill. We don’t need to change the skill of Bewitch; we simply need to introduce a new dragon that possesses this skill.

Last A. M. A questions you asked for 2 days to resolve this problem,
it’s been a week and im still experiencing the same problems,
especially when carrying out breeding and hatching,
Maybe I’m asking too much but please fix it immediately.
very consume my time if i need to wait 30 minute 🥲🥲

Despite the recent announcement of it being aolved.

This problem of Polygon Stuck is still ongoing.

Thanks for the question.

Apologies, we have resolved the issue once again. Please try again.

When u will fix connection problem in the middle of the game, reconnect problem, and sudden app crash?
Can you add Serbia flag to the other flags? 🇷🇸

Thanks for the question.

1. For addressing the issue of sudden disconnections and application crashes, please provide the information to the community moderators or contact the development team. We will investigate the cause.

2. Ok, after the AMA session ends, Discord will create a channel for Serbia.

Its different because you need to buy nft nor sell nft
But trade function is nft to nft,
The disadvantage in marketplace is
If you sell your dragon it’s has to be cheap just to sell if you place too much dmt it’s won’t get buy.the floor price is almost 200 dmt ? Its Dmt breeding cost only
And if you buy nft the price is too high. That’s why we need trade function and just place a trade fee. for example 10dmt ?

Or you can make it short term lets see if it can cause a bad effect in community or not?

Ps. Just suggestion ^_^ walang jolibee

nft to nft is a subset of token to nft 😂

Why we not getting any totem prize after the match for special dragon if we play with onr nft after win we get 25% profit because of 1 nft but if we using 5 nft in a match than why not we getting totem for 5th nft

Maximum reward is 100%, not 125%

exclude the free rental from this proposal.. it’s bad for the community.. the only problem we have is in the the guild rental where player rent a team with sd in guild rental but after the season when the reward is distributed those renter are running away from managers.. not giving the share they must need to give..

you need to exclude free rental from it because it has nothing to do with it and will result to this:

1. there are too many lower share of totem in the free rental, some are even less than 10% and also i saw a lot of 1% totem share

2. those dragon are a bad teams, low class, low damage, some are mix of bad dragon in a team

3. even if they deleted the team, that previous team a player rented already has a LB share, no matter how bad that team is

4. this is a one side proposal not healthy, bad for players, ex: i am renting bad dragons in the early season, but before it ends in order for me to climb rank i will delete it and use trial card to climb higher and even if the dragon i rented before is a bad team that team will still get a share in my LB rewards

5. random renter will going to loss the interest in playing it anymore

Okay, thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration

you can sell NFT and get TOKEN then buy next NFT… correct???


@Ethan Brown but what about special dragon nft rewards you should put it’s not easy to get a special dragon

There’s no extra bonus for fighting with a special dragon, it’s optional, but it improves your win rate

There should be a rating protection card in the game because it’s competitive game you must add a rating protection card

It was there before, but now it’s banned.

sir🫶,The success of the financing is a milestone. It will promote the progress of the token listing on Binance. Will there be some activities to thank players recently? For example, open more skating? Or increase rewards?

Polygon Staking rewards 30,000 DMT per day, isn’t that enough? 😂

How about we double it again and have a party?

How about Staking rewards for other chains funded by community players? 😁

Dont allow manager have leaderboards rewards without special dragon

That’s a bit strict.😂