DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Mar 29, 2024)

8 min readApr 1, 2024

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

New Skin……. I think we need that to making more fun to our game
Yes every dragon must have skin

Thanks for the question.

Yes, we guarantee that there will be at least one set of skins for each dragon!

@Uncle HDC
Suggestion: Rental in progress and rented out should be distinguished by different tags

Thanks for the suggestion!

OK, the next update to the rental system will address this issue.

When Land?

Observe Pixel land play.
Avoid Axie land play.

Thanks for the question.

The land system is still in planning.

To be clear, the DragonMaster land system will not be like Axie’s, we will be releasing a land system that fits the majority of the community of players in conjunction with our own game system!

speed fam, super fam, prickly fam, rage fam and judgement fam are almost useless is this game, and in mix team M/L super or Xl speed are the only good dragon to put in a mix team..
how about changing the family effect of those team
(1) for super dragon fam instead of giving it additional damage why not gave it additional weight, why? because super fam skill can be counter by a single super dragon in a mix team. (2) for wind dragon fam, giving it additional speed is useless it has the worst skill, why not give it additional skill when using wind dragon fam, like stomped skill [has a chance to trample (stomped) the enemy dragon in the front]
for rage, judgement and prickly i dont have an idea yet..

Thanks for the question

1. As we all know, weight is an important factor in winning battles, and you can find that none of the C~SSS qualities change the weight. When designing the family skills of Super Dragon, we were worried that giving extra weight would make the Super Dragon family strong. You can imagine a scenario where all the Super Dragons and the enemy are on the same track, and the total weight will be at a disadvantage no matter what dragon you use. Giving extra attack power is to better balance the overall strength of the super dragons.

2. Regarding the Speed Dragon family, we observe the win rate data of each season and it is indeed the lowest. In the future, we will consider improving its family skills to make it a little stronger.

Please consider allowing SKIN as NFT so that it can be traded and be used for scholar rental.

It will enhance skin transactions and treasure hunt.

Thanks for the question!

We did discuss this program, and as of now, it has accomplished 80% of its goals by implementing the ability for players to use and gifts skins features in the game. The remaining 20% of the goal requires more development time and cost, so it’s not a very high priority.

We take every idea and suggestion seriously, thank you again

withdraw should be first

Thanks for the question.

Sorry for not understanding your question, you can add it later in the AMA Open Q&A, thanks.

can we have a trial card event?? like having a chance to get a 1day, 3days or 7days trial card.. just for an event..

Thanks for asking!

There is a chance to get a free trial card through the daily check-in system.

I suggest
If you announce that the withdrawal is 1 Day, can you announce the exact time too ?
Like for example
The withdrawal is 1 day
It should be 4am utc .
Every day reset the withdrawal should be completed too.

Thanks for the question.

Sorry, the withdrawal period is 1 day, it is not a system fixed exact time, it is an expected time, it may be faster or slower than 24 hours, most of the average time is within 24 hours.

Again, the withdrawal feature is not an automated system program, it is a manual review program with an independently set review mechanism for security purposes.

Blessed day Beloved developers, We are humbly asking if you could consider update the website to be able to have Multiple Community Managers per scholars in Guild Scholarships & please do consider also able to Turn off Google Auth. for just logging in.

Thanks for the questions!

1. Regarding guild scholarships, each scholar can have no or only one community manager, but not multiple community managers. Because it will create new issues between community managers, why can you split my scholarship without having to manage and train scholars? A smart guild creator would not want to let this happen.

2. Regarding the Google Authentication feature, once it is turned on, login must be enabled for authentication, which is mandatory, not optional. You can find Binance using Google Authentication as well, it’s even stricter and won’t let you customize the authentication feature. Security and operational cost have always been opposites, if you want convenience, give up security, if you want security, give up operational convenience.

Life Family = regenerate life when your dragons are pushed back to your base
Prickly dragon = 100% skill trigger even if the player is not using prickly family

Thanks for the questions.

Both of your suggestions are excellent and will be carefully evaluated.

In April, we plan to launch a tweak poll for all dragons, and you are welcome to participate at that time.

@Johnny C
Is the win trading detection system in place?

Thanks for the question!

Not at the moment, we are still working on the algorithms and strategies for the detection system and we will inform the community of any news.

Aftr how many fail 😭 it’s will get merge it’s almost done 8 failed 😭🥺

It’s sad news, 50% chance of failing 8 times.

We didn’t cheat, it’s a random number on the chain, fair and transparent probability 😂

please put 1 month before adding bewitch on staking to give chance to those players who just completed the 44 dragons to earn dmt like my self

Pre-sale Bewitch NFT next week, pre-sale ends, opens bewitch dragon staking

It’s been teased since last week, the pre-sale starts next week and ends in mid-April, which is a long time.

what is the result of 20 TOTEM winning reward test…can you share????… should we continue???? as TOTEM and DMT price all drop

We are seeing an increase in the number of people trading tokens and volume, the test results were in line with expectations, and we plan to remain ongoing. Regarding the token price, we will be doing a buyback and destruction in the near future.

how long for that sales…. and how much for Bewitch ????….. will it be payable buy DMT ????

For Bewitch Dragon pre-order information:
1. Pre-sale time: 2 weeks
2. Pre-order price: announced next week
3. Buy tokens: WETH
Note: Skill video is in making, to be announced next week

I forgot my metamask any option to access this account without using my old metamask wallet
I log in my gmail and password this is a result

Feedback is appreciated, and we will provide a skip button if you forgot your Metamask wallet. Once you choose to skip, the system will unbind the Metamask wallet and bind a new DM wallet.

Next week, we will provide this option.

the TCG problem now is bcos of them or bcos of us…… now I cant even accelerate Egg

Their bcos, TCG Verse doesn’t have a Gas fee and the acceleration feature doesn’t work. I’ve contacted their development team and it’s back to normal now.

Can i ask what is the updates this april ?
And can this update increase the tokens value ?
And if you want to increase the investor , isn’t good if you priority fixing bugs and make a promotion in socmed ?

1. Release of new dragon: Bewitch Dragon
2. Guild system update: add scholarship share, detailed battle data for students
3. DM Wallet

Every week as the data from daily output from totem farmed, weekly it increased by 5million totem. How can you manage this huge supplies?

Yes, we noted that if the token price does not improve, we will withdraw the proposal to restore the original number of TOTEM outputs.

Farming/3x staking reward/breeding discount event will continue or end by end of month??

Advance notice:
1. Polygon Staking Activity Continues in 1. April
2. breeding discounts still continue, but this time it’s a DMT discount and TOTEM is back to its original price

this sd trial card bug happened 1st 5months ago and still a bug until now.. there’s a lot of time that sd trial card are automatically remove from the line up.. won’t you fix this bug??

Roger that. I’m urging the engineers to expedite fixing it.

Hi sir,Are you considering staking in TCGV and Meter, or increasing your stake share in Polygon in the near future?

Yes, we are hoping that Meter and the TCG team will host a pledge event with sponsoring us, it’s a win-win for them and it will attract more Polygon players.

We are still in communication with their team

Sir what will be the approx price for the Bewitch in terms of USDT

Announcement next week

dont you have a plan on fixing sd trial card bug??

There must be.

How about mine ? 🤭😀
if you want to increase the investor , isn’t good if you priority fixing bugs and make a promotion in socmed ?
Because one of the most problem in dragon master is the bugs in game and in website. Before you release the xl sd , please prioritize fixing bugs.

Yes, I agree. ❤️

Hi please adjust the price of trial cards sd..so that everyone can afford

The market dictates it, the dev team doesn’t put a price on it

how much discount will be there on DMT in breeding, if u are revoking totem one ?

Announcement next week

can you share the data of Treasure Box???/… the game is still winning or not????

Treasure Box’s stats are viewable in-game, publicly displayed

we still make profit???? sorry I didnt play treasure box… but I saw so many ppls selling trial and more… so I just want to know that we are all good… making profit???

There are millions of TOTEM profits every season, but instead of selling them, we destroy them!