DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (May 10, 2024)

16 min readMay 13, 2024


DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

@tito mhels kiffy
sd trial card bug still exists devz.. it’s annoying, it breaks the game.. I was complacent that I had sd, then all of a sudden I don’t have sd in my line up.. knowing you don’t have sd is different than when you don’t you know you lost your sd.. when you know you don’t have sd of course the strategy is different but when you have sd and suddenly suddenly you lost sd in your line up and you thought you had sd of course your strategy is the strategy with sd.. it’s damaging this game, you thought you had sd but you didn’t.. all of a sudden you lose because of this sd trial card bug.. I lose a big trophy because of this, it’s annoying.. this is the seventh month that the sd trial card bug has existed..

Thanks for the question.

We apologize. This bug is occasional and our testing colleagues tried to reproduce it but have been unsuccessful, causing us to keep it in a pending status on this issue.

We will once again urge our technical colleagues to find and fix it as soon as possible.

@Uncle HDC
Please help him and solve this problem. We need fairness and a stable system. This is a very basic requirement. I was wrong. It’s not about helping him, but helping the DM itself.

I think not only breed will receive mDMT rewards, merge and burn have also been taken into consideration, otherwise your list will lose its real meaning, not to mention it will accelerate deflation, why not do this?

Thanks for the question.

OK, we will consider merging and burning behavior for mDMT rewards.

@Sad KIRA | DragonMaster
One thing I want to address just after tapping a back the game closes automatically.

Suppose we opened the alter and pressing back then we should be on the battle section but it closes the app completely

And again opening showing ads like first start.

Please fix this if possible

Thanks for the question.

I followed your process once and it didn’t happen to close the game automatically. Can you record a video for me, thanks.

@tito mhels kiffy
we also need backward and forward button on replay

Thanks for the question.

Yes, we will support this feature in the future.

Can i ask when are the devs going to buyback ? Or do you think the dmt value will increase to $0.020 this month ? Because it dropped 40% in just 1 month 😦

Thanks for the question.

The buyback will occur in Q2, either in May or June. Prior to the buyback, we will be releasing a major milestone release that will allow marketing and the buyback program to work in tandem to produce greater upside.

1. Whats was the result of checking lucky Fame win rate as it was dropped to 10 % buff , as i suggested it to increase for 20 % buff due to high lossing rate comparatively to Meta team

2. It’s a suggestion also a request to add a price changer in Market place as we change it in paid rental

As taking it down then putting it back again and again is a problem to me and I think it would be to others too .

Plz look into these

Thanks for the question.

1. ok, next season we will increase it to 20%.

2. changing the market price also requires at least one gas payment. Now taking it down and putting it back up requires paying gas twice. we are willing to consider optimizing this operational step.

Greetings Devs…

Welcome back to this grumpy community.

Please consider Buffing
- Life dragons
- Rage dragons
- Speed dragons
- BL dragons

These above really need Tender Loving Care MORE than Armor…

And Yes.. don’t forget about Little harmless Witch.

Thanks for the question!

Haha, we haven’t seen each other for a week and we’ve become a “grumpy” community. I’m kidding, but it’s an apt description, we’re not doing enough, and we need to reflect on that.

The attributes of the dragon types are adjusted every season, so rest assured that every dragon type will be taken care of.

Hello Devs, I suggest to make leaderboard for the personal efforts on synthesis, I think it will make more encourage the players to work hard on synthesis because shenron is still limited. Thank you.

Thank you for your questions!

We have found a new way to obtain the Shenron, and will be announcing it soon, thank you.

Hello devs.

1. I’ve seen your proposal for YouTube streamer.
I’ve suggestion for you If you select countries where most of players playing DM select one streamer for each country and do a Monthly basis tournament and thats stream on YouTube, this will encourage and attract more players to the game.

2. Seeing from a long time the 2v2 arena when will it’ll be open?
I think it’ll be more attractive for the players as well and they’ll take interest in the game not just for earning but for fun as well.

3. I’ve one more suggestion regarding server ping.
Create different server like Asia, europe, etc for better network, cuz we all know when the season starts and ends the server ping goes so much high.

One more suggestion 😅.
The daily basis tournament is appreciated, but do a monthly basis tournament for scholarship teams. Make it as low as 3 teams of 5 but this will also encourage players and their eagerness for the game.

Thank you ❤️

Thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, youtube live streaming is a great idea, but without a sufficient number and influence of streamers, the effect will be small. And to attract enough number and influence of streamers, I think only game fun attribute is still not enough, but also investment financial attribute is needed. Now, the development team is working hard to improve the investment attributes and get new investments on board, and our hope is that a large number of youtube streamers will come forward to learn about and live stream DragonMaster!

2. 2v2 is a fun co-op mode. We need to fix the bugs and features that players have suggested so far before we can develop the 2v2 mode.

3. At the beginning and end of each season, there is a delay in the server because all players are online sprinting at the same time and there are a lot of tasks running at the same time, we will gradually improve this issue, thank you.

Please do consider to allow Guilds to have their subchannel / Subtopic in your DM channel.

If that is allowed, do consider each guild to assign a few admisitrators to their respective guild channel.

This will assist guilds in their effort to conduct their activities to enhance the community experience within DM escort.

Thanks for the questions!

For Discord channel management, you can contact @Daniel | Magic Hat @Andrea. to discuss.

@tito mhels kiffy
what is the reason behind the buffing of armor dragon?? small armor dragon is equivalent to life dragon family.. already op and you still buff it.. why not change the meta??

Thanks for the question.

Every dragon class should have the opportunity to get nerfed and strengthened. In fact, most of our seasons are spent taking care of the “weaker” dragon types and nerfing the meta lineup. But if we keep doing this, the game will just get boring and unfair to players with armored dragons.

The only way to change the meta lineup is to release new dragon types. Also, changing the current meta lineup will result in new meta lineups appearing, which is a problem that can’t be solved perfectly.

The game economy now is closely Knitted with Dragons.

Please roll out new dragons (Family or SD) to Jolt the game economy.

Please have a long term plan for the roll out of new dragons… as any delay will most likely decay the value of DMT.

Thanks for asking the question!

Even though we have released features such as the Rental System, Staking System, Merge, Burning, etc. It is still not enough to stimulate the token economy. Therefore, recently the development team has thought and discussed and found a new plan to stimulate the token economy, which is exciting.

We are in the process of writing this plan and publishing it to the community, so keep an eye out for community announcements.

Buff L and XL armor not small and medium!
Devs fucos buffing meta dragon not useless dragon

Many using small armor
Large Angel XL Angel
Why don’t you buff angel small medium angel
To balance the game buff Large and XL armor dragon
You guys fucos buffing meta dragon.. so the other dragon is useless because of you all doing

Thanks for the question.

Every dragon has a chance to get a nerf or increase. And, every season is different, it hasn’t always been that way.

can shake button be replaced

Thanks for the question.

What is the reason for replacing it? Replace it with what?

Please add sort : HIGHEST RANK

Thanks for the question.

Okay, that’s a great suggestion.

Please remove the ads. When opening the game app

Thanks for the question.

OK, the next update will remove the open screen ads.

1. Can you add back and forward buttons on replay?

2. Are you planning to add new family dragons?

3. Can other dragons be buffed? You buffed this season armor, like it wasnt strong enough.

4. I agree with someone says, freeze is to strong, bomb is much weaker. Also bewitch is useless for battle, only for staking is good.

5. Add new servers, or do something about that, sometimes ping is crazy, and many people losing trophies because of that.

6. When do we expect membership?

7. Roadmap, when?

8. Add some kind of bonus for family dragon staking, not only for completing all 45 drags.

9. Trial card ad bug still present for more than 7 months, is it so hard to fix it?

10.Please add change price button on marketplace, so we can change price accordingly to buyers needs.

11. Please consider adding swap option on marketplace, many players dont have dmt for buying wanted dragon, so they need to wait to sell their unwanted dragon, and in that time maybe dragon they want will be sold.

12. Keep pushing and doing good stuff, listening to players is key of success! 🤌

Thanks for the question!

1. We will prioritize other bug issues and come back with additional feature details.

2. Team Stealth Dragon, Team Split Dragon, etc. are inside our pending release list.

3. Yes, every dragon has a chance to get nerfed or enhanced. Next season, the Armored Dragon will be nerfed and the other dragons will be enhanced.

4. Frozen effect is an excellent skill because it works on a group rather than individually, we are not thinking about how to nerf the frozen effect, but rather to return it to its own market value. Bewitch Dragon, maybe we will modify its skill to make it more powerful, thanks.

5. There may be a lag at the beginning and end of the season. Will it be worse at all other times?

6. Membership will be released this month!

7. Q2.

8. Last time, a player proposed stake family dragons to also receive the corresponding multiplier bonus, and I remember giving him DMT bonus. After due consideration, this proposal will not be implemented. This is because the Staking system itself encourages players to collect all the dragons and the system will give more rewards.

There is a limit to the amount of DMT that can be rewarded per day, so if this limit is removed, then all players can get the rewards equally and the Staking system will lose its investment value.

Of course, we mentioned above that the development team has found a new solution to improve the investment environment, and is going to release a second Staking system for all players, not only for top investors.

9. Sorry, this month, we will definitely find the reason and fix it.

10. OK.

11. If you don’t have enough DMT, you can buy it on the market, it’s a basic free economic behavior. Our direction to solve this problem should be around free economy, not matching economy, otherwise DMT will lose its market trading value.

12. Thank you.

@Mhel | Dragon Master
I have a suggestion if possible, so that the Loot Arena can be used more effectively, just one day a week should be when the Loot Arena can be played by the players. This will be the day for burning the Totem and DMT, meaning there will be no Totem and DMT supply coming from the system, but only from the players, and most will burn the fees from each game. Since there will be one day when the players cannot play in the ranking, the trophies of each player will not be deducted.
If this is allowed, you can choose which day this can be.

1. How will you solve the issue where the game suddenly force closes?

2. When will you fix the bug in freeze where the skill duration is not 1.5s but around 2s as seen in the records?

3. Can you revert the breeding cost back to the previous rates for the next breeding event? Many of my friends and I have stopped breeding the dragons because of this.

4. Can you give us a clear explanation on the sudden disconnections we experience during the game, even though our internet connection is strong?

5. What internet speed and phone specs are required to be able to play the game smoothly?

6. When the staking in meter will open?

I have Suggestion I see on telegram most of the players begging to times 2 the rewards for totem Every win. I think can we do that but we will fix the 12 energy per day so most of the players will buy props to have more energy to those players wants to in leaderboard so it will helps again the burnings of totem.

Thanks for the question!

There are no updates planned for the Loot Arena in the near future. In the future, we may change it so that it is used more frequently. If the numbers stay low, we may take it down.

1. Is there a video available please? So that we can better locate the error.

2. Each dragon has a freeze time, either 1.5 seconds or 2 seconds. Do you mean that it shows 2 seconds of freezing time, but the actual effect is 1.5 seconds?

3. Sorry, there are no plans to adjust breeding costs for now. Right now the number of dragon NFTs is in inflation, and this problem will get worse if the breeding cost is lowered. If you want to get a lower cost dragon NFT, you can buy them in the marketplace.

4. The combined cause of game disconnections is complex, but the probability is that it is a problem with the stability of our servers.

5. In fact, DM games do not have special requirements for network and cell phone configurations.

6. Staking on Meter does not have any plans in the near future. However, we and the official Meter team are working together to hold a carnival, you can follow Meter’s official Twitter and keep an eye on their activities.

Increasing TOTEM rewards and decreasing daily energy is a good suggestion. Thanks for the feedback from the community, we will seriously consider it.

Allow in-app purchase and upgrade dragons and add in-app coin swap option without gas.

Thanks for the question.

This is a feature of the traditional game. In fact, we can’t transfer and upgrade your Dragon NFT without your permission.

Because it’s a crypto asset, a crypto asset that belongs only to you personally.

I highly suggest more free coins in synthesis 🤭
20times look ads or 30times 🙂

Thanks for asking the question!

You can use TOTEM instead of ads to get more gold!

for a gamer like me your answer is wrong, yeah you can create new dragon to make a new meta but lets not forget there are things called buff, nerf and adjust.. don’t hesitate to buff and nerf that way the meta will change.. let’s not just rely on the release of a new dragon because it takes a long time before a new dragon can be released, you can also focus on what kind of dragon we already have, all that is needed is a buff and nerf.. just like what is done to others games.. will it be unfair to the armor dragon?? the answer is no, because since the beginning of the game the small and medium armor dragon has been ruling.. its time for other dragon to shine..

It will be back or weakened next season
Every dragon has a chance to be weakened or strengthened

when will you implement this? “Synthesize the same level 41 dragon, you can get mUSDT’’. Thanks!

Awaiting notification

We plan to release the GameStop next week, where players can purchase memberships and support Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Of course, there are some new props.

dragon master is a best game to explore the skills but however game have to make improvement with the passage of time As seeing the daily Shenron holder reward is decreasing and last tournament was held in January I don’t now my suggestion can put some impact or not but I’ve an creative idea to gain investor’s interest to a really good dragon master surely new investors will love this
Can we have a tournament of small and medium dragon let it make a really new thing more competition more explosion of skills and more investor’s interest in bid
A tournament with just 4 drgaon 2 small and 2 medium
Let the player use different combination and have a gooo
Kindly 🙂have a look upon this suggestions

Thanks for the detailed advice.

We’ll stick with tournament events to bring new matches and spread bursts to the community.

good day sir, i just wanna say about this suggestion on increasing totem rewards and decreasing daily energy is a bad idea. this will affect those players who are just scholars specially to those who just came in. also those who strive to be in the leaderboard will only lose hope and it will lose the meaning of free to play game, more players will quit if this is implemented and it will be harder to get the 10 wins in order to avoid trophy decay. this kind of suggestions needs a voting from the community

Okay, we’ll implement it carefully. Let’s start a community vote.

other games collab with ronin network, what if dm collab with ronin?? ronin network has been used more so maybe the game will be hyped when collab with ronin..

Yes, our marketing colleagues are in contact with Ronin to discuss the details of the partnership

Don’t worry, we won’t let go of any network that has a lot of players!☺️

Please do increase the chances of female dragon 🫠 , I have recieved 3 male dragons 1–2 months back and from that time I haven’t received a single female dragon. Also do increase the chance of gift card nft from synthesis .

Reduce the breeding cost as breeding is costing too much where the dragon are still selling at cheap which is resulting in huge loss


There is no adjustment program for breeding costs. It is because the NFT is in an inflationary state that we should raise breeding costs and slow down the rate of reproduction.

I think one of the reason in inflation is limited breeders. So if we back to original cost more players will breed like me. You can see the inflation of totem and DMT is not balance.

The main reason is the imbalance between the supply and demand of the number of players and the number of NFTs

Can we have a bidding feature in-game? If you play Ragnarok Origin or another MMORPG mobile game, there’s an item for bid every month where players can place their bid for the item, and the bid will last for two weeks.

This is a nice market feature

Did you compare the last month breeders data at to this month?

I’ve been watching every day and there is no doubt that compared to last month’s breeding numbers, they are down, which I think is normal.

High the cost less breeders
Balance the cost more breeders that can help in burning mechanism

Reducing the cost of breeding by half and doubling the number of breeders does not change for token burning. But doubling the number of NFTs

how can I get my dragon I lose to my old meta mask wallet I don’t have access my wallet in old meta mask but I have dragon . Then after I click the skip to take my dm wallet address. My dragon is lose

If you can’t retrieve your Metamask wallet private key, it’s the equivalent of losing all your Dragon NFTs. there’s nothing anyone can do to help you, and that’s the thing about crypto assets.😂

you said this two years ago.. my question is, what will going to happen if there are no changes or increase on the investor?? can you still suport the game after running out of budget?? I’m worried because your funds are only available until next year and if I buy another dragon stake it will take me a long time to get my money back..

First of all, we don’t give up on DMs and communities lightly. Funding wise, you don’t have to worry for the development team, we have financing money as well as other traditional game revenues. We only have one goal, to find ways to make DM popular and attract more investors in!

Need in-app coin swap for free.

It was there before, but has since been removed.
Weakened token chain liquidity

@Ethan Brown also add special task it’s still locked and more mini games.

Yes, minigames will continue to be added