DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (May 17, 2024)

7 min readMay 20, 2024

DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

Please add special task and other mini game and in-ap store to updage dragon and also provide fast sell options for NFTs with good prices.

Thanks for asking!

Our technical team is working on two major features:

1. Game store: allows users to buy props, NFTs, season passes.

2. Game built-in DM wallet: allows users to breed, merge, and trade NFTs without logging into the PC.

Next week, we will update the new version:

  1. Remove startup ads
  2. Update the game store

@Uncle HDC
Taking into account dimensions such as maintaining a high win rate and being in the top 10 in daily matches, we propose adding permanent enhancement attributes to NFTs.

For example, teams of top 10 players consistently maintaining their position for three consecutive seasons would see permanent growth in certain attributes of the dragons they use (although the increase would be small).

Advantages: Increasing player stickiness and loyalty, providing permanent value to NFTs. Disadvantages: Reducing the liquidity of dragons that have received permanent enhancements. Considering their considerable value, who would be willing to sell them easily? (Developers need to carefully consider the specific values of enhancements to avoid obvious imbalances)
I hope I have clearly expressed my suggestions. Wishing you all the best.

Thanks for the question.

Regarding attribute enhancement, we have considered this option, but it must be a virtuous cycle not through matches or loyalty, but through burning tokens or NFTs.

Someone reported this on Telegram. He is getting harassed in-game. Please check the screenshots as your reference.

For me, I think we should have filtered some words.

- If the player continues using offensive words, that player should be penalized by disabling the rank mode, which will be disabled with duration depending on the penalty.

@Uncle HDC
I totally agree. Please deal with these accounts seriously. They have seriously damaged the competitive atmosphere of DM and spread negative energy.

btw, Forget about him being an ordinary player, but he is currently top 7 in the rankings. How do you think we should deal with him?

Thanks for the question!

We will add a new reporting function, if found harassing users, we will set up a series of punishment system:

1. 1st punishment: banning from adding friends for 3 days

2. 2nd punishment: banning the account for 3 days

3. 3rd punishment: permanent account banning

We insist on resisting the destruction of the good atmosphere of the game, and resolutely prohibit harassment and abusive behavior.

I have suggestions about daily check in. I think it’s better if the rewards won’t go back to day 1 if player forgot to claim daily check in and stake again 10k mdmt and continue claiming rewards.
Ex. I didn’t claim the last reward. So I need to stake again to continue claiming rewards.
If player won’t stake again so It means player don’t want to continue the staking and back it to day 1.

Thanks for the question!

Daily Check-In and stake mDMT are two separate functions, they don’t affect each other.

If you don’t sign in one day, the system will automatically go back to the first day.

Regarding stake mDMT, if you are not confident that you will succeed in signing in every day, you can choose normal sign-in to avoid any loss.

If you are willing to believe that you can do it, you can choose to stake mDMT to increase the sign-in reward, but failure results in loss of mDMT.

@Elite Fierce | Santa
The freeze bug is still here and also the bug where dragons from beginning have a shield bubble around them it doesn’t effect like when using bomb it won’t effect unless you have the bubble which u gain from power but still its a glitch and it’s a bit confusing.

Thanks for asking the question!

I will feed back to the technical team to fix this visual bug as soon as possible.

Can we design different arenas. Making it more interesting…

Haha, if two tracks intersect at one point, it’s, in effect, a weight-for-weight clash between two dragons, with a low percentage of strategy

thanks sir,If so, please consider the burn ranking data that has been generated. We have indeed burned a lot of dragons, and the contribution to DM is obvious to all.

For sure. We’re working on it.

Can we bring back the withdrawals on the DragonMaster website because, in case our device gets lost or is not working, we can still withdraw our assets.
Sir @Ethan Brown ❤️

No, as long as the account is not lost, you will always have ownership of the assets

hi sir good day, i like to suggest please make freeze time countdown visible so players can see the exact time on freeze thanks

That’s a good suggestion and we’ll consider it.

After reaching 350 rank everyone have special dragons and not possible to beat tham can we have another rank option where non-special dragon holder can participate?

No, eventually everyone has a special dragon is our ultimate goal

But some players can’t afford to buy them.

It can be obtained through other means of endeavor, special dragons are not free, you can buy them outright or collect them over time

Sir but if our device is lost how we can withdraw our assets in game?
The rules is 2 account per device only right
What weedo if our device is broken or lost?

You can log back into your account using another device. There is no limit to the number of devices in the account

The cheating of wintraders is really disappointing. they monopolize and control the leaderboard because of their cheating. it’s so very unfair it’s not really right because it’s not fair to those of us who play well. rank game is ruined because of thick-faced and shameless people. these people should be removed from the game. people desperate to win drool over rewards.

It’s hard to solve the problem of victory trading, as long as they have an infinite number of accounts, it’s hard for us to recognize them. This is a problem that all games are facing.

Please return 24 totem per win🫰

Sorry, there is no plan to adjust the number of TOTEM rewards for the time being

i like to ask about the 10 games per day and level 41 musdt will be implemented thanks

We recently found a bug where some players could get unlimited gold and unlimited draws through the level 41 bonus, we have fixed this bug. because of this issue, we will detect all cheating players and find them to make a punishment.

About level 41 mUSDT reward, there is no update time for now.

but why other games able to find out the cheater and banned them? can you make it viewable to other player/owner the account of other player/owner in the website? allowed us to view their profile with dragons and their dragons in staking and rental. so we can be able to see the dragon of their scholar. it will help us to know if they match the teams. when it is possible to view the match history of the lb player we can see whose manager the dragons are being used.

All popular competitive games have players looking for “shooters”, and all cooperation agreements are made privately or through third-party platforms, making it difficult to accurately identify 100% of the players.

The leasing system can provide the manager with more detailed information about the scholars and help the manager make more accurate judgment.

When is next new dragon release date.

Please wait for the community announcement

Next season, we’ll be bringing back Protected and Trophy Plus cards.

May we know the reason?

The community voted it out.

Reason: Since victory trades are unavoidable and lead to unfair leaderboards, the fact that we once voted down protected cards and trophy doubles loses its meaning. Let magic beat magic and completely liberalize all props and leaderboard rules.

i would like to suggest to add live view match on players on the leaderboard, this way the community can view top ranks live battle and learn gameplays and specially this will help to detect if there’s players who are really wintrading

As a first step, we’ll start by adding battle replays for leaderboard players
In the second step, we will add the real-time viewing function

When battle replays for LB players? (estimated time will do)
When next tourna?

Updates can be made within a week of releasing the GameStop

Considering you will release the GameStop this week, I’ll assume you will add the battle replays next week. Correct?

Yes, we actually have this feature already, it’s just re-adding it to the leaderboards, which won’t use a lot of time.