DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (May 19, 2023)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

This off season tournament seems not competitive due to BOTs. Do you have plans to make it more competitive?

To provide players with a fairer and more competitive tournament environment, we have optimized the matchmaking system during the off-season. In the current matchmaking system, all players can match with each other regardless of their trophy count. This will encourage more PvP battles instead of battles against Robots.

We need some new dragons

Thank you for your question.

Cannon Dragon will be released next week, along with its breeding event.

@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ 🍗 HDC
Dear DEV Fams:
1.What is the Growth Flywheel Program? I suggest that the rules be as concise as possible, keep it simple and we will go better, what do you think?
2.On the Meter chain: I hope that DMT, Totem, Weth, and Usdt can be exchanged quickly. The current way is too simple. Liquidity is weak.

Thank you for your questions.

1.The Growth Flywheel Program has been renamed to the Universal Revenue Program.

It has been released and can be summarized as: Every player can earn DMT.

In reality, the Universal Revenue Program covers various in-game activities to earn DMT. You can read the rules in detail to get all the information. Despite the comprehensive content, the game interface remains simple and clear. Our development team strives to provide detailed rules to players while keeping the game interface clean and straightforward.

If you carefully read and understand the system rules, there will be a big surprise in the future. Take action now!

2.Yes, we are working on that. We are integrating swap and bridge functionality into the game, not only for Meter but also for Polygon. This will allow all players to quickly complete token exchanges. We are targeting a release date in June.

Additionally, we have good news: in the future, all players will be able to swap TOTEM/DMT to USDT and then to local fiat currencies within the game.

Dear Dev…

Congratulations on Successful Meter network adoption.

Initially I thought the motivation for Meter was to lower the gas fees as Polygon gas has exploded. But it isn’t the case.

Will you adopt other network since this game is going forward as a Multi chain game.

Do consider these network for their low gas.




Thank you for your question.

Yes, we will continue to deploy on other networks. In the future, whenever DM adopts a new network, we ensure that it brings rich airdrop benefits to existing players and attracts new players to the ecosystem of the new network, creating a win-win situation.

Please stay tuned to our community announcements. Whenever there is any news about new networks, we will announce it promptly.

1-perhaps in the future major decisions like adding another blockchain network to our project, it’s better to involve the community, ask us about our opinions and suggestions and give us few network options to choose from and vote for using DAO? maybe improving the dao system and using credit scores (which I’ve suggest few months ago) could really help to achieve this goal?

my suggestion is collaboration with “oraichain”. it’s an ai oracle based ecosystem. perhaps they can help us create a unique subnetwork smth like dragonverse or dragonet for example, which is a fast and secure network and can be used for all of dragonmasters transactions with literally 0 gas fee. they also have “oraidex” which totem and dmt can get listed there, easily convertible to usdt or usdc for 0.008$ fee per swap.

2- dragon NFTs are clearly oversupplied atm and at this rate few months later, we are going to have hundreds of useless NFTs that no one play with and the owners can’t use them in any other way. what is devs plan to balance the supply and demand ratio to a normal state again? can you tell us about the possible solutions and plans for decreasing dragon supplies (nft burn,…) and increasing demand (additional usecase besides playing the game) in the coming months/years? are we going to have more utility for NFTs to increase demand from investors?

3-we need more regular gameplay updates: i believe the biggest problem stopping us from getting higher playerbase is stale gameplay and lack of new content. are devs considering to hire additional game designers to the team? we need creative designers to help us create at least 1 new dragon type every 2,3 month, that would be 4,6 new dragons each year which is the baseline of new content update for any game. as long as new content is coming regularly, players will not get bored and quite the game after 2 month.

is there any plans to rework the gameplay? so that it would be less “luck” effecting during the game while emphasize the effect of strategic play and better dragons to decide the winner of a match.
by removing the luck factor, data analysts can get more relatable data patterns like win/loose ratio,etc… and analyze them to get better understanding of how over or underpower each dragon is. with regular updates at least once after each season, by adjusting statistics like hp, armor, damage output,etc… with the aim of creating more balanced dragons to play with, we will create a sense of freshness to the gameplay. we don’t have to be afraid of changes as long as we don’t go too far, and before applying it to original game, testing new dragons with experienced players which can be chosen from long term active community members is a must to do.
my question is are there any data collecting and analysis about the gameplay currently going on and if so, what is stoping devs to conduct more regular dragon adjustments and changes to balance the statistics? is there any plans to increase the popularity of less played dragons?
does the team have plans to ask for player’s feedback with in-game survey? questions about gameplay and game experience would be great data to analyze such as:
favorite non-special dragon? which dragon they think needs buff/nerf? do they prefer family or non-family? etc…
giving a little reward like chicken leg can incentive more participants.

Thank you for your questions.

1.Regarding new networks, I understand your idea, and I’d like to share our development team’s thoughts with the community. Polygon is a network built on the EVM standard, and in our multi-chain development plan, the optimal solution would be to choose a network that is also compatible with the EVM standard. This consideration is based on development cost.

Of course, there are many networks that meet the criteria, such as BSC, OP, Arbitrum, etc. We hope to select a team that can highly collaborate with our development work and provide marketing promotion and airdrop benefits to DM as a priority. This consideration is based on the interests of our community.

For non-EVM networks, such as Solana, SUI, etc., we will also develop and launch them in the future. DM’s ultimate goal is to be a multi-chain game, where all crypto players can join!

If there are new networks that meet these two conditions, they can contact us at any time. We are happy to collaborate with them.

2.Yes, regarding the Dragon NFT burning plan, detailed answers were provided in last week’s AMA:

Schedule: Within this year, we will announce and implement the Dragon burning plan.

3.Yes, we acknowledge that the game update progress has been delayed due to the multi-chain plan. From now on, we will accelerate the game update speed to ensure that new dragons are released in every season!

Regarding new gameplay experiments, we have indeed been exploring and practicing them. You can find the Card Mode in the “More” section of the game, which innovatively uses card energy as a limitation for summoning dragons. The advantage is that it can reduce the impact of “luck”. To collect player feedback, we gather player evaluations of this gameplay after each Card Mode session. From the backend data, we can see that most players give it a 5-star rating. At that time, we also briefly discussed it in the AMA and the community, whether to adopt the Card Mode as the main mode?

At that time, the majority of opinions were negative, and we understand that. After all, everyone is accustomed to and adapted to the current main mode, and it is difficult to suddenly accept a new gameplay. We are also carefully evaluating the pros and cons of this gameplay.

Of course, we hope to have a thorough discussion with the community, listing the pros and cons of all the options and vote counts, to help us improve the game together!

4.We have plans to collect players’ feedback to improve gameplay and experience, and make decisions through effective voting. Next, we will refine the rules of the DragonMaster DAO to ensure that every player has their voting rights.

5.Our operations team regularly organizes events to incentivize more participation by distributing small rewards such as chicken legs.

@Johnny C
Is there going to be a buyback of tokens for next season?

Thank you for your question.
Yesterday, we announced the token buyback news:


In the future, we will continue the token buyback plan. Please keep supporting us, and we will continue to give back to the community!

I wonder how long the new dragon will be ready, The new season is approaching and yet this new dragon that we heard about that will be ready in breeding season is not yet there so as usual we will be playing the same meta again this next season

Thank you for your question.

1. The new dragon will be released next week.

2. S12 will introduce new nerfs/buffs. Please stay tuned for community announcements.

@˗ˏˋ烫 ˎˊ 🍗 HDC
Burning dragons randomly get a new dragon or other item, which can increase liquidity.
— good idea👍

Haha, you’re quite adept at seizing opportunities to communicate with the developers.

This idea was mentioned in a previous AMA, and soon we will refine it and launch the dragon burning plan. Thank you for your suggestion

@T lleCell B

New props for the Treasure Hunt (Lucky draw).

Add attack modifier items. Now you will say that the skins have attack modifiers already so it will be redundant but the skins are specific to dragon type these items will not be specific to dragon type but specific to dragon size. Introduce +1, +2, +3 attack modifiers to each size this will add at least 12 new items in the game 15 if you include Special dragon modifier.

Restrictions for the items

1. This modifier item cannot be applied to trial cards (not the same as the skins, if I am not mistaken, skins can affect trial cards). So this will affect dragons that are rented and/or owned

2. Chances for getting +1, +2 and +3 item will differ so lets say +1 is common, +2 rare and +3 would be super rare like trophy protection cards.

3. All items will be effective for 24 hours.

The item effects will/can overlap with skin effects only on rented/owned dragons

And in the future you can add speed modifier items too which will add another 15 new props.
please include a prickly family buff.

Make the family buff 100% prickly activation, even with the previous buffs there is almost no one playing prickly not to mention the family. Having prickly family bonus to 100% activation could potentially rival the current meta. Having 100% activation when using family will not be game breaking because the damage generated is not that much.

Thank you for the suggestions.

We will carefully consider your ideas. Regarding the Prickly Dragon, there is good news. In the balancing and buffing of S12, you will see its presence. We look forward to each dragon having its own characteristics and being enjoyed and utilized by players.


1. how is the new universal revenue better than the usual invite contest we had? i think prizes like special dragon and lucky crystals and gems in the invite contest is better than this universal revenue system

2. nerf/buff of dragons when. I suggest make an update before top 22 tournament so we can’t have same meta again for tournament. It’s so boring for the viewers of the game, having all top players using same exact team composition 😪 how can we recruit more players with that kind of tournaments 🤣

3. How can I make transactions in meter when i dont have any mtr? the only way is to buy from other players?

4. What are upcoming updates of this month and next month

5. New skins leak pls and new dragons

6. Is there a separate reward for leaderboards in this Universal revenue system or its just the same with what’s your earnings? because the top 1 right now is @Ethan Brown 🤣

Thank you for the question.

1.The differences between Invitation Tournament and Universal Revenue Program:

-The Invitation Tournament is a limited-time event, while the Universal Revenue Program is a permanent feature.

-The Invitation Tournament offers huge rewards only to the top 3 players on the leaderboard, with limited slots, while the Universal Revenue Program allows everyone to earn substantial rewards.

-Friends in the Invitation Tournament do not earn any profits for you, while friends in the Universal Revenue Program can generate daily profits for you.

-The tasks in the Invitation Tournament are limited to inviting friends, while the tasks in the Universal Revenue Program include most of the in-game and on-chain activities.

2.This announcement will be made today, please pay attention to the community announcements.

3.We distribute MTR tokens to players through various channels, including:
-Eligible participants receive a 0.5 MTR airdrop.
-Eligible participants who withdraw tokens to Meter receive a 0.3 MTR airdrop.

If you don’t have MTR, you can exchange it on Meter’s voltswap: https://voltswap.finance/swap.

4. This month’s updates:
-New dragon
-New skins
-New items

Next month’s updates:
-Tribe system
-Game wallet functionality

5. New dragon: Cannon Dragon, with the skill of firing a projectile from an S dragon, quickly overcoming obstacles and attacking enemies, positioning: assault.

Schedule: planned for release next week.
New dragon: Charmed Dragon, with the skill of enticing enemy dragons to defect and join our side. Schedule: currently in testing, expected to be released by the end of May or early June.

New skin 1: Rose Queen, the new skin of the armor dragon S

New skin 2: Steel Demon, the new skin of the armor dragon M

New skin 3: Royal Guard, the new skin of the armor dragon L

New skin 4: Omega Dragon, the new skin of the armor dragon XL

New skin 5: Tribe King, the new skin of the life dragon S

New skin 6: Red Warrior, the new skin of the life dragon M

New skin 7: Crocodile Dragon, the new skin of the life dragon L

New skin 8: Punk, the new skin of Life Dragon XL

6.The Universal Revenue Program leaderboard will not have permanent additional rewards. The program is open to all players for free, encouraging them to invite friends and make them truly fall in love with DM. Even free players can receive significant rewards. The rules of the program are transparent and not subject to subjective control by activity evaluators.

Today, the latest leaderboard still shows Ethan at the top, but there is a new player who has reached the second stage. There is also a player who has met the upgrade requirements but seems not to have noticed (manual upgrade is required). That player is the true first place.

is there any way to lower the gas fee on meter?too much expensive 🥲

Thank you for the question.

The implementation of this plan requires the involvement of the Meter development team. We have had effective communication with them, and they have agreed to reduce gas fees. Once the timeline is confirmed, we will notify the community promptly.

The recent addition of the universal revenue system has been positively received. However, it hasn’t directly fostered active player engagement within the game. We’ve noticed a slightly decline in the number of players during each season. Could you provide insights into the potential reasons behind this trend?

One possible factor contributing to the decrease in player numbers may be the perceived lack of rewarding daily tasks. Some players, particularly those who don’t see themselves as highly competitive, have turned to renting their NFTs instead. However, the demand for rentals is currently low, resulting in only a loyal player base remaining. Are there plans to assess and enhance the rewards provided by daily tasks to create a more enticing game experience?

Yes, our next step will be to develop a player season daily rewards program to help them stay in the game better

I suggest to make higher the probability of special dragon in eggs if the parents its same special dragon 🐲

OK, I’ll get back to the team with a proposal to increase the probability of breeding special dragon parents

you can probably add to the daily task like using a specific dragon or dragon family, e.g winning 3 times using a life dragon

or winning 5 times using life family dragons. different rewards…. but we run into the problem of having your season record affected by potential loss. 😦

OK, it will happen!

Wait for our update

Si when replay feature?

No definite time yet😭

When special task?

Together with this feature

@$L@YËR has been talking about adding stories to dragonmaster… do we have an upcoming drive on expanding the lore of dragon master? like launching a competition for story behind life dragon or armors

This is a great idea, I’ll give feedback to my operations colleagues 😁

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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