DragonMaster Community AMA Recap (Nov 25, 2022)

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DragonMaster Core Members:

  • Ethan Brown
  • ChuckRRR
  • Daniel | Magic Hat

I am worried that you are not earning money….

Tell us otherwise…

Thank you for your question.

Please don’t worry, our team has at least 3 years of funds in reserve to support development and operations, even though there is no revenue during that time. 😄

Our primary goal is to build a good product.


I suggest removing those energy items from the lucky draw, as the lucky draw reward is closely tight to the season leadershipboard reward and very unhealthy to the game , making players to constantly grinding the game

Please specify the mmr where bots exist so players can gauge and spend accordingly

Thanks for the questions.

1. If energy items are removed from the lucky draw, then the feature to buy extra energy every day needs to be removed as well. Also chicken legs, pizza and cake items should be permanently removed and cannot be generated, otherwise they are very harmful to the game health. We have discussed this issue in the previous AMA, and the detailed answer can be found at https://dragonmaster.medium.com/.

In fact, the energy items obtained from paid lucky draws are a way for players to be willing to spend more time and expense.
From the treasure hunt data, it brought DragonMaster over 540,000 TOTEM burn last week.

2. OK, we’re very sorry, this issue has been taken care of and fixed.

@ZENFT | Dragon Master
Replay feature when🙏

New gameplay is currently being developed.


The replay will be delayed a bit.

@xAins | RJCT | Real Deal |

Most issues/concerns have been touched. I will just ask again regarding multi accounting, when and what are the steps/plans to discourage this in the future. We need organic/real DAU not multiple Accounts per user. More real players mean words about the game will spread faster.

Thanks for the question.

1. Make the game spread faster, this is the goal that our marketing team and community are working together. The effect of banning multiple accounts will not be obvious, and this policy needs to be considered carefully.

2. We are here to discuss the issue of top players in the leaderboard. (It will not be decided yet.)

-The battle feature on the front page will affect TOTEM earnings and leaderboard trophies.

-If we want to keep the leaderboard absolutely fair, we can only remove the link between energy and trophies, and add something that might be called ‘ranking tickets’. Each player has 20 ranking tickets per day, which can’t be bought or produced anywhere, and players must consume them to gain trophies (PVP mode only), which affects the ranking.

-Energy is linked to TOTEM earnings, so players can use a lot of energy each day to fight and win TOTEM, but it does not affect the number of trophies.

What do you think? (Discuss together later in the Q&A session, it will not become any decision yet.)

@ flerfy

Its already 7 seasons and we still have bots, when will you be able to remove them?

Thanks for the question.

Most competitive games, for a better matchmaking experience, have real players and bots.

Removing them completely is not a wise choice.


I suggest we allow send energy items to scholars, just like how we send totem/mdmt

OK, the suggestion is accepted and we will update it as soon as possible.

@Ja | BBQ

please allow us to deposit gems because it is a waste if they are not sold in the market place 🙏🙏

Thank you for your question.

Sorry, the deposit gems feature is not available for now.

Currently gems work for on-chain breeding, and in the future, we will add more consumption scenarios for it.


- Can we have updates on marketing? I think there’s a new marketing manager, has he done any impact already?

- Breeding fee was doubled lately, seems like this made less breeding as the number of eggs is not growing, why change

- Gems are not being utilized or sold that much in the marketplace right now. Many are still in the market, do you have plans on increasing the percentage a bit to make it more useable and can be sold in the market

Hi, about marketing, we are currently organizing the available marketing channels, you will see our news and campaigns between the end of the season and the beginning of the next season.

About breeding and gems, we will give a detailed answer to this question later in Question 11.

@T lleCell B

Please give everyone the ability to send treasure hunt items (especially energy items, like chicken, pizza and cakes) to other players, this would greatly help bridge the gap that is forming between, skilled players and players having so much to totem in hand. This is already coming anyway (due to the presence of the cart). But we do need this now more than ever as with happened this season it just became a leader board about who has the most totem to spend, not about skill. While it is safe to say that in the future these two requirements (skill and resources) will be needed to be at the top, right now and in the immediate future, it seems that you only need resource to be at the top. While I can’t honestly say that the current top 10 people does not have skill they certainly have the resource to ensure their spots and per my own experience they also have a lot more that they can share to others if they want to. The primary concern right now is that our player base is dwindling, this is even with people having multi accounts, we really cant afford to loose anymore right now. While this is not really a fix to the player base issue, this will at least keep people happy to stick around and have fun.

This is another way to promote being in a guild/tribe, if managers/people have the ability to share or give others items, this is a good incentive to belong to a tribe/guild. With energy support their scholars can have the opportunity to climb the leader board without asking as much as 50% share on totem gains.

Ok, we will update the items sending feature as soon as possible. It will be available before the start of next season.

@T lleCell B

With what is happening with the market right now and the upcoming economic crash, the crypto space has never had so much stigma and a lot of people have really decided to pull out from investing in anything crypto related. So promotion of an NFT game in the near future will be, pretty much, an uphill battle as we really can’t bank on the phrase “play & earn” or “earn while you play”. It would be best to focus on marketing the game itself rather than an NFT game. Dragonmaster has a good gameplay foundation and it is not the only game in its genre (i.e. Clash Royale) but it does offer a better game than clash or at the very least a different feel of a “simple” game. All I am trying to say is that we have a good game in our hands and the world just needs to know about it, not as an NFT game, not as a crypto earning game but just as a game.

With this said. I would like to suggest copying one of the most effective strategies in all of marketing. This has been recently proven correct by 2 games in recent memory, mech.com and evony the kings return. What these 2 games have used is that they made a video ad and paid youtube for ad placement and basically it advertised the game as the video was pretty much in the face of every youtube users (not including premium users). With Mech.com their ad did not even have a famous youtuber or influencer, it just had a person talk about a concept of a mech game they had planned (until now there is still NO GAME, it is still in development but they have lots of users in their discord 70137 so roughly 50k if we are not including multi persona/account people). With Evony, they had some youtubers promote the game but their recent videos did not have a well known person and it even had very bad audio sync/dub. I am sure you have funds for marketing and if you give it a bit more, you can do this and employ the same strategy.

BUT before you go on doing this though there is another key component to the success these 2 games (in gaining people to play their games or in the case of Mech.com being engaged with them, like I said they do not have a game yet). They provided an easy way for people to buy items in the game/platform. And so far the easiest way is with credit card purchase. If you guys can’t setup direct credit card purchasing, maybe using paypal would be an option. With this you can get people to spend, without dabbling directly into crypto and NFT. And if people decide to stick around they can learn about using metamask and all that crypto stuff.

To sum it all up:

1. Create a video ad (does not need to have a famous person in it, just a person talking about the game and clips of the game)

2. Advertise on YouTube and or other platforms like twitter and IG but top priority is YouTube.

3. Setup credit card/paypal purchasing of items either they buy totem/DMT via credit card and use totem/DMT to buy dragons in game items. I know this part is complicated but it can be done.

Thanks for the suggestions.

1. This is a good suggestion, we will learn from it.

2. Okay, in fact, we will also look for influencers in the Crypto industry to cooperate.

3. Yes, we are applying for the features of Moonpay, Wyre, Ramp and other crypto payment providers, and we believe we can be ready soon.



Breeding fee was increased even though no one asked for it. When I asked about this the response from the devs was ‘we announced it but no one spoke against it’ But why was it implemented in the first place when breeding was already not profitable? What’s worse is now we have a bunch of useless gems. The team spent 2 months developing breeding v2, please don’t forget your own efforts and do something to save it. What are your plans to encourage breeding again?

Treasure Hunt Suggestions

Just try my luck here, but I want to suggest some adjustments that will make the treasure hunt healthier for the competitive scene:

- Reduce chance of energy related items, especially the higher energy like pizza and cake. Increase the sell price accordingly based on the decrease in chance. Right now there is little incentive to sell because Cake sells for 200 totem, but players can get totem + trophies from spending the 20 energy instead. I think it is good to have a trade off between going for the top of the leaderboard and selling the item for totem profit. Right now it is too ‘cheap’ to fight for the top of the leaderboard, even if you have a bad win rate. That should not be the case. I have helped my scholar push in the final days and it is absolutely affordable to play the treasure hunt thousands of times with all the rewards available

- Get rid of double trophy/trophy protection card, or make them much lower chance of appearing in treasure hunt. These are the most broken cards from treasure hunt, believe it or not. Double trophy is similar to double energy, trophy protection is also double energy because it is only consumed when you lose. The top players this season never lose trophies because of these broken items.

- Right now the ‘buff cards’ from treasure hunt do not affect win rate or gameplay. They affect the end result of the trophy/totem gain, which in my opinion is not healthy. I think it is a good idea to add ‘buff cards’ that actually affect the gameplay, for example buffing the dragons in play by adding some passive effect (maybe +1 attack to small dragon, or +50 health at the start of the game). This way, high skilled players will still be able to defeat low skilled players who use buffs, instead of having no advantage on the leaderboard because of the toxic trophy altering cards. I suggest these replace the trophy protection and double cards, and appear much more frequently than energy items. These buff cards can come in the form of a ‘random powerup chest’ that when opened will give something random that can be applied.

- I think overall, the cost of the treasure hunt is too cheap. Getting access to powerful bonuses like extra energy and trophy protection should come at a higher cost. The team should experiment increasing by about 10%. This helps with totem burn too.

1. Breeding

The decision to adjust the breeding price is based on the economic inflation data of TOTEM and DMT, which we can get from the weekly data.

For the first two months, our totem remained at high inflation, then the development team implemented some policies.

-Prohibit free team to get daily tasks
-Add a new burning scenario Treasure Hunt
-Restore the cost of breeding

We also observed that NFT inflation is higher than the growth rate of real on-chain user volume, and most of the breeding is coming from our guild whales.

Of course, this is very much thanks to the community’s support and trust in us.

We have considered carefully and made an announcement in advance in the community to give 1 month to adapt to it, to help the economic conditions of TOTEM, DMT, NFT to correct gradually.

Finally, we will think and optimize the game mechanics to incentivize users to maximize their earnings by breeding better dragons!

When the economic condition goes positive and healthy -> attract new players to come in and buy NFT -> stimulating the breeding system -> further economic deflation -> ( Cycle )

2. Treasure Hunt

Thanks for the suggestion, Treasure Hunthas been online for not even two weeks, there are still many details to be adjusted, we will listen to the community to optimize and keep it updated quickly.

It’s worth noting that the Treasure Hunt burned 540,000+ TOTEM last week, which is after the cost of recovering Totem and leaderboard rewards.


Team Doxx

Last week the honourable gentleman @Ethan Brown mentioned that the team is waiting for the ‘right conditions’ to do a team reveal, and further elaborated that this condition is ‘when the markets get better’. This is extremely baffling to me.

The bear market is the most important time to build trust in the company and the game, because it is the absolute hardest time to gain new investors and players. In the bull market, because of fomo, investors tend to invest without worrying about the team’s background and identity. In the bear market, it is the complete opposite. Investors are extra careful with their money and absolutely will not invest their precious money on a project where the founders are unknown. I think this is very clear and obvious at this point several months into the bear market, and I would be extremely astonished if the team doesn’t see the lack of growth and marketplace volume as a concern at all. First of all they directly affect your revenue, secondly you will have much fewer sales if you decide to sell something directly on the website (for example the angel dragons sale was pretty lacklustre), and thirdly you won’t be able to form partnerships with other games/community/influencers because they do not even know who the founders are, restricting growth and revenue even more.

I will repeat this again: In my opinion, the only motivation to hide yourself in the bear market (while being ok to reveal when the bull market comes) is to preserve the possibility of denying any responsibility shall the game fail or shut down. Investors will have no founders to blame if that time comes because they do not know who the founders are. The founders will then be able to form a new studio and start a brand new project in the next bull market without any consequences. Because of this, there is much less pressure on the founders to make this game successful, and hence it is easier for the founders to call it quits and take away whatever remaining funds. This is obviously a huge red flag to anyone thinking of spending on the game.

So, I seriously hope you guys touch your heart and remind yourselves what are you really trying to achieve, be it malicious or not. I know you will continue to give the same answer week after week, but your decisions speak otherwise. And my confidence in this game and company has already been shaped negatively by your decisions and stance on this matter.

Thanks for the questions.

In fact, this is entirely your personal imagination and assumptions, and the above is deadly wrong.

If our development team had decided to leave, maybe now we wouldn’t have the weekly AMA and the patience to chat.

I’m sure you’ve been in contact with quite a few Web3 games and projects, look at their communities and core team personnel (despite their teams), and the results are obvious by comparison.

We are proving everything in action.

If we were going to leave, we wouldn’t invest as much energy in continuing to build (discuss any ideas and features). We wouldn’t have invested so much time continuing to communicate with the community. We wouldn’t have invested so much money to continue to run tournaments, seasons, and marketing.

Of course, one thing we must admit is that we are responsible for not releasing information about the team at the moment, from any reason, and we make no excuses.

But we have never announced that we are going to remain anonymous, and at the right time we will publish everything.


A new props that negates other props or buff, or just a new dragon that can negates lucky’s passive skill

OK, thanks for the suggestion!

I suggest the feature to allow player to sell lucky draw items to players to be realease soon

Yes, we are developing a prop trading feature!

I suggest the feature to allow player to post team (rent) in game

Temporarily released on PC, the game still has many important features to be developed.🤣

Can the team let us know the mmr that there is no bots so players wont keep pumping energy without knowing the outcome

Is it possible to control players multi pilot one account so the season ranking will be fair

It is practically difficult to ban multiple players from using one account. If a player gives all his mobile devices to another player, it can only be determined by face recognition?🤣

I think there is an prop that set up a shop to sell lucky draw items is it necessary?

Yes, we will develop a 3D scene in which users can move around and find free locations to set up their own stores using Shelf props.

when skins released

when titan dragon released? we can see this in the new gameplay picture. Can we have any teaser description for its skill?

Release around mid-December.
Today the designer finished the skin mall display

What about invitation event?

Invitation events go live with the start of the next season.

Season start 5 December?

According to the last poll, yes

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for participating, and to @Ethan Brown @ChuckRRR @Daniel | Magic Hat for answering questions! !

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