DragonMaster Free Mode Event — Invite Others and Catch Airdrops

4 min readJul 14, 2022

Step into DragonMaster! Play the game for free.

Welcome to the DragonMaster Metaverse! We can’t help but would like to share the great NEWS to you all!

DragonMaster now allows anyone to join the game for free! Just with 1 phone, you can enjo the game easily! We want to seize this opportunity to expand our community and bring the game to everyone.

How to earn in Free-Play-Mode:
1. Earn tokens through daily tasks and season leaderboards
2. Earn scholarships through the personal rental system
3. Get additional airdrops and rewards through the following invitation events.

(Note: Newbie players entering the game will have a set of white dragons which can be used to battles. After winning, they will receive trophies but no token rewards.)

Step 1: Get your wallet ready

Step 2: Bind your email

Step 3: How to download the game

At the same time, here comes the Invite-Friends-Program: players can invite friends to join the game by copying the invitation code link on the official web page. When certain conditions are met, they will get the chance of random airdrops. What’s more, the airdrop will contain rare special dragons and new NFT skins which will be released soon! !

Next, please check the event details, let’s play and earn together:

Details for Invitation event:

Event introduction: During the event period, all users can copy the personal invitation code link on the official web page and send it to others. When invitees meet the requirements of registration, download, and the number of trophies reaches 1,000 or more, the users can participate in the airdrop event!

Event time: 2:00AM UTC, July 14th–10:00AM UTC, August 3rd

Reward release time: within two weeks after the event ends

Invite friends now:


Steps to check the invitation data: enter the official website — personal account — invitation code — my friends

Invitees need to meet the following conditions (valid invitation):

  • Bind your email on the official website
  • download games
  • Experience the game and get more than 1000 trophies

Airdrop Prizes:

Invite Player Rewards

Basic rewards (stackable):

  • Valid invite 1 person , you will get 5DMT , and the rewards will be stacked for each additional person.
  • If the number of trophies in valid invitees is as high as 4000, you will get 5DMT. The rewards will be stacked for each person who reaches one.

Additional rewards:

  • The 1st place in the valid invitation leaderboard will receive an additional rare special dragon
  • The 2nd-3rd place in the valid invitation leaderboard will receive an additional airdrop of new NFT skins(will be released soon)
  • The 4th-9th place in the valid invitation leaderboard will receive an additional set of dragons (S/M/L/XL)
  • The 10th to 50th place in the valid invitation leaderboard will receive an additional chicken prop

(Invition-reward pool: 20,000DMT, first come first served)

Other rewards:

In addition, if your invitees trade through the NFT market, you can also get a “revenue share”, details can be found at:


Newbie Player Rewards

  • Newbies can get 10 DMT reward when they reach 2000 trophies
  • The top five newbie players with the most trophies will receive a set of dragons (S/M/L/XL)

(Reward pool for newbies: 30,000DMT, first come first served)

What do invited players get after joining DragonMaster?

  • Learn and experience DragonMaster games for free
  • Hit the leaderboards to win season rewards
  • Complete daily tasks and earn token rewards
  • Participate in invitation event and earn more
  • Join the Discord community and get a lot of benefits
  • More surprises will be waiting for you

How to participate in the invitation event:

Step 1: Visit the DragonMaster website, select “Connect Wallet” — and then select “MetaMask”


Step 2: Bind your email

Step 3: Click on the “invitation code” on the personal account page to copy the link

Step 4: Send the link to others

Step 5: You can view friend data in “My Friends” in “Invitation Code”.

Step 6: Added an invitation leaderboard for everyone to check the ranking.

How to Download the Game:

Google Play: