DragonMaster Lucky-Draw Function Update

6 min readNov 8, 2022

Add massive game props!

We have introduced the Treasure-Hunt/Lucky-Draw function in detail before and were very glad to see a large number of players have experienced this feature and obtained various game props. I believe everyone has understood the role of these props in the game. Now, the Lucky-Draw function is updated again, adding a large number of game props to bring you a more interesting gaming experience! Let’s check how magical these new props are together!

Added game props

Double Card props

  • Trophy Double Card

Congrat to you if you get a Trophy Double Card! It will double your trophies after game battles. This is a very helpful prop for players who want to rush to the leaderboard. Are you excited?


  1. Each Trophy Double Card used by the player will be activated three times in game battles
  2. The number of times the card is valid will be deducted regardless of battle win or lose
  3. This prop can only be used during the season. Please make sure that all three battles are during the season
  4. The Trophy Double Card cannot be used after Seasons close
  • TOTEM Double Card

After the TOTEM Double Card is used successfully, you will get extra TOTEM in your game battles and earn more income.


  1. Each TOTEM Double Card used by the player will be activated three times in game battles.
  2. If a player uses the TOTEM Double Card in the rented dragon, the TOTEM obtained will also be profit-sharing.
  3. If there are free dragons in the used team, the battle will not be counted.

Energy recovery acceleration card props

When there’s still a long time for Energy recovery, you can use the Energy recovery acceleration card to shorten the waiting time, which can enable you to gain Energy to participate in the game battle as soon as possible.

Store props (coming soon)

An exclusive prop for setting up a store. After using it, you can sell your game props. Different shelves will have different opening hours, capacity, and official tax. Once the Storel function officially goes online, you will be able to sell your idle props, and you can also buy the props you want! Stay tuned! !

  • General shelf
  • Advanced shelf
  • Rare shelf

Speaker props (coming soon)

Players who have obtained speaker props can “speak” in the game. Two kinds of speaker props play their respective roles. The big speaker can show your comments on the APP homepage, and the small speaker can show them in the chat channel. Once the function officially goes online, see what you can do: shouting to sell props, find opponents for battles, make friends, etc. Looking forward to your shouting!

  • Big Speaker - APP Homepage
  • Small Speaker - chat channel

Gem Optional Bag

Ruby(random dragon): When hatching, increase the species probability of baby dragon.

Getting the Ruby Optional Bag enables you to choose the dragon GEM you want, which also contains GEMs for special dragons! This will greatly increase your chances of breeding your desired class of dragon.

Dragon Optional Bag

  • Dragon(S/M/L/XL) Optional Bag

According to the different sizes of dragons, there are four Dragon Optional Bags. If you get the S dragon Optional Bag, you will be able to choose a family dragon (S) trial card you want.

  1. Dragon(S) Optional Bag
  2. Dragon(M) Optional Bag
  3. Dragon(L) Optional Bag
  4. Dragon(XL) Optional Bag
  • Family Dragon Optional Bag

Each set of family dragons has an Optional Bag. If you get the Angel-Dragon Optional Bag, it will contain angel dragons of different sizes (S/M/L/XL), and you can choose any one of them.

  • Special Dragon Optional Bag

With this Optional Bag, you will be able to choose a special dragon trial card, which includes Freeze Dragon, Bomb Dragon, and Demon Dragon.

Dragon Trial Card optimization

Remove the restriction that the Dragon Trial Card cannot be used when you have the corresponding dragon

Backpack function optimization

  • Added backpack capacity limit

Each player’s backpack can hold 200 items. Once it is full, the newly obtained rewards will be stored in the form of letters, which can be viewed in the Mailbox. If the player wants to receive the props in the Mailbox at this time, they need to consume the props in the backpack or expand the backpack so that the new props can be stored.

  • Added backpack expansion function

Players can expand the capacity of the backpack by consuming mDMT, so that your backpack can hold more props.

How much does it cost to expand the backpack?

  1. Backpack capacity expand 20: 20000mDMT
  2. Backpack capacity expand 50: 47000mDMT
  3. Backpack capacity expand 100: 90000mDMT

How to get mDMT?

  1. Farming: Players can get more TOTEM through game battles. When you hold more TOTEM, the altar will produce more mDMT.
  2. Deposit: Deposit DMT through the official website and deposit the game asset mDMT.



  • Added Dragon Fragment Shop

When a player wants to use his/her dragon fragments in the backpack, just click on the prop and then it will automatically jump to the Dragon Fragment Shop, where we can see all the family dragons and special dragons. Choose the dragon Trial Card you want to exchange. For a family dragon Trial Card, 10 dragon fragments are needed; for a special dragon Trial Card, 40 dragon fragments are needed.

  • Added GEM Shop

When a player wants to use his/her Ruby fragments in the backpack, just click on the prop and then it will automatically jump to the Gem shop, where we can see various Rubies for different dragons. Choose the dragon Gem NFT you want to exchange. For a family dragon Ruby, 10 Ruby fragments are needed; for a special dragon Ruby, 30 Ruby fragments are needed

Sapphire and Topaz fragments can be exchanged directly in the backpack.


Added GEM withdrawal record

Treasure-Hunt function optimization

Added Lucky-Draw announcement function