DragonMaster Lucky-Draw Update#3

3 min readDec 4, 2022

Dear masters,

Since its launch, the Treasure Hunt function has been welcomed by everyone, and we have also received many suggestions for it. To optimize this function, DragonMaster has carried out a new round of updates. This time we will add a coupon prop with greater discount, expand rewarding scope in the treasure hunt leaderboard, as well as adjust the probability of obtaining all props, etc… Now take a look!

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Update details

1. Removed Trophy Double Card

For the fairness of the RANK match, recently we will completely delete the Trophy Double Card from the prop prize pool, and close the permission to use these props. Players who own the Trophy Double Card are requested to recycle the props.

2. Add 50% OFF Coupon

We add a 50% OFF Coupon to the prop prize pool this time. Players who get this prop will get a discount when they draw in Treasure Hunt.

(The Coupon is valid for 3 days, please use it as soon as possible after you get it)

3. Update prop probability

The acquisition probabilities of all props in the prize pool have been updated. Kindly check the latest probabilities through the table below.


4. Expand rewarding scope in Treasure Hunt leaderboard

We are glad to see more and more players taking draws in Treasure Hunt. Therefore, we have decided to expand the ranking of the Treasure Hunt leaderboard to the top 20, so everyone will have a greater chance to hit the leaderboard and win rich rewards. Go get included!

  • Earning leaderboard
  • Profit margin leaderboard

That’s all for this update. Now it’s time to try something different!!!