DragonMaster New NFT Features Launched: Explore Infinite Economic Value

4 min readOct 26, 2023

The DragonMaster official website has undergone a major transformation, officially launching NFT Staking, Merge, Burn, and Cross-Chain functionalities. These features not only enhance players’ gaming experience, but also further enrich the DragonMaster’s economic system, creating more value and opportunities for players.

Next, please join me to explore the introduction of these brand new features!

NFT Staking

  • Go to Staking:


Staking Introduction

NFT Staking feature provides players with more choices and benefits. Now, you can stake your precious dragon NFTs and enjoy additional DMT rewards.

Staking Rules:

  1. Staking Slots: Each dragon has a staking slot, and each slot can only accommodate one dragon for staking.
  2. Staking and Redemption: Players can stake dragon NFTs at any time and redeem staked dragon NFTs at any time, with no lock-up period restrictions.
  3. Valid Staking: To ensure the fairness of staking, only stakings with no battle records after 04:00 UTC reset will be considered as valid stakings.

Staking Score:

Staking score is the factor that determines the amount of DMT rewards a player receives. The higher the staking score, the more DMT rewards the player will earn.

The base score for each dragon NFT is 10. If you want to increase your staking score, you can do so by considering the following three factors:

  1. Dragon Quality:
  • Dragons of higher quality receive higher bonus coefficients.
  • The bonus coefficient obtained when you collect all 44 NFTs.

2. Breeding Count: Dragons with a higher breeding count receive higher bonus coefficients.

Staking Score Formula = Base Score x (Quality Coefficient + Breeding Coefficient)

For example: Armor Dragon, Quality A, Breed Count 2

Staking Score = 10 x (2 + 2.3) = 43

3. Additional Bonus: When a player fills all available staking slots with their dragons, they receive a 2x bonus coefficient.

Staking Score Formula = Base Score x (Quality Coefficient + Breeding Coefficient) x 2

For example: Armor Dragon, Quality A, Breed Count 2

Staking Score = 10 x (2 + 2.3) x 2 = 86

Reward Allocation

The weight of each player in DMT reward distribution is determined based on the ratio of their total score to the total score in the staking pool. DragonMaster provides a daily staking reward of 10,000 DMT, updated every 10 minutes.

10,000 DMT

NFT Merge

  • Go to Merge:


  • In Dragon NFT, click here to select Merge.

Merge Introduction

The NFT Merge feature provides players with a way to improve the quality and power of their dragon NFTs. By merging two identical dragon NFTs, players can create a more powerful dragon NFT.

Merge Rules

  1. Select Two Dragon NFTs: Players need to select two dragons of the same network, same species, same body type, and same quality to perform a merge.
  2. Merge and Burn: The selected two dragon NFTs will be burned, resulting in the creation of a completely new dragon NFT.
  3. Merge Failure: Only consumes DMT, NFTs are not burned.

Merge Cost

NFT Burn

  • Go to Burn:


  • In Dragon NFT, click here to select Burn.

Burn Introduction

The NFT Burn feature provides players with a way to handle unwanted or excess dragon NFTs and obtain new dragon fragments from them. These fragments can then be exchanged for brand new dragon NFTs. With this feature, players can manage their dragon NFT assets flexibly, turning unwanted NFTs into useful resources, and improving the strength and experience of their dragons in the game.

Burn Rules

  1. Burning NFTs will yield game item NFT fragments, which will be sent to the in-game mailbox.
  2. The number of NFT fragments obtained is not related to the breeding count but is determined by the quality and species of the dragon.
  3. Once an NFT is burned, it cannot be recovered, so please consider carefully before proceeding with the burn process.

Burning Rewards

NFT Cross-Chain (Upcoming Launch)

Cross-Chain Introduction:

The NFT Cross-Chain feature provides players with greater flexibility and convenience. With the help of LayerZero technology, you can easily perform NFT cross-chain operations between the Meter and Polygon blockchains, allowing them to be more widely circulated and utilized.

The above is all the content of this DragonMaster website update.

Now, go and explore infinite gaming experiences and economic value!

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