DragonMaster Personal Rental Market Officially Launched NOW!

5 min readMay 31, 2022

What exciting news!

The Magic Hat team is glad to announce that DragonMaster Personal Rental Market is officially launched! ! !

DragonMaster wants to make it easy for anyone to play earning games and earn rewards at low cost this way!!!

Join now: https://www.dragonmaster.co/

Introduction to Personal Rental

DragonMaster allows any player holding Dragon NFT to set a profit sharing percentage of Dragon and rent it to other players and enjoy the profits generated in the game. The personal rental function will directly bring considerable passive income to players who hold idle NFTs, while lessees can play DragonMaster at 0 cost and get token income. All participants will benefit from this process!

Details of Personal Rental


  1. Rental conditions: At least one dragon team (including S/M/L/XL)
  2. Profit sharing: Eligible players will rent out their Dragons for passive income, and set the profit sharing percentage they want to provide to scholars.
  3. Added automatic durability repair: Lessors can set whether to automatically recover durability, and do not need to manually recover durability themselves every day.
  4. New advanced settings: If lessors don’t have a time to manage the rental scheme, they can host a system to automatically eliminate ineligible players. When the number of battles per day is less than 10 or the winning rate is less than 30%, the system will terminate the order.
  5. Modify the rental contract: Lessors can modify the rental information.
  6. Delete the rental contract: Both the lessors and the lessees have the right to delete the rental contract at any time. When either party deletes the contract, a cooling-off period will be triggered, and the rental function will resume at 4:00UTC the next day.


  1. After renting a dragon team in the rental market, the income obtained in game battles will be credited to the account in real time;
  2. Lessees have the right to delete the rental contract.
  3. A good win rate will help lessees get good reviews, which will improve their credit score.
  4. Lessees can only rent one profit-sharing team.

How does personal rental work?

Steps for lessors:

  • Enter the official website and click “Rent” in your personal account;


  • Post a Rental, follow the steps to complete the personal rental information;
  • After the rental is released, players can check the rental status in “Manage Rentals”;
  • In the management status, lessors can also view the personal income and the lessee’s combat data, etc;
  • Click edit logo , lessors can modify their rental information and delete lessees.

Steps for lessees:

  • Enter the official website and open the “RENTING” page;


  • Choose the type and size of dragon groups according to your personal needs;
  • After confirming the profit percentage, click “xx% for you” and read the rental instructions;
  • After the rental is successful, download the game to participate in the battle.

Google Play:





1.In the personal rental system, who will own the leaderboard rewards?

The leaderboard rewards will be owned by the lessees, because it takes a month to hit the leaderboard, and multiple contracts may be rented out during the month, making it impossible to track and quantify the leaderboard rewards.

2.Can the conditions for players fighting less than 10 times a day and the winning rate lower than 30% which on the advance setting be modified?

This is a pre-fixed setting and cannot be modified. In the future, we will consider whether players can customize the setting conditions according to the situation, so please look forward to it.

3.Can I switch to a personal rental if I am using a guild rental?

A group of dragons can only be rented in one market. If you want to change to the personal rental market, you need to delete the guild rental, wait for a 24-hour cooling period, and then create a personal rental market.

What can be looking forward to in the near future:

1.More customizations will be added to personal rentals

In the future, we will add more custom condition settings to the rental function to meet the various requirements of players for lessees. Lessors can set the lessee’s credit score value and the number of battles in the rental.

2.Reward settings will be added to the rental contract.

Some lessees’ battle performance may be not as good as lessors’ expect. In order to incentivize lessees, lessors can set an additional reward when the lessees meet a certain condition. This will greatly encourage the lessees to actively complete the battle requirements of the lessors.

3.Add paid rental

In the future, we will also add a paid rental function to bring more types of rental methods to lessors.

We hope to establish a good investment environment for investors, provide players with a more interesting and convenient game environment, and popularize the world of WEB3.0 to the public!

DragonMaster is a long-term development game , and we are advancing and exploring every day. Let’s keep going, MASTERS!

Come to try it NOW!

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