DragonMaster Tournament | Event Recap

On November 1st, the DragonMaster Tournament officially started.
There were 244 players from more than 15 guilds participating in this tournament! After 7 rounds of fierce competition, a total of 486 battles, 16 players and 3 guilds finally shared the bonus of 3000 USDT and great glory!

👇Let’s review the wonderful games together.

Game Recaps And The Battle Videos

Top 16 Match Information

Final battle video collection

Guilds Support

The success of this DragonMaster Tournament is inseparable from the support and participation of all guilds!

Thank you all!

We look forward to more guilds joining us in the future to hold grand tournaments together.

Guild Ranking Announcement

Congrats! The Top3 guilds with the most players who participated in the tournament now are announced!

First place: TEAM ICHII

300 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box*3 + Certificate of Honor NFT

Second place: Santa

200 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box*2

Third place: BBQ Gaming

100 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box*1

Tournament Leaderboard

First place: SeriaBBQ, obtained 500USDT

Tournament record

Round 1: 2–0 SeriaBBQ vs MJF22

Round 2: 2–0 SeriaBBQ vs Taylorsid

Round 3(group match):14 wins and 2 losses in 16 games

Round 4: 3–0 SeriaBBQ vs Ichii

Round 5: 3–2 SeriaBBQ vs HouseofdragonsLWG

Semifinal: 3–1 SeriaBBQ vs Blue033

Final: 3–1 SeriaBBQ vs JCLESIS20

SeriaBBQ played a total of 36 games in this tournament, won 30 games, and won the championship with a winning rate of 83%! Let’s check out her wonderful battles~

Final battle video:

Second place: JCLESIS20, obtained 400USDT

Tournament record

Round 1: 1–0 JCLESIS20 vs Rosemary302

Round 2: 2–1 JCLESIS20 vs Pagcu

Round 3(group match):11 wins and 5 losses in 16 games

Round 4: 3–2 JCLESIS20 vs flerfy

Round 5: 3–2 JCLESIS20 vs Ingkwel

Semifinal: 3–2 JCLESIS20 vs kayaba

Final: 1–3 JCLESIS20 vs SeriaBBQ

JCLESIS20 played a total of 39 games in this tournament, won 24 games, and finished second with a winning rate of 61.5%.

Final battle video:

Third place: Blue033, obtained 300USDT

Tournament record

Round 1: 2–0 Blue033 vs Cypher21

Round 2: 2–0 Blue033 vs zeee

Round 3(group match):13 wins and 3 losses in 16 games

Round 4: 3–0 Blue033 vs SantaSungod

Round 5: 3–0 Blue033 vs akeera1996

Semifinal: 1–3 Blue033 vs SeriaBBQ

Final: 3–1 Blue033 vs kayaba

Blue033 played a total of 34 games in this tournament, won 27 games, and finished third in the tournament with a winning rate of 79.4%.

Final battle video:

Top 3 Player Battle Stats

We are also glad to reveal the game lineup of the top three players for reference. To increase the possibilities of winning, both lineup and game strategy are important. Hope these stats and Top players’ battle videos will help. Looking forward to your performance in the next Tournament!

Full Leaderboard

Congrats to these top players on successfully hitting the leaderboard! !

Again, we would like to thank all the players who participated in this tournament! Can’t wait to see you again in the next competition!

Champion Interview

1. Do you have anything to share about being the champion of this tournament?

Joining this tournament, I never thought I would have made it this far to be honest. Winning in the finals felt surreal! After the battle, it took me a moment to realize that it was over and I have made it! I want everyone to know that we fought a good fight and we showed good sportsmanship. As a player, it is normal to lose some and win some so never be disheartened by a loss. No matter how many failures or defeats we encounter in life or in the game, never give up because it is through defeat that we understand and value the sweetness in victory. Despite my success in winning the tournament, I cannot solely claim being the only champion. I believe we are all champions since we fought with all our hearts and best to the very end.


2. Your favorite teams in this tournament are (Armor Dragon S, Armor Dragon, Super Dragon L, Speed Dragon XL, Freeze Dragon) Can you tell us why you chose them?

I chose my team because the two armored dragons (small and medium) could block attacks from the opponent which already gives an early advantage. I accompanied it with a super Large dragon so the team could push back opponents with an equal weight. Meanwhile, I chose the XL speed dragon so it could push enemies as fast as possible to give no space for enemies to drop their dragons on the battlefield. Lastly, the freeze dragon would serve as the final blow to finish the job. They’re family and the more I play with them, I get a sense of connection when the big ones usually comes out.


3. Can you share your story with DragonMaster?

My story with dragon master started a couple of months back. I started playing the game not knowing much about it. I have to admit at first I was like dropping dragons at random lanes with no strategy and no planning. Of course, I lost countless of times but that didn’t stop me. In time, I learned new things by observing my opponents. By knowing how my enemies moved and what dragons they have I was able to understand that there’s more to the game than just dropping dragons here and there. This game taught me that you have to prepare yourself before deciding to attack. Your opponent may have the advantage in the early game but as long as you focus and discipline yourself in waiting for the right moment to strike you would be able win the game. This is just like life, others may have an advantage in terms of money, skill and influence but as long as you focus on yourself you can still be successful in life. To be honest, I once feared playing against strong players before because of the uncertainty of the match. The thought of losing would haunt me even before the battle hasn’t even started. However, I pushed myself to play against them and overcome my fear. That’s how I gained insight on what I should and shouldn’t do during battles. So that became a daily motivation for me that no matter how many times I lose, I would someday finally win. It may not be tomorrow or the next but I believe it will come. And now here I am.

Preferred Dragon Leaderboard

We counted the dragons and win rates used by players in this tournament! Let’s see what dragons those players like best!

About The Follow-Up Competition Of DragonMaster

Missed the tournament this time?

No worry, a new tournament is about to start! ! Also, another big news is coming!

As soon as December of this year ~

What’s more, the prize pool will be much richer in the following tournament!

For the glory and rich prize, join our community to be the first to hear.

Play DragonMaster and get ready for the tournament! !

About DragonMaster

The first BattleFi metaverse blockchain game in the Philippines, DragonMaster, is the first Web3 game created by the decentralized game studio MagicHat Studio. It is currently running on the blockchain Polygon. Players can participate in the game for free, as well as get NFT and TOKEN rewards through leaderboards or other events.

Join the game, play and earn together~

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