DragonMaster Treasure Hunt Goes online — Lucky Draw

5 min readOct 19, 2022


Massive game props are waiting for you!!

Hey masters!

An exciting news for everyone: The DragonMaster Treasure Hunt function is officially launched. The new lucky-draw function and a lot of game props will bring you a different game experience!

How to Participate in the Lucky Draw

The Lucky-Draw function can be found on the homepage of the DragonMaster App. It takes 50 TOTEM for a player to draw each time, and it takes only 225 TOTEM if he/she draws 5 times in a row! Participate in theLucky Draw for a chance to win rare props. Therefore, the more times the player draws, the higher the probability of obtaining rare props.

Lucky Draw — Luck Points

Every time you participate in a treasure hunt, a certain amount of luck points will be added. The higher the luck points, the greater the probability of obtaining rare props. When your luck points reach 360, you will get a rare Lucky Crystal.

After obtaining the Lucky Crystal, your luck points will be reset to 0 and accumulated again. The rare lucky crystals can be obtained repeatedly.

Lucky Draw — Weekly Tasks

When you complete multiple lucky draws throughout the week, you will also receive box-rewards. The more you draw, the richer box-rewards. These box-rewards include lucky-draw discount coupons, Gem, dragon Trial Cards, Trophy Cards, etc.

Weekly Tasks will reset every Sunday at 0:00 UTC.

About props

Rare props

Lucky Crystal

It can be exchanged for precious items in the Lucky Shop, and the shop will be updated from time to time. (Lucky Shop is coming soon, stay tuned! )

Lucky-Draw Coupon

  • Lucky Draw Discount Coupon: It takes 50 TOTEM to participate in a lucky draw, and players get a lucky-draw discount after using it.
  • Lucky Draw Coupon: Players can participate in a lucky draw for free after using it.

(Lucky draw coupon valid for: 3 days)

Restore-Energy Props

  • Chicken leg: Use it to restore 5 energy
  • Pizza: Use it to restore 10 energy
  • Cake: Use it to restore 20 energy

Practice Ticket

Practice Ticket grants you access to the practice mode for free, in which you can use all dragons. It will help you study the game strategy and become familiar with the dragon’s skills.

Random Dragon Trial Card

If you draw out this treasure box, you will get a random dragon for a limited time experience, which also contains a special dragon trial card.

  • Dragon Trial Card: After using it, you will randomly get a family dragon trial card.
  • Special Dragon Trial Card: After using it, you will randomly get a special dragon trial card, including Bomb Dragon, Freeze Dragon, and Demon Dragon.

Breeding Gem NFTs

  • Sapphire: When breeding, increase the size probability of baby dragon
  • Topaz: When hatching, increase the quality probability of baby dragon
  • Ruby(random dragon): When hatching, increase the species probability of baby dragon

After successfully obtaining the breeding gem NFT, it will appear in your game backpack and can be withdrawn to your wallet for dragon breeding, market sales, gem synthesis, etc. on the PC page. The withdrawal time is about 10 minutes.


  • Gem Fragments:

Small Blue Crystal, Small Yellow Crystal, Small Red Crystal, when a certain gem shard accumulates to a certain amount, a gem NFT can be synthesized.

Note: Gem NFTs can be used for dragon breeding, market sales, gem synthesis, etc.

  • Skin Fragment

When you collect a certain number of skin fragments, they can be exchanged for a Dragon Skin Trial Card. (Precious dragon skins are coming soon, stay tuned)

  • Dragon Fragment

When you collect a certain amount of Dragon Fragment, they can be exchanged for a Dragon Trial Card. The number of Dragon Fragments required for different Dragon Trial Cards is different, and there are also Special Dragon Trial Cards. The conditions for exchange will be updated soon, please wait patiently.

Trophy Card

Get a trophy card that will protect you from losing trophies in a battle. When you lose the battle and a certain number of trophies should be deducted, the trophy card will work and protect your trophies from losing in this round.

What to be expected in the future

In addition to the above props, we will continue to update more game props, such as some emoji packs, avatar frames, battle props, rare skins, etc., to bring more game fun to players! If you also have creative prop ideas, share in the Discord community!