DragonMaster Web3 Wallet

4 min readJul 24, 2023

DragonMaster Web3 Wallet (hereinafter referred to as “DM Wallet”) is a hosted and decentralized multi-chain wallet. Built-in multi-chain, cross-chain, DEX, a one-stop investment tool focused on Web3 games. All crypto assets and smart contracts of DragonMaster can be easily accessed through the DM Wallet.


The advantages of using DM Wallet are:

1. No need to remember seed phrases and private keys, but still have ownership of assets;

2. Compared with non-hosted wallets, users are easier to use and can better focus on Web3 game content;

3. Support multi-chain network, which can easily manage the crypto assets of Polygon and Meter main network that have been deployed;

4. Supported on iOS, Android and web browsers.


1. Register to own

Registering for a DragonMaster account means owning a DragonMaster Web3 Wallet

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Google Play:


App Store:


2. Bind DM game account

The DM Wallet automatically binds the DragonMaster game platform account, and quickly obtains all DragonMaster assets of the multi-chain network, such as DMT, TOTEM, Dragon NFT, Egg NFT, Gem NFT…, and it will be easier to use for buying and selling, withdrawing and recharging.

3. Retention of decentralised features

DM Wallet is a multi-chain decentralized wallet. Task operations such as transfer and transaction can happen at any time without waiting for approval. Users have asset ownership.

4. Gas Airdrop

In order to make it easier for new users to use the DM Wallet, when users hold any crypto assets of DragonMaster, they will get Gas rewards.

Gas rewards:

  • Polygon: 0.03 MATIC
  • Meter: 0.03 MTR

How to get gas rewards:

  • Withdraw TOTEM, DMT to DM Wallet from the game, you can get the airdrop
  • Migrating NFT from old wallets to DM Wallets, you can get the airdrop


1. Each account and each network can only get one gas airdrop

2. The airdrop gas can only be used for on-chain operations but cannot be withdrawn to other wallet addresses

5. Payment password

In order to ensure the security of the user’s DM Wallet, all operations involving asset changes need to enter the 6-digit payment password set by the user.

6. Send

Send Token and NFT allowed by DM Wallet to other wallet addresses

7. Receive

Receive tokens and NFTs allowed by DM Wallets from other wallet addresses

8. Swap

The DM Wallet integrates the DEX protocols of uniswap and Voltswap, and players can use them directly without opening their websites.

9. Bridge

The DM Wallet integrates LayerZero’s cross-chain protocol, and players can use it directly without opening other cross-chain websites.

10. Buy

The DM Wallet integrates C14’s cryptocurrency purchase service, and players can directly use debit card or credit cards to purchase $TOTEM and $DMT.

11. Withdrawal to Bank Card (Come Soon)

The DM Wallet integrates cash withdrawal to bank card service. Players can automatically convert USDT into local legal currency by withdrawing USDT to their debit card. Currently supported countries include the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.

12. View on-chain records

The DM Wallet supports viewing every transaction record on the chain, which is open and transparent and cannot be tampered with.

13. Support Dapp

In the future, DM Wallet will be able to easily manage the assets of more than 40 mainstream networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Optimism, Solana, etc., and can easily access more than 1,000 DApp protocols.

14. Support Android and iOS

The DM Wallet is based on the characteristics of hosted, so it can be easily connected to the game APP and supports Android and iOS systems. All functions related to smart contracts, such as market, breeding, hatching, gem upgrade, pre-sale of new dragons and other functions can be completed in the APP.


Crypto wallets and Web3 games have always been interdependent and inseparable. Many Web3 games on the market are accessed through web browsers, so it is easy to connect to non-hosted wallets such as Metamask and Walletconnect protocols.

Web3 games are constantly developing, and many excellent games are developed based on mobile devices. Since the characteristics of non-hosted wallets determine the limitations of users using mobile devices, Web3 game manufacturers need to choose between user experience and blockchain wallet solutions.

The DragonMaster development team chose a hosted + decentralized multi-chain wallet. That is, it solves the user experience problem of using crypto wallets, while retaining the decentralized characteristics of crypto wallets.

1. Private key

The DM Wallet is to break a private key into multiple pieces, and hand over the private key pieces to a distributed storage in multiple servers in different countries for calculation and encryption. When the private key signature is required, and the user enters the correct payment password, the fragments will be spliced together to form a complete private key.

2. Encryption

The DragonMaster development team uses the same encryption algorithm as Ethereum for all DM Wallet private keys, which are irreversible and cannot be tampered with. No one can get the plaintext private key, including the development team.

3. Trend

Under the trend of single-chain to multi-chain expansion, having a DM Wallet means that you can reduce the trouble of creating wallets of different public chains and managing multi-chain assets. One wallet can meet your needs for playing Web3 games.


DM Wallet will never send any information about your seed phrases or private key to external servers.