DragonMaster: Website Version 2.0 Launched!

9 min readJul 27, 2023


New Version — Tutorial

Breaking news! The official website of DragonMaster has changed to a NEW VERSION! Now enter the website to experience.

1. DM Wallet

This update brings the brand new DragonMaster Web3 Wallet (“DM Wallet” for short)! DM Wallet is a hosted and decentralized multi-chain. It has built-in multi-chain, cross-chain, DEX and other functions, providing a one-stop solution for NFT game investors. With the DM Wallet, you can easily manage the crypto assets and smart contracts in DragonMaster.


The advantages of using DM Wallet are:

  1. No need to remember seed phrases and private keys, but still have ownership of assets;
  2. Compared with non-hosted wallets, users are easier to use and can better focus on Web3 game content;
  3. Support multi-chain network, which can easily manage the crypto assets of Polygon and Meter main network that have been deployed;
  4. Supported on iOS, Android and web browsers.

Check here for more details:

Next, let’s learn about the detailed tutorial on using this new wallet.

2. How to get a DM Wallet

DragonMaster Website V2.0 only supports DM Wallets, but not EOA (Externally Owned Accounts) wallets such as Metamask and Walletconnect protocols.

For new users

Registering for a DragonMaster account means owning a DragonMaster Web3 Wallet.

Official Website:


Google Play:


App Store:


For longtime users (no bound EOA wallet yet)

Log in to the game or the official website again to get a DM Wallet.

For longtime users (have bound EOA wallet)

  1. The development team follows the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) principle. This update will not force users who have bound EOA wallets to use DM Wallets. You can ignore this update if you do not use the functions in website V2.0.
  2. If users want to use the functions in website V2.0, they have to unbind the EOA wallet, and then transfer the NFTs of the EOA wallet to the DM Wallet, to resume the game.

Note: Because the game account is associated with your wallet, after unbinding the EOA wallet, the original NFTs will not show in the game. To resume the game, you have to transfer the NFTs of the EOA wallet to the new DM Wallet.

How to unbind your EOA wallet:

Step 1:

Log in with your EOA wallet

Step 2:

Agree to the Notes

Step 3:

Obtain your NFT assets of the EOA wallet in multi-chain network

In order to make it easier for users to transfer NFTs from EOA wallet to DM Wallet, the dev specially developed the NFT-transfer function.

Step 4:

Transfer NFT in batches

A maximum of 20 NFTs can be transferred in batches at a time. If there are more NFTs, transfer them multiple times.

Step 5:

Claim gas airdrop

You will get a gas airdrop when the transfer is successful in each network.

In order to encourage and reward players to use DM Wallets, the dev will airdrop gas fee to players who successfully transfer NFT:

  • Polygon: 0.03 MATIC
  • Meter: 0.03 MTR

How to get gas rewards:

  • Withdraw TOTEM, DMT to DM Wallet from the game, you can get the airdrop
  • Migrating NFT from old wallets to DM Wallets, you can get the airdrop


  • Only one gas airdrop can be got in each account and each network
  • The airdrop gas can only be used for on-chain operations but cannot be withdrawn to other wallet addresses

Step 6:

Transfer NFTs in the Meter network

Click “Back”,follow the above process to transfer the NFTs in the Meter chain to your DM Wallet.

Step 7:

DM Wallet binding success

Complete the transfer, go to the “My New Account” page to check the new features.

3. DM Wallet features

Token List

In the DM Wallet, you can view the list of tokens, including MATIC, DMT, TOTEM, WETH, USDT. Users can easily manage their own token assets through the token list.

Activity record

Click “Activity” to view and track the records of various transactions and operations. This function allows players to easily check their transaction and operation records, so as to better manage their own token assets.


Click “Send” to send tokens to other wallet addresses. After the transfer is completed, you can check the transaction record and status in “Activity”.


Click the icon in the upper left corner to view your wallet address and QR code. When someone wants to send you tokens, show them this address or QR code.


The DM Wallet integrates C14’s cryptocurrency purchase service, and players can directly use debit card or credit cards to purchase $TOTEM and $DMT.


The DM Wallet integrates the DEX protocols of Uniswap and Voltswap, and players can use them directly without opening their websites.


The DM Wallet integrates LayerZero’s cross-chain protocol, and players can use it directly without opening other cross-chain websites.

LayerZero: Cross-Chain Tutorial

Bridge your DMT and TOTEM tokens across different chains!


  • RPC

In the Settings, there will be two networks (Polygon and Meter). You can choose different RPC nodes to connect.

An RPC node is a node that communicates with the blockchain network, which can send requests to the blockchain network and receive responses. If the node cannot be connected when selecting an RPC node, you can choose another node to connect to ensure the normal operation of the wallet.

  • Contact

You can add friends’ DM Wallet addresses here, which can facilitate asset transfers between players. Fill in the friend’s name and wallet address and save it in the list.

4. New payment experience

The new payment experience of DM Wallet combines the advantages of Web2 and Web3 to provide players with a high-quality experience in terms of low threshold, convenience and security.

The Simple Process of Web2

Registration for new users is simple, avoiding the cumbersome operation of the traditional registration. After registration, users only need to set a payment password to manage on the chains.

How to set your password:

  • When making transactions, purchases, transfers, etc., the payment password function will be triggered. Through email verification, you can set a 6-digit payment password.
  • Or you can set a 6-digit payment password in “Security” on the personal account page.

On-chain transaction of Web3

The security in the DM Wallet: Although users can complete all transaction operations by entering a payment password, All transactions are interacted through the chain, which means users’ transactions will be recorded on the blockchain. This safe and decentralized trading method guarantees the player’s asset security and transaction reliability, allowing players to manage their own assets with confidence.

5. Market V3.0: Support multi-chain NFTs

In the new version of DragonMaster website, Market V3.0 is a market platform that supports multi-chain NFTs, including Polygon and Meter networks. The new-version market will provide users with more convenience, expand the range of transactions for users, and make it easier to buy and trade NFTs.


Step 1:

In the market, select which kind of NFT you want to buy.

Step 2:

NFTs on different chains will be displayed on the market. Add the NFT you want to the shopping cart. At the same time, you can also view the floor prices of NFTs on all chains here.

Step 3:

In the shopping cart, click “Meter” to pay for NFT on the Meter chain; click “Polygon” to pay for NFT on the Polygon chain. (Do the same when buy dragon teams)

6. Rental V3.0: Support multi-chain NFTs

In order to improve the NFTs usage, users can freely combine and rent the NFTs from Polygon and Meter.

Rental V3.0 will no longer be limited to combinations of NFTs from the same chain. Any asset you own in the DragonMaster multi-chain can give full play to its value!

Post rentals


Click “RENTING” to enter the rental market, where you can freely choose NFTs on different chains for renting.

7. New-version personal page

Compared with the previous page, the new personal page is more intuitive, easy to use, and more comprehensive in functions.


In addition to viewing personal information and game wallet assets, users can also view something like recent game history, wallet history on different chains, NFT activities, and more on this page. This information can help users better understand their account status.

Your NFTs

You can view all NFTs in the DM Wallet on the new personal page. You can directly sell and transfer NFTs without frequently switching networks.

8. New account security

In order to ensure the safety of users’ transactions, the DragonMaster website has added a “Security” function in the new version. On this page, users can configure Two-Factor Authentication and advanced security settings to set more comprehensive security protection for their accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication

Commonly used identity verification methods, which can increase account security.

When a user’s login email is lost or unable to receive emails, secondary emails and secondary wallets can be used for auxiliary verification.

  • Secondary Email: Recommended to bind, so that you can retrieve your account easily.
  • Secondary Wallet: DragonMaster new function. Bind an independent EOA wallet, as long as you have the private key, you can retrieve the account.

Advanced Security

  • Login Password

Login password is used to log in to your account.

  • Payment Password

Payment passwords are used to manage your wallet and transactions.

Important note: Never disclose your payment password, it is equivalent to the private key of your DM Wallet!

The above is the changes in the DragonMaster Website Version 2.0. Hurry up to try the various functions!