DragonMaster Weekly Data (Jun 12, 2023-Jun 18, 2023)

4 min readJun 20, 2023

Economic system

1. Daily burn/mint TOTEM quantity change (7 days)

2. Daily burn/mint DMT quantity change (7 days)

3. Changes in the number of currency holders this week

DMT: 8,911

TOTEM: 5,298

4. Trading market data this week

Number of NFT transactions: 20

NFT turnover: 0.09 WETH

Game Battle Data

Player number of PVP battles (7 days)

Product function

1. Updates completed this week:

  • Release of Bewitch Dragon teaser video

2. Ongoing feature iterations

  • Game check-in system
  • Player reward system
  • Hosted wallet (milestone): Official website 2.0 update

3. Expected to update next week

  • New special dragon: Bewitch Dragon
  • New prop: Restore Dragon’s Durability


Community events:

🎊 Chat Room: Challenge and Win Benefit! 🎊

In the Chat room! Our moderators will challenge players(FriendBattle) from all over the world! The match will be played in BO3 mode, and the winner of each match will be rewarded. Each moderator will send out three prize-winning places every day, are you ready?

🎁 Prize that each winner will receive:
80 DMT + a set of Dragon Trial Cards (S/M/L/XL+Special Dragon)

📆 Event time:
June 17 to June 21

📍 Challenge time:
During the event, the moderator will notify everyone before the game starts. keep an eye on the ⁠💬丨general channel(Discord) as well as the moderators’ message in the game Chat room.


I am here today to make an amazing announcement that will surely stoke your sense of competition!

Today, we are more than delighted to extend an invitation to you all to take part in our upcoming MINI TOURNAMENT Competition!

You now have the chance to compete in this tournament, show off your abilities, and establish yourself as one of the all-time greats!

Imagine the rush you would get as you are faced up against opponents, planning every move, and carrying it out with high precision. This is an opportunity to establish your value with all white dragons, and motivate others

DATE: JUNE 24–25,2023
TIME: 7:00PM Philippines Time
WHERE: Discord Voice Channel (Community events)

CHAMPION: 25$ worth of DMT + A set of dragon trial cards
2nd PLACE: 15$ worth of DMT + A set of dragon trial cards
3rd PLACE: 8$ worth of DMT + A set of dragon trial cards
4th PLACE: 2$ worth of DMT + A set of dragon trial cards

REGISTER with your discord name
Game is all best of 3 (Semi finals and Finals will be best of 5)
Use only white dragons only
Players in SEMIS AND FINALS must record their game during tournament (If not you will be disqualified)

30mins waiting time in our discord channel if no response disqualify
Every participant must behave respectfully towards the representative, partners and other players. This applies to in-game behaviour and in chat, messages, comments and other media.
Players who participate must be present ahead of time given.
All forms of cheating are prohibited and will be penalized.
Internet connection for online competition is the participant’s personal responsibility. The organizers will not be held liable for any issues that arise from a participant’s internet connection


🔥 DragonMaster Global Ambassador Program: WE WANT YOU! 🔥

With the continuous expansion of DragonMaster, we officially launched the Global Ambassador Program, aiming to recruit people from all over the world who are enthusiastic and passionate about DragonMaster to jointly promote DragonMaster!

As a DragonMaster ambassador, you will be our representative and supporter, helping us realize the vision of popularizing games on a global scale and providing a better gaming experience for all those who love video games. If you agree with it, we sincerely invite you to join our ambassador team.

📍 Application
Please carefully read the requirements and responsibilities before submitting your application

About ambassador:

Apply here:




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Community Recruitment: