DragonMaster Weekly Data (Jun 6-Jun 12)

Economic system

1. Daily burn/mint TOTEM quantity change (7 days)

2. Daily burn/mint DMT quantity change (7 days)

3. Changes in the number of currency holders this week

DMT: 2,849

TOTEM: 1,207

4. Trading market data this week

Number of NFT transactions: 297

NFT turnover: 10.95 WETH

Product function

1. Updates completed this week:

  • NFT trading market V2 which supports shopping-cart function and one-click purchase of dragon Team

2. Ongoing feature iteration:

  • Simplified game registration process
  • Special-Dragon Boxes Sale Event (Voted)
  • TOTEM Arena


1. Number of livestreamers:

69 streamer, Please go to #📽丨live-stream in Discord to check it out.

2. Community events:

Event 1: 🎊DragonMaster NFT Giveaway🎊



1. AMA:

AMA Questions and Answers📍DragonMaster Community — 6/10/2022

2. Community Recruitment:

Recruit Marketing Managers:

Recruit Moderator:

Language channels: japanese, korean



#playtoearn game in #polygon. Get Started: dragonmaster.co

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