DragonMaster Weekly Data (Nov 14-Nov 20)

Economic system

1. Daily burn/mint TOTEM quantity change (7 days)

2. Daily burn/mint DMT quantity change (7 days)

3. Changes in the number of currency holders this week

DMT: 7,981

TOTEM: 4,975

4. Trading market data this week

Number of NFT transactions: 91

NFT turnover: 0.46WETH

Game Battle Data

Player number of PVP battles (7 days)

Product function

1. Updates completed this week:

Treasure Hunt V2

  • Added Recycling Value
  • Added Earning Leaderboard
  • Added Profit-margin Leaderboard

Friend Match

  • Add single player match rule

mDMT transfer

  • Support custom input transfer quantity

Trophy card

  • Modified for players to choose to use

Home page

  • Add shortcut entrance for other games

Lucky Dragon’s rework

2. Ongoing feature iterations

  • New tower defense gameplay
  • Fusion lottery
  • Christmas event
  • Challenge mode (real players challenge the top players on the leaderboard)

3. Expected to be updated next week

  • Fusion lottery


Community events:

❤️‍🔥 Preview: Limited-Time Offer in Treasure Hunt! ❤️‍🔥

Here comes another surprise! 🤩 🥳
For a limited time, everyone can DRAW with less TOTEM!!!

🙋Limited-time offer
1 Lucky-Draw: :TOTEM:50 → :TOTEM:45
5 Lucky-Draw: :TOTEM:235 → :TOTEM:230

⏰ Offer time: 18 November 2022 16:00 ~ 21 November 2022 08:00


1. AMA:

AMA Questions and Answers📍DragonMaster Community — 11/18/2022

2. Community Recruitment:



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