DragonMaster Weekly Data (Nov 21-Nov 27)

Economic system

1. Daily burn/mint TOTEM quantity change (7 days)

2. Daily burn/mint DMT quantity change (7 days)

3. Changes in the number of currency holders this week

DMT: 8,044

TOTEM: 5,047

4. Trading market data this week

Number of NFT transactions: 154

NFT turnover: 0.91WETH

Game Battle Data

Player number of PVP battles (7 days)

Product function

1. Updates completed this week:

  • Feature Update: Profit Margin Leaderboard

2. Ongoing feature iterations

  • Props transfer
  • Props trading
  • New tower defense gameplay
  • Fusion lottery
  • Christmas event


Community events:

🔥The DragonMaster Tournament Closed Perfectly!

👇Review the Top16 games

Thanks to all the players who participated in the tournament! There will be other tournaments with more bonuses and more interesting game modes in the near future!✨

Keep an eye for it!✨

🔥DragonMaster Tournament — The Champion Is Decided🔥

Congratulations to @Seria | BBQ 👏

After 7 intense rounds and 36 battles, Seria finally won the DragonMaster Tournament with a winning rate of 83%!

Also, she won a bonus of 500 USDT and great glory!🏆


1. AMA:

AMA Questions and Answers📍DragonMaster Community — 11/25/2022

2. Community Recruitment:



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