DragonMaster Weekly Data (Nov 7-Nov 13)

3 min readNov 14, 2022

Economic system

1. Daily burn/mint TOTEM quantity change (7 days)

2. Daily burn/mint DMT quantity change (7 days)

3. Changes in the number of currency holders this week

DMT: 7,947

TOTEM: 4,672

4. Trading market data this week

Number of NFT transactions: 57

NFT turnover: 0.48WETH

Game Battle Data

Player number of PVP battles (7 days)

Product function

1. Updates completed this week:

  • New props
  • Supports transfer NFTs on official website

2. Ongoing feature iterations

  • Lucky Dragon rework
  • Christmas event
  • New battle gameplay
  • Fusion lottery

3. Expected to be updated next week

  • Lucky Dragon rework
  • Treasure V2


1. Number of livestreamers:

10 streamer, Please go to #📽丨live-stream in Discord to check it out.

2. Community events:

Event 1: 🎊 What is Your Dream Dragon? — DragonMaster Call for New Dragon Ideas 🎊

Dear master, is there a dragon in your mind that you imagine? Maybe it has a cool appearance with gorgeous skills…

👇 post your ideas into this form:


Event 2:🎊 DragonMaster Airdrop: Get Your GEM NFTs NOW! 🎊

Finally it comes! DragonMaster officially announced that the long-awaited DragonMaster GEM NFT Airdrop is officially launched! Check your personal account in the official web page to see if you meet the airdrop conditions from March 21, 2022 to October 28, 2022. If so , then congrat! You can click “Claim” to collect GEMs at 08:00UTC, October 31st!

🎉 Check out the airdrop: https://www.dragonmaster.co/index.html#/assets/airdrop

⏰ Snapshot time: Mar 21st, 2022 — Oct 28th, 2022

⏰ Claim time: 08:00UTC, Oct 31st

⏰ Airdrop claim deadline: 08:00UTC, Nov 15th

🎁 Airdrop GEM Level:

  • Sapphire: Level 1
  • Topaz: Level 1
  • Ruby: Level 1(random)

What’s worth expecting in the future: players who do not meet the conditions, don’t be sad!! There will be a new round of GEM airdrops for all players very soon. Stay tuned!!!

Click here to check the details 👇

Event 3: 🎊 About recent breeding event 🎊

⏰ Event Time: 8:00 UTC, October 21st — November 15th

1. The breeding probability of Angel Dragon will be doubled

2. The breeding probability of Special Dragons will be doubled


1. AMA:

AMA Questions and Answers📍DragonMaster Community — 11/11/2022

2. Community Recruitment: