DragonMaster x Meter Top Player Championship Review

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This DragonMaster X Meter Top Player Championship can be described as wonderful!

In this tournament, we have brought together the top players from all over the world for the highest quality and competitive competition in DragonMaster history.

From the intense leaderboard tournament to the high-level Top Player championship, this massive competition offers endless fun and excitement.

Let’s take a look back at the spectacular event!

Game recaps and videos

Competition overview

Prize pool

Total prize pool for this championship: $4,000

The total prize pool will be distributed as follows:

For Top Player Championship: $3,000 (top 16 rewards)

For Leaderboard Tournament: $500 (top 32 rewards)

For Tournament/Championship Event: $500

In this competition, we have a total of 2 events, the Leaderboard Tournament and the Top Player Championship!

Let’s take a look at the heroic performance of the players!

Leaderboard Tournament

TOP32 leaderboard / $500 as prize bonus

In this round of leaderboard tournament, players from all over the world compete fiercely for the Top 32. After 7 days of matches, the following 32 outstanding players were finally revealed.

The outstanding performance of these players has won them generous prize money, and the top 22 will also be eligible to participate in the Top Players Championship.

Check out the full Leaderboard Tournament:

Top Player Championship

Top16 leaderboard / $3,000 as prize bonus

The Top Player Championship is a competition tailored for the top players in DragonMaster.

Only 32 top players who stand out from the Leaderboard Tournament and DragonMaster S11 are eligible for this fierce competition.

Let’s take a look back at the Top 16 of this Top Player Championship! They each showed their unique styles and brought us exciting duels.

Check out the full Top Player Championship:

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DragonMaster X Meter Top Player Championship — Finals & Semi-finals Live Recap

Top Player Tournament — TOP3 Player Stats

1st place Litsss#2611 — $600 prize

Elmina Gulapa

20-year-old student in Quezon City, Philippines

Litss showcased us a brand new Meta team with her excellent competition strategy and innovative lineup, as well as her uniqueness and unparalleled strength as a top player. ✨

Let’s cheer for Litsss! Her journey to the championship will be forever etched in the history of DragonMaster!

Championship match video



2nd Place Johnny C#6318 — $500


28-year-old virtual assistant in Cebu City, Philippines

12 years of gamer experience

Johnny C showed his strong style of play, often winning the game first strike! He has a 74% win rate in the championship! He emerged in the game with unparalleled strength and brought us a wonderful competitive feast. 🌟

Championship match video



3rd place Junichiro#4628 — $400 prize

Jessica Castillo

A gamer from philippines

Over the past three months, Junichiro has been constantly challenging herself to beat opponents who possess strategy and quick reflexes. Now Junichiro she did it!

She has gradually grown into a top player by constantly learning, analyzing and improving her strategies.

Championship match video

Video of the battle for third place:


Interview with Champion Litsss

1. Can you introduce yourself for us?

Im elmina gulapa/ Litts in discord and i like playing crypto games and i enjoy gaming in general

2. Do you have anything to share about being the champion of this tournament?

This is very overwhelming of course at the moment i cant share it too much because maybe there will be a guessing game in the future events related to this particular tournament but im very happy that i take home the title of champion and i make my guild proud santaa ruuless

3. Your favorite teams in this tournament are (Amor S, Bloodlust M, Super L, Speed XL, Freeze) Can you tell us why you chose them?

My favorite dragon in this tournament is s armor m blood L super and XL speed my reasoning is i did a lot of practice with my peers in santa guild and i found this combination a direct counter to old tournament meta which is s armor m armor L super XL speed my team comp is better than that and M blood update is very good

4. Can you share your story with DragonMaster?

My story started when I fell in love with mobile games and games that you can earn in general. I started with, of course, the most famous Axie infinity. I have also been participating in tournaments and such, so the tournament atmosphere is not new to me. I got used to it, and then when Axie Infinity fell, I didn’t play paying games for a long time until one of the moderators of Santa Guild messaged me that I’d been recommended by my friend to the guild to play games for Santa Guild as a scholar. I tried the game Meta: “That time is lucky? That dragon was broken at that time, and I struggled because we only have few lucky dragons and then I was not an official player, but I really enjoyed the game and the challenge, which pushed me to practice and get stronger. I focused on the leaderboard first, then opportunity happened. I got an email from the DragonMaster saying that I was one of the chosen to participate in this tournament. In my head, this was my time to prove myself as a player, and the rest is history for me being able to beat AYS Santa in the first round, which was very nerve-racking because he was in the top 2 last tournament and he is really good and beating everyone who follows.

Preferred dragons

In this competition, we noticed a particularly bright character, that is Bloodlust Dragon M! With its powerful skills and combat performance, it has become a new choice for many players.

Let’s take a look at the TOP10 dragons most loved by players!

Championship Live:

In this championship , we have brought 2 exciting live streams to players, so that all players can fully participate in the fierce competition! 🏆✨

In the livestreams of TOP8 and finals & semi-finals, everyone can watch and learn the outstanding performance of top players. Not only that, but we also prepared a generous live giveaway worth $500!

Whether you’re a player or a viewer, you’ll get an extra bonus in live stream!

DragonMaster X Meter Top Player Championship — Finals & Semi-finals Live Recap

DragonMaster X Meter Top Player Championship — TOP8 Live Recap

Social media data

During the championship, our social media got a huge amount of attention and support! 🌟

We are pleasantly surprised to share some exciting highlights for you:

📈 Over 474,192 social media reach!

📺 The video has been viewed 28,872 times!

These staggering numbers not only demonstrate the immense popularity of our competitions, but also the continued growth and development of our social media! Much appreciated for your support!

In the future, we will continue to bring you more exciting content, updates and special events, allowing you to participate more deeply in the exciting moments of DragonMaster!

Thank you for your support, the championship is what it is because of your participation! ✨

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