Exciting New Gameplay: Experience the Joy of Synthesis Lottery, Easily Accumulate Wealth!

7 min readSep 6, 2023


Synthesis Lottery Feature

Dear DragonMasters, brace yourselves for an electrifying revelation! Get ready to embark on a fresh gameplay adventure.

Today, we’re bringing you exciting news: the Synthesis Lottery feature has officially debuted! Its arrival will usher in more reward systems for DragonMaster, allowing you to reap greater benefits in the game.

The Synthesis Lottery presents all players with an opportunity to earn rewards for free, no matter when or where. Whenever you find yourself with some free time, you can earn by engaging in synthesis upgrades. Through this method, you’ll not only acquire brand-new in-game items but also accumulate wealth in USDT. Let’s together unveil the enigmatic veil of the Synthesis gameplay, exploring the joy and prosperity within.

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The Significance of the Synthesis Feature

  1. All players can participate for free, utilizing their spare time for synthesis upgrades, thereby gaining more rewards.
  2. Enhance your dragon team’s strength in battles by obtaining Dragon Trial Cards through synthesis upgrades.
  3. Introducing USDT rewards, creating an entirely new reward system for all players.
  4. There’s a chance to obtain richer in-game items upon reaching the highest level, such as Chicken Legs, USDT Gift Cards, and precious items like new NFT Fragments and Dragon NFT Gift Cards.
  5. Integration of an advertising incentive system, which will generate additional income for the development team, facilitating the buyback and burning of $DMT and $TOTEM. This will further enhance their scarcity and value, ensuring greater stability in the DragonMaster game economy, benefiting every player.

Gameplay Introduction


With the introduction of the Synthesis feature, we’ve unveiled a brand-new UI for the DragonMaster APP, encompassing the Synthesis, Battle, Income, and Mine, with three of these sections closely tied to earning rewards. This enables you to immerse yourself in the game’s enjoyment while also reaping substantial benefits. (Today’s focus will primarily be on introducing the Synthesis gameplay.)

  • Synthesize

Experience the all-new Synthesis Lottery gameplay, which is simple to operate and requires no payment. Earn wealth by upgrading dragons through synthesis.

  • Battle

Engage in game battles using your dragons, showcasing your strategy and skills. Not only can you demonstrate your strength, but you can also accumulate wealth.

  • Earn

By inviting friends to join the game, you’ll unlock additional earning opportunities. The more friends you have, the greater your earnings. Invite more friends to join, and together, share the game’s excitement and substantial rewards.

  • Me

In the “Me” section, you can view personal information, manage your account, and personalize settings, among other options.

Synthesis Feature Highlights

1. Basic Gameplay

Newbie Tutorial: Upon entering the game, click on the “Synthesis” page to access the new player guide. Upon completing this tutorial, you’ll receive a newcomer’s red packet reward (mUSDT).

  • Using Coins to Purchase Dragons
  • Synthesize dragons of the same level to upgrade them.
  • Drag and drop dragons for recycling, yielding a certain amount of coins.
  • The maximum level cap is 40.

2. How to Level Up Quickly

To rapidly level up your dragons, coins play a crucial role. Here are some methods to help you acquire coins and achieve swift upgrades:

  • Invite Friends:

By inviting your friends to join the game, you’ll receive additional coin rewards.

  • Collect Coins Regularly:

Every hour, you can collect extra coin rewards. Remember to claim them promptly to maximize your earnings.

  • Lucky Wheel Lottery:

Automatically receive 5 wheel tickets every day at UTC 04:00, offering a chance for extra coin rewards. Try your luck to significantly boost your coin reserves. (Additionally, you can earn more wheel tickets by watching ads.)

  • Acceleration Items:

You can accelerate the coin production rate by watching videos or using Totem. This enables you to acquire coins more quickly. (No restrictions on the number of times you can accelerate.)

  • Flying Chests:

While on the synthesis page, random flying chests will appear, granting you additional coin rewards. You can collect a maximum of 5 times per day.

  • Watch Ad Videos:

By watching ad videos, you can earn extra coin rewards. It’s a simple and fast way to acquire coins, expediting your synthesis and upgrading progress. (Up to 15 views per day, reset at 04:00 UTC.)

  • Shop Purchases:

You can directly use TOTEM to purchase dragons for synthesis and upgrades through the shop. This is the quickest way to reach your desired level and earn level rewards.

3. Max Level Rewards

When you upgrade two dragons to level 40 and synthesize them, you’ll consume these two dragons and receive the following max level rewards, including:

  • Dragon NFT Fragment (New): Collect multiple NFT fragments to obtain an on-chain dragon NFT.
  • NFT Gift Card (New): Can be directly exchanged for an on-chain dragon NFT.
  • mUSDT Gift Card (New): Random mUSDT red packet.
  • Energy
  • Game items like Chicken Leg, Skin Fragment, Dragon Fragment, Dragon Trial Card, Coupon, and more.

4. mUSDT Reward

Ways to Earn mUSDT Reward:

  • New players receive 100% upon completing gameplay tutorial
  • 100% for synthesizing dragons
  • 100% for recycling dragons
  • Chance to obtain from the Turntable
  • Chance to obtain from the Max Level Lottery
  • Chance to obtain from Shake and Win

5. mUSDT Withdrawal


  • Exchange rate for USDT to mUSDT: 1:1,000
  • Supports withdrawals to DM Wallet, Polygon, Meter


  • Transfer/Send functionality is not supported
  • Withdrawal fee is 3%

Other Changes

1. Battle Page

In order to enhance player experience, we’ve redesigned the game page. We’ve reorganized the “General” section that used to be at the bottom of the old version, aiming to offer a more intuitive and convenient battle page. This allows players to easily access the information they need and fully immerse themselves in the enjoyment of the game.

Let’s take a look at the specific modifications:

Changes in the New Version:

  1. Added “Backpack,” “Dragons,” and “Teams” for more convenient management of your items, tracking your collection progress, and managing your dragon teams.
  2. Added “Records” for quick access to your battle history after each battle.
  3. Added “Tasks” and “Check-in” for easier viewing and completion of daily tasks, as well as obtaining rewards through check-in. Additionally, the previous “Universal Revenue” has been moved to a global page, accessible through the “Income” section.
  4. Added “Rental” for viewing and managing leases.
  5. Added “General” for game communication and interaction with other players.
  6. Other options like “Settings” and “Friends” can be found on the “Me” page.

2. New Items

In the Synthesis gameplay introduced by DragonMaster, we’ve also added a series of exciting items, including precious NFT Fragments and gift cards. These items will provide players with more assets and enjoyment in collecting. Let’s delve into the details of these items.

  • NFT Fragment

Collect multiple NFT fragments to synthesize a complete blockchain dragon NFT. These fragments will be essential components for synthesizing dragon NFTs. The redemption feature is coming soon, stay tuned!

  • Dragon NFT Gift Card

With this gift card, you can directly redeem a on-chain dragon NFT.

  • mUSDT Gift Card

Random mUSDT red packet, mUSDT to USDT exchange rate: 1,000:1.

  • mDMT Gift Card

Random mDMT red packet, mDMT to DMT exchange rate: 1,000:1.

  • TOTEM Gift Card

Random TOTEM red packet.

That concludes the complete introduction to the Synthesis Lottery feature. Now, head over to the game to experience the gameplay tutorial and claim your newcomer’s red packet reward!