Meter Cup Tournament — Guild Wars Arrives! — Total prize pool up to $4,000

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Are you ready? The flames of Guild Wars are burning!

DragonMaster and join forces once again to bring you the brand new Meter Cup Tournament — “Guild Wars”!

This Guild Wars tournament will gather top guilds from around the world, competing with strength, strategy, and teamwork to claim the $4,000 prize pool and the ultimate team glory!

All dragons will be available for participating teams! Join for free now! Show everyone the strength of your team!

About Guild Wars

💰 Total Prize Pool: $4,000

Number of Participating Teams: 16

✍️Registration time: August 29 — September 3, 10 AM UTC

📍Entry Requirements: Participating teams must consist of 3 players, 1 manager (team contact/person in charge), 1 substitute player (optional)

📍 Registration Link:

Tournament Schedule

📣 Announcement of Participating Teams: September 4th, 4 AM UTC

  • Participating teams need to submit player information within 24 hours by September 5th, 2023, 4 AM UTC (Must meet participation requirements)
  • Participating teams must consist of: 3 players, 1 manager (team contact/person in charge), and 1 substitute player (optional).

📣Bracket Announcement: September 5th, 10 AM UTC

📅 Match Dates:

  • Round of 16: September 6th (BO3)
  • Quarter-finals: September 7th (BO3)
  • Semi-finals: September 8th (BO5)
  • Final & 3rd Place Match: September 11th (BO5)

⏰ Match times:

The tournament matches will be scheduled based on the location of the teams, usually within the time range of 2AM UTC to 2PM UTC.

🎮 Tournament Format:

Single Elimination

📄 Tournament Rules:

1. In each round of the tournament, the 6 members from each guild will be divided into 3 groups for 1v1 battles. The guild with the most victories from these groups will advance in that round.

2. Round of 16 to Quarter-finals will be played in a BO3 format; Semi-finals to Finals will be played in a BO5 format.

3. All players from the guilds advancing to the Semi-finals & Finals stages are required to record their matches and upload them to a designated Google form after the match. (Rules for uploading match videos will be announced on Discord.)

Other Information:

🔹 All participating players will receive an SBT.

🔹 The tournament prizes will be awarded in equivalent $MTRG.

🔹The event rewards TOKEN and NFT will be issued on the Meter Chain

🔹 All dragons will be available to participating players, and everyone can choose their dream team!


  1. After the announcement of the list of participating teams, the team leader of each participating guild is required to submit the player information for the team by 4AM UTC on September 5th. This includes 3 players, 1 manager (team contact/person in charge), and 1 substitute player (optional).
  2. Each player is allowed to represent only one guild in the tournament. Please ensure that you do not participate on behalf of multiple guilds. Kindly confirm with your team members when submitting the player roster that they are representing only one guild.
  3. The same IP and device will be considered as the same player. Please do not represent multiple guilds.
  4. If the number of registered guilds exceeds the required tournament slots, guilds will be randomly selected to participate in the tournament. Guilds not selected will be placed on a waiting list. If a registered team cannot meet the participation criteria, a team from the waiting list will be selected based on their order to replace the disqualified team.
  5. Tournament rewards will be distributed to the wallet provided by the guild leader during registration.

Total prize pool up to $4,000

In this tournament, $4,000 will be allocated to various events, so that players earn great bonuses in different Tournament events. The specific allocation is as follows:

Tournament prize pool — $3,000

1st place: $1,300

2nd place: $1,000

3rd place: $700

Tournament Event — $1,000

1. Guild Participation Rewards — $480

We will be providing a $30 reward to each of the 16 participating guilds, intended to support community tournaments held by each guild to select players representing them in the competition.

*Note: The list of participating teams will be announced on September 4th at 4 AM. Please stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates.

2. Giveaways in DragonMaster Social Media — $520

During the tournament, we will hold various events on our social media(Twitter, FaceBook, Twitch etc.) and with our partners.

Keep following us so as not to miss the benefits!

Download DragonMaster (Android/iOS) to get ready for the tournament:

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