New Breakthrough: Breeding Version2 Officially Launched

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The new breeding system V2 in DragonMaster is officially launched! ! Three new functions: gem NFT, accelerated hatching, and NFT burning and rebirth. Our original design intention is to meet the needs of all players in all aspects of breeding. Let’s take a look at these new features together~

New Egg Contract Address: 0x5FEAa923a91F26812F14BCf9d93F982fD40fCCCD

Gem Contract Address:

Function one:

Introduction to Gem NFTs

There are three types of gems, they play their respective roles in the breeding system, which solves the problem of random and uncontrollable attributes/traits of pets when breeding offspring in the previous breeding system V1. They can make the attributes/traits of your pet offspring develop in the direction you expect as much as possible, and also make breeding more diversified.

  1. Sapphire NFT: When breeding, it can increase the probability of the child’s size.
  2. Ruby NFT: When hatching, it can increase the probability of the child’s class.
  3. Topaz NFT: When hatching, it can increase the probability of the child’s quality.

Gem synthesis

Gems are an important material for breeding. Currently, they are generated from the game, and they are all 1-level.

Players who want to add more possibilities to the attributes/traits of baby dragons can synthesize two gems of the same type by consuming tokens to increase the probability of gems to improve the breeding results.

Gem synthesis rules

  • Upgrade: burning tokens and the original gems, and then get a higher-level gem
  • Variation: burn tokens and the original gem, and then get a double-level gem
  • Failure: only burn tokens, but not original gems

Gem synthesis probability and consumption

How to get breeding gems?

  • Obtained through game treasure hunt (coming soon)
  • Obtained through market transactions

  • Obtained through community airdrop event (coming soon)

Function two:

Accelerated hatching

Support speeding up egg hatching by consuming DMT, and then you will meet your new dragon faster!

Accelerated fee

10 DMT/day

Custom acceleration time is not supported. After the acceleration is successful, it can be hatched.

Function three: (coming soon)

NFT burning-rebirth system

To avoid hyperinflation, each dragon has 5 breeding counts, and once they are used up, the dragon can no longer breed. In this update, we have added an NFT burning-rebirth system to provide an optional looping effect for dragons that cannot breed again.

Method 1:

NFT burning requires two parent-dragons with 5-breeding-count as sacrifices to obtain a new egg.

  • Only the corresponding DMT will be consumed, not TOTEM.
  • After breeding the new egg, the parent-dragons will be permanently destroyed

Method 2:

NFT burning requires one parent-dragon with 5-breeding-count and a dragon with less than 5 breeding-count to obtain a new egg.

  • Only the corresponding DMT and TOTEM will be consumed.
  • After breeding the new egg, the parent-dragon with 5 breeding counts will be permanently destroyed

Due to the wide coverage of this function, the dev will update it in the next version. Stay tuned to the Discord announcement for the specific update time.

Breeding system V2 display

Breeding stage

Step 1: Enter the DragonMaster official website, log in to your personal account, and click a Dragon. 2 dragons are needed to breed, and each dragon has 5 breeding counts.

Step 2: Parent-dragons’ breeding-counts will affect the child’s class probability

The bonus effect of parent-dragons breeding-counts sum: the higher the parent-dragons’ breeding-counts, the greater the probability of inheriting the parent’s class

Step 3: Select the dragon to breed, click “Breed”, and add the dragon to be paired with

Step 4: After selecting the parent-dragons, the smart contract will tell you about the child’s 4 size probabilities based on the parent’s body size.

  • Given the same size of the parent-dragons, the probability of a child’s size will be:
  • Given different size of the parent-dragons, the probability of the child’s size will be:

If you want to increase the probability of a certain size of the baby-dragon, you can use Sapphire NFT. Only a maximum of 2 sapphires can be set for ideal body size.

Hatching stage

Step 1: View the rendering of the parent-dragons’ breeding-count stacking

Step 2: For the dragon eggs newly bred, players can choose to consume DMT to accelerate the hatching time of the eggs.

Step 3: Click “Hatch”, you can check the probability of baby-dragon’s class and quality there.

Step 4: Probability of the class of dragon

  • Given the same class of the parent-dragons, the probability of a child’s class will be:
  • Given different classes of the parent-dragons, the probability of a child’s class will be:

If you want to adjust the probability of your desired dragon class, you can use Ruby NFT to increase the probability. For each dragon class, players can only inlay with a maximum of 3 rubies.

Step 5: Of course, the player can also adjust the quality probability of the baby-dragon, and use Topaz NFT to improve the quality of the parent dragons to improve the quality probability of the baby-dragon. Only 2 topaz can be inlaid at most.

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