Recap on AMA with DragonMaster x ForN Gaming Guild

DragonMaster x ForN Gaming Guild

Please introduce yourself.

Please give us an overview of the project.

Tell us about your team, partners and investors.

What are the advantages of your project?

What makes it different from other BCG projects?

Please tell us about your project roadmap.

please tell us about your gameplay.

How does a dragon’s NFT status affect the battle?

What is your game time and tips for winning battles?

What is the plan for ongoing user acquisition?

What do we need to start this game?

What are some examples of DragonMaster totem and $TOTEM and $DMT tokens? Also, what are your plans for the combustion mechanism?

It’s kind of like sumo wrestling, and I find it awfully interesting. ……

Is there any possibility of adding new battlefields?

Not just rectangular lanes, but round ring-like ……

Another question sir, About the burning mechanism of dragon master, is there (upcoming) burning mechanism in dragon master?

What determines the rarity, size, etc. that come out of an egg?



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