Recruitment of DragonMaster Moderators

1 min readJan 5, 2022


Dear DragonMasters,

Great news! DragonMaster’s moderators are now recruiting! If you have a warm heart for the community members, welcome to join as a moderator! Apply NOW if you are interested in it.


Introduction: Responsible for the management of the daily Discord channel

Reward: 350 USDT

Time: one month

Language channels: Philippines, Chinese, India, Indonesian, Spanish

Number of recruits: 1~2 recruits for each channel

Mission mode: single mission

Task details

Responsible for managing the DragonMaster general channel and your own national channel, update the latest DragonMaster news and reply to questions raised by channel members in a timely manner; related activities can be held to attract new members; complete the tasks to keep channels active.

Requirements for task applicants

  • Need to know well about the DragonMaster
  • Have Discord management experience
  • Have certain community resources for cooperation
  • 6–8 hours of online time per day
  • Good at English

Those who meet the above requirements, please send your application form.

We will contact you through Discord as soon as your application is approved.

Looking forward to your joining!