Universal Revenue Launched : Every player can earn DMT

4 min readMay 18, 2023


New feature comes! Its arrival will provide players with another way to earn — earning by your invitees! As long as your invitees are active every day, you will get endless income! 💥

In addition, compared with previous invitation events, the Universal Revenue this time is divided into two levels: Lv1 friend income and Lv2 friend income. That said, now you can enjoy the benefits of both!

The Universal Revenue Program is easy to use and does not require additional cost. The more invitees, the more benefits! ✨

Next, let’s check the rules of the Universal Revenue Program.

Universal Revenue

Click Universal Revenue on the game homepage to view your invitation information.

Page introduction

Invite friends

  1. Click ▶️ in the upper right corner to view the invitation information. You can also contact them at any time (keep active), initiate match interactions, etc.
  2. Click “Invite Friends” to send the invitation poster via social media, or copy the invitation link and send it to others.


Lv1 friend: the friend you invited.

Lv2 friend: the friend invited by your Lv1 friend.

Note: Friends added in the game do not contribute to your earnings rewards.

Friends contribute to my earnings

  1. Click ▶️ in the upper right corner to view the earning rules.
  2. Below that is your current earnings, along with a stage goal and a progress bar. By looking at your goals and progress bar, you can see how far you are from the next stage, and also help you better plan strategies for inviting friends.

About Earning Stages

  • Notes about Stages:

Each stage has a corresponding reward and acceleration rate. The higher the stage, the more the earnings. The highest Earning Stage is 10, and after completing stage 10, it will continue to cycle stage 10. In the future, when DragonMaster launches new revenue policies, it will prioritize opening the experience to players who have completed stage 10.

  • Notes about Rewards:

Rewards can be claimed after reaching the corresponding stage.

  • Notes about Acceleration

After staging up, you can get an additional acceleration bonus. The higher your stage, the higher the acceleration bonus. The acceleration bonus is to help you reach your goals faster.

For example:

  1. Alice’s Active Earning is 10mDMT, with an acceleration bonus of 1.0, and the actual income is 10mDMT;
  2. Bob’s Active Earning is 10mDMT, with an acceleration bonus of 1.2, so the actual income is 12mDMT.

Note about the progress bar

When you reach 100% stage progress, the stage reward will be automatically transferred to your game wallet, which can be withdrawn immediately, and the stage will be automatically promoted.

Earning today

  1. Total: Today’s total earnings (it will be automatically converted if there is an acceleration bonus)
  2. Own: My contribution earnings
  3. Lv1 friends: the contribution earnings from your Lv1 friends
  4. Lv2 friends: the contribution earnings from your Lv2 friends

Note: The earning update time will be updated at 04:00UTC every day.

How to get earnings

Click to learn about the source of earnings:

My Referrer

  1. Click Contact ▶️ in the upper right corner to contact your referrer: ask for help, give feedback, etc., so as to establish contact and interaction between you guys.
  2. Below is your referrer information.


Click the icon at the top right of the page of Universal Revenue, you can view information about the current income level ranking and total income of each player. Try upgrading your earning stage and add more income!


Click the icon at the top right of the page of Universal Revenue to view information such as the revenue bonus that has been released in the system, the remaining number to be released, and the number of players with earning stages. Let you clearly know the token plan and operation of Universal Revenue, and then better make your own benefit plan.

The above is the introduction of this Universal Revenue Program. Hurry up to get more invitees and earn more income!

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